cikm 2021 论文列表

CIKM '21: The 30th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Virtual Event, Queensland, Australia, November 1 - 5, 2021.

International Workshop on Privacy, Security and Trust in Computational Intelligence (PSTCI2021).
Human-Centric Analytics and Systems Impacting Quality of Life: ECG Analytics and Beyond.
First Workshop on Knowledge Injection in Neural Networks (KINN).
IWILDS'21: Second International Workshop on Learning During Web Search.
CDCEO'21 - First Workshop on Complex Data Challenges in Earth Observation.
THECOG - Transforms In Behavioral And Affective Computing.
Learning to Quantify: Methods and Applications (LQ 2021).
MUFin'21: First International Workshop on Modelling Uncertainty in the Financial World.
MODIMO: Workshop on Multi-Omics Data Integration for Modelling Biological Systems.
Adversarial Robustness of Deep Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications.
Fake News, Disinformation, Propaganda, and Media Bias.
IR From Bag-of-words to BERT and Beyond through Practical Experiments.
CIKM 2021 Tutorial on Fairness of Machine Learning in Recommender Systems.
AutoML: From Methodology to Application.
Fair Graph Mining.
Large-Scale Information Extraction under Privacy-Aware Constraints.
Aggregation Techniques in Crowdsourcing: Multiple Choice Questions and Beyond.
Online Advertising Incrementality Testing: Practical Lessons And Emerging Challenges.
AntOpt: A Multi-functional Large-scale Decision Optimization Platform.
SaDes: An Interactive System for Sensitivity-aware Desensitization towards Tabular Data.
FaxPlainAC: A Fact-Checking Tool Based on EXPLAINable Models with HumAn Correction in the Loop.
Form 10-Q Itemization.
A Chinese Knowledge Base Question Answering System.
AliMe MKG: A Multi-modal Knowledge Graph for Live-streaming E-commerce.
Jasmine: Exploring the Dependency-Aware Execution on Distributed Shared Memory.
A Cohesive Structure Based Bipartite Graph Analytics System.
Videolytics: System for Data Analytics of Video Streams.
CauseBox: A Causal Inference Toolbox for BenchmarkingTreatment Effect Estimators with Machine Learning Methods.
A Sentiment and Style Controllable Approach for Chinese Poetry Generation.
PRASEMap: A Probabilistic Reasoning and Semantic Embedding based Knowledge Graph Alignment System.
A Semantic Data Marketplace for Easy Data Sharing within a Smart City.
DORA THE EXPLORER: Exploring Very Large Data With Interactive Deep Reinforcement Learning.
DLQ: A System for Label-Constrained Reachability Queries on Dynamic Graphs.
RW-Team: Robust Team Formation using Random Walk.
IMAS++: An Intelligent Medical Analysis System Enhanced with Deep Graph Neural Networks.
From Community Search to Community Understanding: A Multimodal Community Query Engine.
Health Claims Unpacked: A toolkit to Enhance the Communication of Health Claims for Food.
RCES: Rapid Cues Exploratory Search Using Taxonomies For COVID-19.
CLC-RS: A Chinese Legal Case Retrieval System with Masked Language Ranking.
SPARQL-vision: A Platform for Querying, Visualising and Exploring SPARQL endpoints.
HAO Unity: A Graph-based System for Unifying Heterogeneous Data.
TagPick: A System for Bridging Micro-Video Hashtags and E-commerce Categories.
PyTFL: A Python-based Neural Team Formation Toolkit.
An RDF Data Management System for Conflict Casualties.
OpenAttHetRL: An Open Source Toolkit for Attributed Heterogeneous Network Representation Learning.
SearchEHR: A Family History Search System for Clinical Decision Support.
DashBot: An ML-Guided Dashboard Generation System.
WhatTheWikiFact: Fact-Checking Claims Against Wikipedia.
Beamer: An End-to-End Deep Learning Framework for Unifying Data Cleaning in DNN Model Training and Inference.
Landmark Explanation: An Explainer for Entity Matching Models.
MVQAS: A Medical Visual Question Answering System.
Discovering Conflicts of Interest across Heterogeneous Data Sources with ConnectionLens.
FairCORELS, an Open-Source Library for Learning Fair Rule Lists.
RecBole: Towards a Unified, Comprehensive and Efficient Framework for Recommendation Algorithms.
MOOCCubeX: A Large Knowledge-centered Repository for Adaptive Learning in MOOCs.
