cikm 2020 论文列表

CIKM '20: The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Virtual Event, Ireland, October 19-23, 2020.

On the Knowledge-Driven Analytics and Systems Impacting Human Quality of Life.
DTMBIO 2020: The Fourteenth International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics.
IWILDS'20: The 1st International Workshop on Investigating Learning during Web Search.
3rd International Workshop on EntitY Retrieval and lEarning (EYRE 2020).
DataMod2020: 9th International Symposium "From Data to Models and Back".
AIMLAI'20: Third Workshop on Advances in Interpretable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
The 5th International Workshop on Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networks (MAISoN 2020): Special Edition on Dis/Misinformation Mining from Social media.
SKG4J 2020: 1st International Workshop on Semantic and Knowledge Graph Advances for Journalism.
CSSA'20: Workshop on Combining Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic Methods and their Applications.
Network Alignment: Recent Advances and Future Directions.
Mining User Interests from Social Media.
IoT Data Quality.
Introduction to Computer Vision and Realtime Deep Learning-based Object Detection.
Challenges and Solutions to the Student Dropout Prediction Problem in Online Courses.
Fairness in Unsupervised Learning.
Knowledge Graphs: A Tutorial on the History of Knowledge Graph's Main Ideas.
Compression of Deep Learning Models for NLP.
Multi-Model Data Query Languages and Processing Paradigms.
The Battle Against Online Harmful Information: The Cases of Fake News and Hate Speech.
Neural Bayesian Information Processing.
Towards Rich Qery Blockchain Database.
Active Search using Meta-Bandits.
SemFE: Facilitating ML Pipeline Development with Semantics.
EasyGML: A Fully-functional and Easy-to-use Platform for Industrial Graph Machine Learning.
Sample Driven Data Mapping for Linked Data and Web APIs.
InterNet: Multistep Traffic Forecasting by Interacting Spatial and Temporal Features.
UI-FAME: A High-Performance Forgetting System for Creating Views of Ontologies.
Active Hazard Observation via Human in the Loop Social Media Analytics System.
April: An Automatic Graph Data Management System Based on Reinforcement Learning.
Attribution IQ: Scalable Game Theoretic Attribution in Web Analytics.
User and Context Integrated Experience Mining in Online Health Communities.
A Toolkit for Managing Multiple Crowdsourced Top-K Queries.
Computing and Illustrating Query Rewritings on Path Views with Binding Patterns.
Inside Quasimodo: Exploring Construction and Usage of Commonsense Knowledge.
PrivacyCheck v2: A Tool that Recaps Privacy Policies for You.
AURORA: An Information Extraction System of Domain-specific Business Documents with Limited Data.
M-Cypher: A GQL Framework Supporting Motifs.
Visualet: Visualizing Shapelets for Time Series Classification.
WebLens: Towards Interactive Large-scale Structured Data Profiling.
UWKGM: A Modular Platform for Knowledge Graph Management.
Multimodal Knowledge Graph for Deep Learning Papers and Code.
TiCCo: Time-Centric Content Exploration.
Exploration of Dynamic Query-Based Load Balancing for Partially Replicated Database Systems with Node Failures.
IAI MovieBot: A Conversational Movie Recommender System.
Weaving Text into Tables.
Vallum-Med: Protecting Medical Data in Cloud Environments.
ArXivDigest: A Living Lab for Personalized Scientific Literature Recommendation.
INforE: Interactive Cross-platform Analytics for Everyone.
STREAMER: A Powerful Framework for Continuous Learning in Data Streams.
Semantic Search over Structured Data.
PandaSQL: Parallel Randomized Triangle Enumeration with SQL Queries.
IDEAL: IDEntifying the User's IdeAL Tuple via Sorting in the Database.
Nebula: A Scalable Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning System in Ant Financial.
CovidExplorer: A Multi-faceted AI-based Search and Visualization Engine for COVID-19 Information.
Gtensor: Fast and Accurate Tensor Analysis System using GPUs.
Exploiting Class Labels to Boost Performance on Embedding-based Text Classification.
Large Scale Long-tailed Product Recognition System at Alibaba.
OFFER: A Motif Dimensional Framework for Network Representation Learning.
Smarter and Safer Traffic Signal Controlling via Deep Reinforcement Learning.
Semi-supervised Consensus Clustering Based on Frequent Closed Itemsets.
