ijcv - Volume 126

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ijcv - Volume 126 - Numbers 2-4 - April 2018
Looking at People Special Issue.

Sergio Escalera==Jordi Gonzàlez==Hugo Jair Escalante==Xavier Baró==Isabelle Guyon==

Deep Expectation of Real and Apparent Age from a Single Image Without Facial Landmarks.

Rasmus Rothe==Radu Timofte==Luc Van Gool==

Real-Time Accurate 3D Head Tracking and Pose Estimation with Consumer RGB-D Cameras.

David Joseph Tan==Federico Tombari==Nassir Navab==

Toward Personalized Modeling: Incremental and Ensemble Alignment for Sequential Faces in the Wild.

Xi Peng==Shaoting Zhang==Yang Yu==Dimitris N. Metaxas==

A Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Deformable Face Tracking "In-the-Wild".

Grigorios G. Chrysos==Epameinondas Antonakos==Patrick Snape==Akshay Asthana==Stefanos Zafeiriou==

Large Scale 3D Morphable Models.

James Booth==Anastasios Roussos==Allan Ponniah==David Dunaway==Stefanos Zafeiriou==

Confidence-Weighted Local Expression Predictions for Occlusion Handling in Expression Recognition and Action Unit Detection.

Arnaud Dapogny==Kevin Bailly==Séverine Dubuisson==

Unconstrained Still/Video-Based Face Verification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

Jun-Cheng Chen==Rajeev Ranjan==Swami Sankaranarayanan==Amit Kumar==Ching-Hui Chen==Vishal M. Patel==Carlos D. Castillo==Rama Chellappa==

Subjects and Their Objects: Localizing Interactees for a Person-Centric View of Importance.

Chao-Yeh Chen==Kristen Grauman==

Space-Time Tree Ensemble for Action Recognition and Localization.

Shugao Ma==Jianming Zhang==Stan Sclaroff==Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis==Leonid Sigal==

Dynamic Behavior Analysis via Structured Rank Minimization.

Christos Georgakis==Yannis Panagakis==Maja Pantic==

Prediction of Manipulation Actions.

Cornelia Fermüller==Fang Wang==Yezhou Yang==Konstantinos Zampogiannis==Yi Zhang==Francisco Barranco==Michael Pfeiffer==

Every Moment Counts: Dense Detailed Labeling of Actions in Complex Videos.

Serena Yeung==Olga Russakovsky==Ning Jin==Mykhaylo Andriluka==Greg Mori==Li Fei-Fei==

Transferring Deep Object and Scene Representations for Event Recognition in Still Images.

Limin Wang==Zhe Wang==Yu Qiao==Luc Van Gool==

Joint Estimation of Human Pose and Conversational Groups from Social Scenes.

Jagannadan Varadarajan==Ramanathan Subramanian==Samuel Rota Bulò==Narendra Ahuja==Oswald Lanz==Elisa Ricci==

Beyond Temporal Pooling: Recurrence and Temporal Convolutions for Gesture Recognition in Video.

Lionel Pigou==Aäron van den Oord==Sander Dieleman==Mieke Van Herreweghe==Joni Dambre==

Deep Multimodal Fusion: A Hybrid Approach.

Mohamed R. Amer==Timothy J. Shields==Behjat Siddiquie==Amir Tamrakar==Ajay Divakaran==Sek M. Chai==

ijcv - Volume 126 - Number 12 - December 2018
Editorial: Special Issue on Machine Vision.

Edwin R. Hancock==Richard C. Wilson==William A. P. Smith==Adrian G. Bors==Nick Pears==

Occlusion-Aware 3D Morphable Models and an Illumination Prior for Face Image Analysis.

Bernhard Egger==Sandro Schönborn==Andreas Schneider==Adam Kortylewski==Andreas Morel-Forster==Clemens Blumer==Thomas Vetter==

Person Re-identification in Identity Regression Space.

Hanxiao Wang==Xiatian Zhu==Shaogang Gong==Tao Xiang==

Deep Sign: Enabling Robust Statistical Continuous Sign Language Recognition via Hybrid CNN-HMMs.

Oscar Koller==Sepehr Zargaran==Hermann Ney==Richard Bowden==

Learning Latent Representations of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks.

Isinsu Katircioglu==Bugra Tekin==Mathieu Salzmann==Vincent Lepetit==Pascal Fua==

Combining Shape from Shading and Stereo: A Joint Variational Method for Estimating Depth, Illumination and Albedo.

Daniel Maurer==Yong Chul Ju==Michael Breuß==Andrés Bruhn==

Feedback and Surround Modulated Boundary Detection.

Arash Akbarinia==C. Alejandro Párraga==

Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation.

Gottfried Munda==Christian Reinbacher==Thomas Pock==

EMVS: Event-Based Multi-View Stereo - 3D Reconstruction with an Event Camera in Real-Time.

Henri Rebecq==Guillermo Gallego==Elias Mueggler==Davide Scaramuzza==

Describing Upper-Body Motions Based on Labanotation for Learning-from-Observation Robots.

Katsushi Ikeuchi==Zhaoyuan Ma==Zengqiang Yan==Shunsuke Kudoh==Minako Nakamura==

ijcv - Volume 126 - Number 9 - September 2018
The Reasonable Effectiveness of Synthetic Visual Data.

Adrien Gaidon==Antonio M. López==Florent Perronnin==

Sim4CV: A Photo-Realistic Simulator for Computer Vision Applications.

Matthias Mueller==Vincent Casser==Jean Lahoud==Neil Smith==Bernard Ghanem==

Configurable 3D Scene Synthesis and 2D Image Rendering with Per-pixel Ground Truth Using Stochastic Grammars.

Chenfanfu Jiang==Siyuan Qi==Yixin Zhu==Siyuan Huang==Jenny Lin==Lap-Fai Yu==Demetri Terzopoulos==Song-Chun Zhu==

What Makes Good Synthetic Training Data for Learning Disparity and Optical Flow Estimation?

Nikolaus Mayer==Eddy Ilg==Philipp Fischer==Caner Hazirbas==Daniel Cremers==Alexey Dosovitskiy==Thomas Brox==

Augmented Reality Meets Computer Vision: Efficient Data Generation for Urban Driving Scenes.

Hassan Abu Alhaija==Siva Karthik Mustikovela==Lars M. Mescheder==Andreas Geiger==Carsten Rother==

Semantic Foggy Scene Understanding with Synthetic Data.

Christos Sakaridis==Dengxin Dai==Luc Van Gool==

Image-Based Synthesis for Deep 3D Human Pose Estimation.

Grégory Rogez==Cordelia Schmid==

3D Interpreter Networks for Viewer-Centered Wireframe Modeling.

Jiajun Wu==Tianfan Xue==Joseph J. Lim==Yuandong Tian==Joshua B. Tenenbaum==Antonio Torralba==William T. Freeman==

Synthesizing a Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detector and Pose Estimator for Static Video Surveillance - Can We Learn Pedestrian Detectors and Pose Estimators Without Real Data?

Hironori Hattori==Namhoon Lee==Vishnu Naresh Boddeti==Fares Beainy==Kris M. Kitani==Takeo Kanade==

Virtual Training for a Real Application: Accurate Object-Robot Relative Localization Without Calibration.

Vianney Loing==Renaud Marlet==Mathieu Aubry==