ijcv - Volume 110

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ijcv - Volume 110 - Number 2 - November 2014
Editorial note.

Accidental Pinhole and Pinspeck Cameras - Revealing the Scene Outside the Picture.

Antonio Torralba==William T. Freeman==

Computational Schlieren Photography with Light Field Probes.

Gordon Wetzstein==Wolfgang Heidrich==Ramesh Raskar==

Ultra-fast Lensless Computational Imaging through 5D Frequency Analysis of Time-resolved Light Transport.

Di Wu==Gordon Wetzstein==Christopher Barsi==Thomas Willwacher==Qionghai Dai==Ramesh Raskar==

Acquisition of High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Video with a Hybrid Camera System.

Chenguang Ma==Xun Cao==Xin Tong==Qionghai Dai==Stephen Lin==

Rainbow Flash Camera: Depth Edge Extraction Using Complementary Colors.

Yuichi Taguchi==

Fast Spectral Reflectance Recovery Using DLP Projector.

Shuai Han==Imari Sato==Takahiro Okabe==Yoichi Sato==

Deblurring Shaken and Partially Saturated Images.

Oliver Whyte==Josef Sivic==Andrew Zisserman==

Exposing Region Splicing Forgeries with Blind Local Noise Estimation.

Siwei Lyu==Xunyu Pan==Xing Zhang==

Contrast Preserving Decolorization with Perception-Based Quality Metrics.

Cewu Lu==Li Xu==Jiaya Jia==

ijcv - Volume 110 - Number 1 - October 2014

Attila Naszlady==Peter Kokol==Marjan Premik==Arie Hasman==

The impact of information on medical thinking and health care policy.

Mordechai Shani==

WHO views on perspectives in health informatics.

Francis H. Roger France==

Virtual planning of hip operations and individual adaption of endoprostheses in orthopaedic surgery.

Heinz Handels==Jan Ehrhardt==Werner Plötz==Siegfried J. Pöppl==

Computed tomography image analyzer: 3D reconstruction and segmentation applying active contour models - 'snakes'.

Ruzica Maksimovic==Srdjan Stankovic==Dragorad Milovanovic==

Learning tumor diagnostics and medical image processing via the WWW - the case-based radiological textbook ODITEB.

Alexander Horsch==Thomas Balbach==Susanne Melnitzki==Jürgen Knauth==

Extracting VOIs from brain PET images.

Jouni M. Mykkänen==Martti Juhola==Ulla Ruotsalainen==

Parametric estimation of the continuous non-stationary spectrum and its dynamics in surface EMG studies.

Dean Korosec==

GALEN: a third generation terminology tool to support a multipurpose national coding system for surgical procedures.

Béatrice Trombert Paviot==Jean Marie Rodrigues==Jeremy Rogers==Robert H. Baud==Egbert J. van der Haring==Anne-Marie Rassinoux==V. Abrial==Lucienne Clavel==H. Idir==

Morpheme-based, cross-lingual indexing for medical document retrieval.

Stefan Schulz==Udo Hahn==

Power of expression in the electronic patient record: structured data or narrative text?

Christian Lovis==Robert H. Baud==Pierre Planche==

An experimental electronic patient record for stroke patients. Part 1: Situation analysis.

M. J. van der Meijden==Huibert J. Tange==J. Boiten==J. Troost==Arie Hasman==

An experimental electronic patient record for stroke patients. Part 2: System description.

M. J. van der Meijden==Huibert J. Tange==J. Boiten==J. Troost==Arie Hasman==

Informed decisions by clinicians are fundamental for EPR implementation.

Rolf E. Nikula==Pia B. Elberg==Helena B. Svedberg==

HIS purchase projects in public hospitals of Styria, Austria.

Günther Gell==Miroslav Madjaric==Werner Leodolter==Wolfgang Köle==Hubert Leitner==

Integration of medical applications: the 'mediator service' of the SynEx platform.

Yigang Xu==Dominique Sauquet==Eric Zapletal==David Lemaitre==Patrice Degoulet==

Expanding DIOGENE with a clinical information system based on a new hospital-wide clinical findings dictionary.

Claudine M. Breant==François Borst==Daniel Campi==Vincent Griesser==Huy Son Le==Jean-Michel Junod==

Power of heterogeneous computing as a vehicle for implementing E3 medical decision support systems.

Vili Podgorelec==Janez Brest==Peter Kokol==

Applications of qualitative multi-attribute decision models in health care.

Marko Bohanec==Blaz Zupan==Vladislav Rajkovic==

A computerised guideline for pressure ulcer prevention.

Silvana Quaglini==Manuela Grandi==Paola Baiardi==Maria C. Mazzoleni==Clara Fassino==Giorgio Franchi==Stefania Melino==

A test ordering system with automated reminders for primary care based on practice guidelines.

Rianne Bindels==Paul A. de Clercq==Ron A. G. Winkens==Arie Hasman==

Usefulness of imputation for the analysis of incomplete otoneurologic data.

Jorma Laurikkala==Erna Kentala==Martti Juhola==Ilmari Pyykkö==Seppo Lammi==

A multi-modal reasoning methodology for managing IDDM patients.

Stefania Montani==Riccardo Bellazzi==Luigi Portinale==Mario Stefanelli==

Research needs and priorities in health informatics.

Jytte Brender==Christian Nøhr==Peter McNair==

Globalisation and the cultural impact on distance education.

Wendy McPhee==Christian Nøhr==

A multimedia approach to raising awareness of information and communications technology amongst healthcare professionals.

Jane Grimson==William Grimson==Michael Flahive==Colum Foley==Rory O'Moore==John Nolan==Geoff Chadwick==

Two years of German summer school of nursing informatics: Did we reach the goals?

Thomas Bürkle==Ulrich Schrader==

Guest Editorial: Tracking, Detection and Segmentation.

Richard Bowden==John P. Collomosse==Krystian Mikolajczyk==

PMBP: PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Correspondence Field Estimation.

Frederic Besse==Carsten Rother==Andrew W. Fitzgibbon==Jan Kautz==

Mixture of Trees Probabilistic Graphical Model for Video Segmentation.

Vijay Badrinarayanan==Ignas Budvytis==Roberto Cipolla==

Learning Discriminative Space-Time Action Parts from Weakly Labelled Videos.

Michael Sapienza==Fabio Cuzzolin==Philip H. S. Torr==

Using Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Trees to Build Dense Active Appearance Models.

Robert Anderson==Björn Stenger==Roberto Cipolla==

Detection and Tracking of Occluded People.

Siyu Tang==Mykhaylo Andriluka==Bernt Schiele==

Automatic and Efficient Human Pose Estimation for Sign Language Videos.

James Charles==Tomas Pfister==Mark Everingham==Andrew Zisserman==