Maximum Signed (k, r)-Truss Identification in Signed Networks.
Exploiting Common Neighbor Graph for Link Prediction.
Ranking Multiple Choice Question Distractors using Semantically Informed Neural Networks.
Truth be Told: Fake News Detection Using User Reactions on Reddit.
Diverse Enumeration of Maximal Cliques.
Structured Knowledge: Have we made progress? An extrinsic study of KB coverage over 19 years.
A Capsule Network-based Model for Learning Node Embeddings.
ALEX: Active Learning based Enhancement of a Classification Model's EXplainability.
RotaryDS: Fast Storage for Massive Data Streams via a Rotation Storage Model.
User Taste-Aware Image Search.
A Cost Estimation Technique for Recursive Relational Algebra.
Deriving Geolocations in Wikipedia.
A Human-in-the-Loop Approach to Malware Author Classification.
Autonomous Predictive Modeling via Reinforcement Learning.
Empirical Analysis of Impact of Query-Specific Customization of nDCG: A Case-Study with Learning-to-Rank Methods.
Enhanced Story Representation by ConceptNet for Predicting Story Endings.
Towards Inferring Queries from Simple and Partial Provenance Examples.
Improving Anchor-based Explanations.
Two Test Collections for Retrieval Using Named Entity Markup.
Optimal End-Biased Histograms for Hierarchical Data.
How the Quantum-inspired Framework Supports Keyword Searches on Multi-model Databases.
Generating Clarifying Questions in Conversational Search Systems.
Automatic Contextual Storytelling in a Natural Language Corpus.
Neural (Knowledge Graph) Question Answering Using Synthetic Training Data.
Controlling Patent Text Generation by Structural Metadata.
Approximate Event Pattern Matching over Heterogeneous and Dirty Sources.
Some Issues for Location Dependent Information System Query in Mobile Environment.
Synthesis of Dependent Multichannel ECG using Generative Adversarial Networks.
Computational Approaches for Drug Repositioning: Towards a Holistic Perspective based on Knowledge Graphs.
Embedding based Link Prediction for Knowledge Graph Completion.
Tailoring Entity Matching for Industrial Settings.
Detecting and Measuring the Exposure of Children and Adolescents to Inappropriate Comments in YouTube.
ReCOVery: A Multimodal Repository for COVID-19 News Credibility Research.
The Enslaved Dataset: A Real-world Complex Ontology Alignment Benchmark using Wikibase.
MIMICS: A Large-Scale Data Collection for Search Clarification.
Flexible IR Pipelines with Capreolus.
BioKG: A Knowledge Graph for Relational Learning On Biological Data.
ReQue: A Configurable Workflow and Dataset Collection for Query Refinement.
Event-QA: A Dataset for Event-Centric Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs.
GeoFlink: A Distributed and Scalable Framework for the Real-time Processing of Spatial Streams.
Falcon 2.0: An Entity and Relation Linking Tool over Wikidata.
Little Ball of Fur: A Python Library for Graph Sampling.
Karate Club: An API Oriented Open-Source Python Framework for Unsupervised Learning on Graphs.
A Dataset of Journalists' Interactions with Their Readership: When Should Article Authors Reply to Reader Comments?
A Large Test Collection for Entity Aspect Linking.
Profiling Entity Matching Benchmark Tasks.
ContentWise Impressions: An Industrial Dataset with Impressions Included.
PrivacyFL: A Simulator for Privacy-Preserving and Secure Federated Learning.
CC-News-En: A Large English News Corpus.
Argo Lite: Open-Source Interactive Graph Exploration and Visualization in Browsers.
MAEC: A Multimodal Aligned Earnings Conference Call Dataset for Financial Risk Prediction.
The Newspaper Navigator Dataset: Extracting Headlines and Visual Content from 16 Million Historic Newspaper Pages in Chronicling America.
Web Page Segmentation Revisited: Evaluation Framework and Dataset.
SDM-RDFizer: An RML Interpreter for the Efficient Creation of RDF Knowledge Graphs.
Fine-Grained Relevance Annotations for Multi-Task Document Ranking and Question Answering.
CauseNet: Towards a Causality Graph Extracted from the Web.
Feature Extraction for Large-Scale Text Collections.
A Multidimensional Dataset Based on Crowdsourcing for Analyzing and Detecting News Bias.
LensKit for Python: Next-Generation Software for Recommender Systems Experiments.