Machamp: A Generalized Entity Matching Benchmark.
LiteratureQA: A Qestion Answering Corpus with Graph Knowledge on Academic Literature.
ULTRA: An Unbiased Learning To Rank Algorithm Toolbox.
GeoVectors: A Linked Open Corpus of OpenStreetMap Embeddings on World Scale.
TrUMAn: Trope Understanding in Movies and Animations.
librec-auto: A Tool for Recommender Systems Experimentation.
SoMeSci- A 5 Star Open Data Gold Standard Knowledge Graph of Software Mentions in Scientific Articles.
PyTorch Geometric Temporal: Spatiotemporal Signal Processing with Neural Machine Learning Models.
VerbCL: A Dataset of Verbatim Quotes for Highlight Extraction in Case Law.
Pirá: A Bilingual Portuguese-English Dataset for Question-Answering about the Ocean.
QuaPy: A Python-Based Framework for Quantification.
PyTerrier: Declarative Experimentation in Python from BM25 to Dense Retrieval.
DL-Traff: Survey and Benchmark of Deep Learning Models for Urban Traffic Prediction.
LC: A Flexible, Extensible Open-Source Toolkit for Model Compression.
Evaluating Graph Vulnerability and Robustness using TIGER.
TwiBot-20: A Comprehensive Twitter Bot Detection Benchmark.
WorldKG: A World-Scale Geographic Knowledge Graph.
DistRDF2ML - Scalable Distributed In-Memory Machine Learning Pipelines for RDF Knowledge Graphs.
CoST: An annotated Data Collection for Complex Search.
GAKG: A Multimodal Geoscience Academic Knowledge Graph.
VidLife: A Dataset for Life Event Extraction from Videos.
MS MARCO Chameleons: Challenging the MS MARCO Leaderboard with Extremely Obstinate Queries.
Matches Made in Heaven: Toolkit and Large-Scale Datasets for Supervised Query Reformulation.
Learning to Pack: A Data-Driven Tree Search Algorithm for Large-Scale 3D Bin Packing Problem.
HierST: A Unified Hierarchical Spatial-temporal Framework for COVID-19 Trend Forecasting.
CloudRCA: A Root Cause Analysis Framework for Cloud Computing Platforms.
QUEACO: Borrowing Treasures from Weakly-labeled Behavior Data for Query Attribute Value Extraction.
CHASE: Commonsense-Enriched Advertising on Search Engine with Explicit Knowledge.
Multi-modal Dictionary BERT for Cross-modal Video Search in Baidu Advertising.
Online Multi-horizon Transaction Metric Estimation with Multi-modal Learning in Payment Networks.
Self-supervised Learning for Large-scale Item Recommendations.
Cascaded Deep Neural Ranking Models in LinkedIn People Search.
On the Diversity and Explainability of Recommender Systems: A Practical Framework for Enterprise App Recommendation.
Seasonal Relevance in E-Commerce Search.
CADRE: A Cloud-Based Data Service for Big Bibliographic Data.
Contextual Skill Proficiency via Multi-task Learning at LinkedIn.
Jura: Towards Automatic Compliance Assessment for Annual Reports of Listed Companies.
CausCF: Causal Collaborative Filtering for Recommendation Effect Estimation.
Explore, Filter and Distill: Distilled Reinforcement Learning in Recommendation.
Crawler Detection in Location-Based Services Using Attributed Action Net.
Flexible O&M for Telecom Networks at Huawei: A Language Model-based Approach.
'Could You Describe the Reason for the Transfer?': A Reinforcement Learning Based Voice-Enabled Bot Protecting Customers from Financial Frauds.
Efficient Learning to Learn a Robust CTR Model for Web-scale Online Sponsored Search Advertising.
Influence Maximization in Multi-Relational Social Networks.
Fulfillment-Time-Aware Personalized Ranking for On-Demand Food Recommendation.
SAUCE: Truncated Sparse Document Signature Bit-Vectors for Fast Web-Scale Corpus Expansion.
Toward an Effective Black-Box Adversarial Attack on Functional JavaScript Malware against Commercial Anti-Virus.
WikiCheck: An End-to-end Open Source Automatic Fact-Checking API based on Wikipedia.
AudiBERT: A Deep Transfer Learning Multimodal Classification Framework for Depression Screening.
GEDIT: Geographic-Enhanced and Dependency-Guided Tagging for Joint POI and Accessibility Extraction at Baidu Maps.