TweetsCOV19 - A Knowledge Base of Semantically Annotated Tweets about the COVID-19 Pandemic.
ORCAS: 20 Million Clicked Query-Document Pairs for Analyzing Search.
MindReader: Recommendation over Knowledge Graph Entities with Explicit User Ratings.
MLM: A Benchmark Dataset for Multitask Learning with Multiple Languages and Modalities.
GeoLink Cruises: A Non-Synthetic Benchmark for Co-Reference Resolution on Knowledge Graphs.
Ensembled CTR Prediction via Knowledge Distillation.
Predicting Quality of Automated Welding with Machine Learning and Semantics: A Bosch Case Study.
Elevated Road Network: A Metric Learning Method for Recognizing Whether a Vehicle is on an Elevated Road.
Who is Delivering My Food?: Detecting Food Delivery Abusers using Variational Reward Inference Networks.
Community Mitigation: A Data-driven System for COVID-19 Risk Assessment in a Hierarchical Manner.
BotSpot: A Hybrid Learning Framework to Uncover Bot Install Fraud in Mobile Advertising.
Query-aware Tip Generation for Vertical Search.
You Are How You Use: Catching Gas Theft Suspects among Diverse Restaurant Users.
Learning to Build User-tag Profile in Recommendation System.
Ranking User Attributes for Fast Candidate Selection in Recommendation Systems.
GraphSAIL: Graph Structure Aware Incremental Learning for Recommender Systems.
aDMSCN: A Novel Perspective for User Intent Prediction in Customer Service Bots.
Multi-Channel Sellers Traffic Allocation in Large-scale E-commerce Promotion.
Generating Full Spatiotemporal Vehicular Paths: A Data Fusion Approach.
Relevance Ranking for Real-Time Tweet Search.
Zero-Shot Heterogeneous Transfer Learning from Recommender Systems to Cold-Start Search Retrieval.
Deep Behavior Tracing with Multi-level Temporality Preserved Embedding.
A Joint Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning Model for Drivers' Behavioral Prediction.
Efficient Neural Query Auto Completion.
Masked-field Pre-training for User Intent Prediction.
Match Tracing: A Unified Framework for Real-time Win Prediction and Quantifiable Performance Evaluation.
LiFT: A Scalable Framework for Measuring Fairness in ML Applications.
Query Understanding for Surfacing Under-served Music Content.
AGATHA: Automatic Graph Mining And Transformer based Hypothesis Generation Approach.
Crime Linkage Based on Textual Hebrew Police Reports Utilizing Behavioral Patterns.
Helix: DGA Domain Embeddings for Tracking and Exploring Botnets.
ITAD: Integrative Tensor-based Anomaly Detection System for Reducing False Positives of Satellite Systems.
Detection of Novel Social Bots by Ensembles of Specialized Classifiers.
Continuous Improvement of Medical Diagnostic Systems with Large Scale Patient Vignette Simulation.
An Extensive Investigation of Machine Learning Techniques for Sleep Apnea Screening.
Expert-in-the-loop AI for Polymer Discovery.
Category-aware Graph Neural Networks for Improving E-commerce Review Helpfulness Prediction.
Search-based User Interest Modeling with Lifelong Sequential Behavior Data for Click-Through Rate Prediction.
Learning to Infer User Hidden States for Online Sequential Advertising.
MiNet: Mixed Interest Network for Cross-Domain Click-Through Rate Prediction.
Personalizing Natural Language Understanding using Multi-armed Bandits and Implicit Feedback.
Learning to Create Better Ads: Generation and Ranking Approaches for Ad Creative Refinement.
TwinBERT: Distilling Knowledge to Twin-Structured Compressed BERT Models for Large-Scale Retrieval.
Efficiently Training Intelligible Models for Global Explanations.
Two-Stage Audience Expansion for Financial Targeting in Marketing.
Decoupled Graph Convolution Network for Inferring Substitutable and Complementary Items.
Graph Neural Network for Tag Ranking in Tag-enhanced Video Recommendation.
Improving Multi-Scenario Learning to Rank in E-commerce by Exploiting Task Relationships in the Label Space.
Spending Money Wisely: Online Electronic Coupon Allocation based on Real-Time User Intent Detection.
Peer-inspired Student Performance Prediction in Interactive Online Question Pools with Graph Neural Network.
AliMeKG: Domain Knowledge Graph Construction and Application in E-commerce.
ART (Attractive Recommendation Tailor): How the Diversity of Product Recommendations Affects Customer Purchase Preference in Fashion Industry?
Magellan: A Personalized Travel Recommendation System Using Transaction Data.
Incorporating User Feedback into Sequence to Sequence Model Training.
Learning Effective Representations for Person-Job Fit by Feature Fusion.
Personalized Flight Itinerary Ranking at Fliggy.
Imbalanced Time Series Classification for Flight Data Analyzing with Nonlinear Granger Causality Learning.
Loan Default Analysis with Multiplex Graph Learning.
P-Companion: A Principled Framework for Diversified Complementary Product Recommendation.
DeText: A Deep Text Ranking Framework with BERT.
A Deep Prediction Network for Understanding Advertiser Intent and Satisfaction.
Deep Multifaceted Transformers for Multi-objective Ranking in Large-Scale E-commerce Recommender Systems.
Price Forecast with High-Frequency Finance Data: An Autoregressive Recurrent Neural Network Model with Technical Indicators.
EdgeRec: Recommender System on Edge in Mobile Taobao.
Learning to Profile: User Meta-Profile Network for Few-Shot Learning.
Prospective Modeling of Users for Online Display Advertising via Deep Time-Aware Model.
Bid Shading in The Brave New World of First-Price Auctions.
Impression Pacing for Jobs Marketplace at LinkedIn.
Intent-Driven Similarity in E-Commerce Listings.
Fine-Tuned Compressed Representations of Vessel Trajectories.
MTBRN: Multiplex Target-Behavior Relation Enhanced Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction.
Fusing Global Domain Information and Local Semantic Information to Classify Financial Documents.
Learning to Rank in the Position Based Model with Bandit Feedback.
The Utility of Context When Extracting Entities From Legal Documents.
Learning Formatting Style Transfer and Structure Extraction for Spreadsheet Tables with a Hybrid Neural Network Architecture.
Personalized Bundle Recommendation in Online Games.
U-rank: Utility-oriented Learning to Rank with Implicit Feedback.
AutoADR: Automatic Model Design for Ad Relevance.
An Empirical Study on Clarifying Question-Based Systems.
Multimodal Clustering via Deep Commonness and Uniqueness Mining.
Behavior-driven Student Performance Prediction with Tri-branch Convolutional Neural Network.
Leveraging Historical Interaction Data for Improving Conversational Recommender System.
Diversifying Multi-aspect Search Results Using Simpson's Diversity Index.
Data Augmentation for Graph Classification.
On-demand Influencer Discovery on Social Media.
Dimension Relation Modeling for Click-Through Rate Prediction.
Revisiting Alternative Experimental Settings for Evaluating Top-N Item Recommendation Algorithms.
An Event-Oriented Neural Ranking Model for News Retrieval.
Community Identification in Signed Networks: A K-Truss Based Model.
Robust Normalized Squares Maximization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.
Multiplex Graph Neural Networks for Multi-behavior Recommendation.
Seasonal-Periodic Subgraph Mining in Temporal Networks.
Hyper-Substructure Enhanced Link Predictor.
Integrating Diagnosis Rules into Deep Neural Networks for Bladder Cancer Staging.
Event-Driven Network for Cross-Modal Retrieval.
Leveraging User Email Actions to Improve Ad-Close Prediction.
Few-shot Insider Threat Detection.
Deep Interaction Machine: A Simple but Effective Model for High-order Feature Interactions.
Time-aware Graph Relational Attention Network for Stock Recommendation.
Analysis of Multivariate Scoring Functions for Automatic Unbiased Learning to Rank.
Enhance Prototypical Network with Text Descriptions for Few-shot Relation Classification.
Learning to Generate Reformulation Actions for Scalable Conversational Query Understanding.
Deep Multi-Interest Network for Click-through Rate Prediction.
Tolerant Markov Boundary Discovery for Feature Selection.
Calibration of Google Trends Time Series.
Embedding Node Structural Role Identity into Hyperbolic Space.
Dual Autoencoder Network with Swap Reconstruction for Cold-Start Recommendation.
Denoising Individual Bias for Fairer Binary Submatrix Detection.
Schema-Agnostic Entity Matching using Pre-trained Language Models.
DynamicRec: A Dynamic Convolutional Network for Next Item Recommendation.