K-AID: Enhancing Pre-trained Language Models with Domain Knowledge for Question Answering.
From Limited Annotated Raw Material Data to Quality Production Data: A Case Study in the Milk Industry.
One Model to Serve All: Star Topology Adaptive Recommender for Multi-Domain CTR Prediction.
SAR-Net: A Scenario-Aware Ranking Network for Personalized Fair Recommendation in Hundreds of Travel Scenarios.
From Closing Triangles to Higher-Order Motif Closures for Better Unsupervised Online Link Prediction.
EasyTransfer: A Simple and Scalable Deep Transfer Learning Platform for NLP Applications.
Dual Learning for Query Generation and Query Selection in Query Feeds Recommendation.
Learning to Expand: Reinforced Response Expansion for Information-seeking Conversations.
Prioritizing Original News on Facebook.
TSI: An Ad Text Strength Indicator using Text-to-CTR and Semantic-Ad-Similarity.
Profiling Neural Blocks and Design Spaces for Mobile Neural Architecture Search.
Scalable Learning to Troubleshoot Query Performance Problems.
Sequential Search with Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning.
Algorithmic Balancing of Familiarity, Similarity, & Discovery in Music Recommendations.
Mining Software Entities in Scientific Literature: Document-level NER for an Extremely Imbalance and Large-scale Task.
Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks for Large-Scale Bid Keyword Matching.
Distilling Knowledge from BERT into Simple Fully Connected Neural Networks for Efficient Vertical Retrieval.
Failure Prediction for Large-scale Water Pipe Networks Using GNN and Temporal Failure Series.
You Are What and Where You Are: Graph Enhanced Attention Network for Explainable POI Recommendation.
Unsupervised Categorical Representation Learning for Package Arrival Time Prediction.
Grassland: A Rapid Algebraic Modeling System for Million-variable Optimization.
Causal-Aware Generative Imputation for Automated Underwriting.
Elastic and Stable Compaction for LSM-tree: A FaaS-Based Approach on TerarkDB.
Learning to Bundle Proactively for On-Demand Meal Delivery.
Understanding Job Seeker Funnel for Search and Discovery Personalization.
Unbiased Filtering of Accidental Clicks in Verizon Media Native Advertising.
Prohibited Item Detection on Heterogeneous Risk Graphs.
LightMove: A Lightweight Next-POI Recommendation forTaxicab Rooftop Advertising.
ARGH!: Automated Rumor Generation Hub.
Detection of Illicit Drug Trafficking Events on Instagram: A Deep Multimodal Multilabel Learning Approach.
Self-Supervised Learning on Users' Spontaneous Behaviors for Multi-Scenario Ranking in E-commerce.
Multilingual Entity Linking System for Wikipedia with a Machine-in-the-Loop Approach.
SATAR: A Self-supervised Approach to Twitter Account Representation Learning and its Application in Bot Detection.
Beast: Scalable Exploratory Analytics on Spatio-temporal Data.
From Pixels to Words: A Scalable Journey of Text Information from Product Images to Retail Catalog.
AutoCombo: Automatic Malware Signature Generation Through Combination Rule Mining.
ETA Prediction with Graph Neural Networks in Google Maps.
Enhancing Explicit and Implicit Feature Interactions via Information Sharing for Parallel Deep CTR Models.
Structural Temporal Graph Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Graphs.
Contrastive Curriculum Learning for Sequential User Behavior Modeling via Data Augmentation.
Multi-Property Molecular Optimization using an Integrated Poly-Cycle Architecture.
Enabling Efficiency-Precision Trade-offs for Label Trees in Extreme Classification.
Leveraging Semantic Information to Facilitate the Discovery of Underserved Podcasts.
Self-Supervised Embedding for Subspace Clustering.
REFINE: Random RangE FInder for Network Embedding.
Tabular Data Concept Type Detection Using Star-Transformers.
Subtractive Aggregation for Attributed Network Anomaly Detection.
SeDyT: A General Framework for Multi-Step Event Forecasting via Sequence Modeling on Dynamic Entity Embeddings.
Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Script Event Prediction.
Multimodal Graph Meta Contrastive Learning.
Enriching Ontology with Temporal Commonsense for Low-Resource Audio Tagging.
DialogueBERT: A Self-Supervised Learning based Dialogue Pre-training Encoder.
DML: Dynamic Multi-Granularity Learning for BERT-Based Document Reranking.