TABLE: A Task-Adaptive BERT-based ListwisE Ranking Model for Document Retrieval.
LogBug: Generating Adversarial System Logs in Real Time.
DREAM: A Dynamic Relation-Aware Model for Social Recommendation.
Do You Really Like Her Post?: Network-Based Analysis for Understanding Like Activities in SNS.
GGDs: Graph Generating Dependencies.
Deep Adaptive Feature Aggregation in Multi-task Convolutional Neural Networks.
A Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Missing Data in Predictive Models.
Relation Extraction with Self-determined Graph Convolutional Network.
Modelling Regional Crime Risk using Directed Graph of Check-ins.
Distant Supervision in BERT-based Adhoc Document Retrieval.
Muse: Multi-query Event Trend Aggregation.
Product Insights: Analyzing Product Intents in Web Search.
Securing Bloom Filters for Privacy-preserving Record Linkage.
Training Sensitivity in Graph Isomorphism Network.
Representative Negative Instance Generation for Online Ad Targeting.
CGTR: Convolution Graph Topology Representation for Document Ranking.
A Reproducibility Study of Deep and Surface Machine Learning Methods for Human-related Trajectory Prediction.
Gated Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning for Shop Search in E-commerce.
Deep Metric Learning Based on Rank-sensitive Optimization of Top-k Precision.
Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Graph Context on Entity Disambiguation Models.
Transformer Models for Recommending Related Questions in Web Search.
Diversifying Top-k Point-of-Interest Queries via Collective Social Reach.
Feedback Loop and Bias Amplification in Recommender Systems.
A Comparison of Top-k Threshold Estimation Techniques for Disjunctive Query Processing.
Fairness-Aware Learning with Prejudice Free Representations.
Neural Relation Extraction on Wikipedia Tables for Augmenting Knowledge Graphs.
Active Query of Private Demographic Data for Learning Fair Models.
Alike and Unlike: Resolving Class Imbalance Problem in Financial Credit Risk Assessment.
Recursive Balanced k-Subset Sum Partition for Rule-constrained Resource Allocation.
Non-local Self-attentive Autoencoder for Genetic Functionality Prediction.
Are Negative Links Really Beneficial to Network Embedding?: In-Depth Analysis and Interesting Results.
Bridging the Gap between Click and Relevance for Learning-to-Rank with Minimal Supervision.
An Index Advisor Using Deep Reinforcement Learning.
Rethinking Operators Placement of Stream Data Application in the Edge.
MetaTPOT: Enhancing A Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool Using Meta-Learning.
Ranking Clarification Questions via Natural Language Inference.
NASE: : Learning Knowledge Graph Embedding for Link Prediction via Neural Architecture Search.
A Synopses Data Engine for Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics.
What Rankers Can be Statistically Distinguished in Multileaved Comparisons?
CR-Graph: Community Reinforcement for Accurate Community Detection.
T-REX: A Topic-Aware Relation Extraction Model.
DistilSum: : Distilling the Knowledge for Extractive Summarization.
Homogenization with Explicit Semantics Preservation for Heterogeneous Information Network.
DATSING: Data Augmented Time Series Forecasting with Adversarial Domain Adaptation.
Learning to Re-Rank with Contextualized Stopwords.
GAEAT: Graph Auto-Encoder Attention Networks for Knowledge Graph Completion.
Learning to Form Skill-based Teams of Experts.
Subsampled Randomized Hadamard Transform for Regression of Dynamic Graphs.
Speaker-Aware BERT for Multi-Turn Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots.
The Impact of Negative Relevance Judgments on NDCG.
Estimating Topic Difficulty Using Normalized Discounted Cumulated Gain.
Can Adversarial Weight Perturbations Inject Neural Backdoors.
A View-Adversarial Framework for Multi-View Network Embedding.
A Reinforced Semi-supervised Neural Network for Helpful Review Identification.
Sample Optimization For Display Advertising.
Hybrid Dynamic Pruning for Efficient and Effective Query Processing.
Why is That a Background Article: A Qualitative Analysis of Relevance for News Background Linking.
DECWA: Density-Based Clustering using Wasserstein Distance.
Learning Discriminative Virtual Sequences for Time Series Classification.
Joint Estimation of User And Publisher Credibility for Fake News Detection.
Generative Adversarial Attributed Network Anomaly Detection.
CONE-Align: Consistent Network Alignment with Proximity-Preserving Node Embedding.