Supervised Contrastive Learning for Multimodal Unreliable News Detection in COVID-19 Pandemic.
Role-oriented Network Embedding Based on Adversarial Learning between Higher-order and Local Features.
SIFN: A Sentiment-aware Interactive Fusion Network for Review-based Item Recommendation.
Causally Attentive Collaborative Filtering.
Projective Ranking: A Transferable Evasion Attack Method on Graph Neural Networks.
Multi-objective Privacy-preserving Text Representation Learning.
Storing Multi-model Data in RDBMSs based on Reinforcement Learning.
Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction Using Reinforcement Learning.
MixBERT for Image-Ad Relevance Scoring in Advertising.
Improving Query Representations for Dense Retrieval with Pseudo Relevance Feedback.
GraphEvolveDroid: Mitigate Model Degradation in the Scenario of Android Ecosystem Evolution.
SCI: Subspace Learning Based Counterfactual Inference for Individual Treatment Effect Estimation.
Multi-Sentence Argument Linking via An Event-Aware Hierarchical Encoder.
Relation-aware Heterogeneous Graph for User Profiling.
Learning Effective and Efficient Embedding via an Adaptively-Masked Twins-based Layer.
Binary Code based Hash Embedding for Web-scale Applications.
DESTINE: Dense Subgraph Detection on Multi-Layered Networks.
Disentangled Self-Attentive Neural Networks for Click-Through Rate Prediction.
Fairness-Aware Unsupervised Feature Selection.
SMAD: Scalable Multi-view Ad Retrieval System for E-Commerce Sponsored Search.
Structural Deep Incomplete Multi-view Clustering Network.
Evidential Relational-Graph Convolutional Networks for Entity Classification in Knowledge Graphs.
AutoHERI: Automated Hierarchical Representation Integration for Post-Click Conversion Rate Estimation.
Improving Irregularly Sampled Time Series Learning with Time-Aware Dual-Attention Memory-Augmented Networks.
Graph Structure Aware Contrastive Knowledge Distillation for Incremental Learning in Recommender Systems.
DSKReG: Differentiable Sampling on Knowledge Graph for Recommendation with Relational GNN.
Low-dimensional Alignment for Cross-Domain Recommendation.
Modeling Inter-Claim Interactions for Verifying Multiple Claims.
Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Cross-lingual Information Retrieval with Multilingual BERT.
BiCMTS: Bidirectional Coupled Multivariate Learning of Irregular Time Series with Missing Values.
Label-informed Graph Structure Learning for Node Classification.
Fully Hyperbolic Graph Convolution Network for Recommendation.
Graph Embedding via Diffusion-Wavelets-Based Node Feature Distribution Characterization.
Embedding Node Structural Role Identity Using Stress Majorization.
Template-guided Clarifying Question Generation for Web Search Clarification.
SportsSum2.0: Generating High-Quality Sports News from Live Text Commentary.
Vector-Quantized Autoencoder With Copula for Collaborative Filtering.
Query Embedding Pruning for Dense Retrieval.
HiCoVA: Hierarchical Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Keyphrase Generation.
Talking Face Generation Based on Information Bottleneck and Complementary Representations.
AGCNT: Adaptive Graph Convolutional Network for Transformer-based Long Sequence Time-Series Forecasting.
Location-Aware Named Entity Disambiguation.
Self-Supervised Learning based on Sentiment Analysis with Word Weight Calculation.
Predicting Success of a Persuasion through Joint Modeling of Utterance Categorization.
Determining Subjective Bias in Text through Linguistically Informed Transformer based Multi-Task Network.
Locate Who You Are: Matching Geo-location to Text for User Identity Linkage.
DeepGroup: Group Recommendation with Implicit Feedback.
Will Sorafenib Help?: Treatment-aware Reranking in Precision Medicine Search.
Knowledge-Aware Neural Networks for Medical Forum Question Classification.
A Conditional Cascade Model for Relational Triple Extraction.
Accelerating Variant Calling on Human Genomes Using a Commodity Cluster.
Student Can Also be a Good Teacher: Extracting Knowledge from Vision-and-Language Model for Cross-Modal Retrieval.
Reputation Equity in Ranking Systems.
Trilateral Spatiotemporal Attention Network for User Behavior Modeling in Location-based Search.
Evaluating the Prediction Bias Induced by Label Imbalance in Multi-label Classification.
Evaluating Fairness in Argument Retrieval.
Training Neural Networks with Random Noise Images for Adversarial Robustness.
Lightweight Visual Question Answering using Scene Graphs.
Discovery of Temporal Graph Functional Dependencies.
MDFEND: Multi-domain Fake News Detection.
Multi-objective Few-shot Learning for Fair Classification.
On Skipping Behaviour Types in Music Streaming Sessions.
Neuron Campaign for Initialization Guided by Information Bottleneck Theory.
GDFM: Gene Vectors Embodied Deep Attentional Factorization Machines for Interaction prediction.
On Approximate Nearest Neighbour Selection for Multi-Stage Dense Retrieval.
Temporal Network Embedding via Tensor Factorization.
Learning Sparse Binary Code for Maximum Inner Product Search.
Smoothing with Fake Label.
Leveraging Domain Information to Classify Financial Documents via Unsupervised Graph Momentum Contrast.
Review-Aware Neural Recommendation with Cross-Modality Mutual Attention.
Operation Diagnosis on Procedure Graph: The Task and Dataset.
FedSkel: Efficient Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Systems with Skeleton Gradients Update.
Learning Representations of Inactive Users: A Cross Domain Approach with Graph Neural Networks.
Age Inference Using A Hierarchical Attention Neural Network.
Fine-Grained Element Identification in Complaint Text of Internet Fraud.
Deep Active Learning for Text Classification with Diverse Interpretations.
State-Aware Meta-Evaluation of Evaluation Metrics in Interactive Information Retrieval.
GGP: A Graph-based Grouping Planner for Explicit Control of Long Text Generation.
Multivariate and Propagation Graph Attention Network for Spatial-Temporal Prediction with Outdoor Cellular Traffic.
Enhancing Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with Supervised Contrastive Learning.
Graph Representation Learning via Adversarial Variational Bayes.
Vandalism Detection in OpenStreetMap via User Embeddings.
Span-level Emotion Cause Analysis with Neural Sequence Tagging.
Span-Level Emotion Cause Analysis by BERT-based Graph Attention Network.
OTCMR: Bridging Heterogeneity Gap with Optimal Transport for Cross-modal Retrieval.
Multi-subspace Implicit Alignment for Cross-modal Retrieval on Cooking Recipes and Food Images.
AdaptiveGCN: Efficient GCN Through Adaptively Sparsifying Graphs.
Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning by Strengthening Local Label Consistency.
Hubness-aware User Identity Linkage.
Capsule Graph Neural Networks with EM Routing.
Dual Correction Strategy for Ranking Distillation in Top-N Recommender System.
CrossAug: A Contrastive Data Augmentation Method for Debiasing Fact Verification Models.
SCOPA: Soft Code-Switching and Pairwise Alignment for Zero-Shot Cross-lingual Transfer.
Attention Based Subgraph Classification for Link Prediction by Network Re-weighting.
Boosting Graph Alignment Algorithms.
Asterisk-Shaped Features for Tabular Data.
Exploratory Search of GANs with Contextual Bandits.
UQJG: Identifying Transactions that Collaborate to Violate an SQL Assertion.
Query-driven Segment Selection for Ranking Long Documents.
Self-supervised Fine-tuning for Efficient Passage Re-ranking.
CoSEM: Contextual and Semantic Embedding for App Usage Prediction.
Question Answering using Web Lists.
RABERT: Relation-Aware BERT for Target-Oriented Opinion Words Extraction.
ANEMONE: Graph Anomaly Detection with Multi-Scale Contrastive Learning.
Robust Adaptive-weighting Multi-view Classification.
CANCN-BERT: A Joint Pre-Trained Language Model for Classical and Modern Chinese.
The Effect of News Article Quality on Ad Consumption.
When is Nearest Neighbor Meaningful: Sequential Data.
Entity-aware Collaborative Relation Network with Knowledge Graph for Recommendation.
LTPHM: Long-term Traffic Prediction based on Hybrid Model.
Locker: Locally Constrained Self-Attentive Sequential Recommendation.
Centerpoint Query Authentication.
Cformer: Semi-Supervised Text Clustering Based on Pseudo Labeling.
Automatic Error Correction Using the Wikipedia Page Revision History.
Unsupervised Cross-system Log Anomaly Detection via Domain Adaptation.
GLocal-K: Global and Local Kernels for Recommender Systems.
Counterfactual Generative Smoothing for Imbalanced Natural Language Classification.
Region Invariant Normalizing Flows for Mobility Transfer.