cikm 2003 论文列表

Proceedings of the 2003 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 2-8, 2003.

An evaluation of the incorporation of a semantic network into a multidimensional retrieval engine.
Finding more useful information faster from web search results.
Ontology-driven peer profiling in peer-to-peer enabled semantic web.
Relevant query feedback in statistical language modeling.
The link prediction problem for social networks.
Digital annotation of printed documents.
Tracking changes in user interests with a few relevance judgments.
Auto-generation of topic hierarchies for web images from users' perspectives.
Automatic identification of best entry points for focused structured document retrieval.
estWin: adaptively monitoring the recent change of frequent itemsets over online data streams.
A visual interface technique for exploring OLAP data with coordinated dimension hierarchies.
Expertise identification using email communications.
User assisted text classification and knowledge management.
MASS: a multi-axis storage structure for large XML documents.
Techniques for efficient fragment detection in web pages.
Extracting unstructured data from template generated web documents.
Summarization evaluation using relative utility.
An approach for implicitly detecting information needs.
Industrial evaluation of a highly-accurate academic IR system.
SQL text parsing for information retrieval.
Intelligent metasearch engine for knowledge management.
A unified model for metasearch, pooling, and system evaluation.
Exploiting syntactic structure of queries in a language modeling approach to IR.
Time-based language models.
iTopN: incremental extraction of the N most visible objects.
Hierarchical graph indexing.
Online duplicate document detection: signature reliability in a dynamic retrieval environment.
Operational requirements for scalable search systems.
Efficient query evaluation using a two-level retrieval process.
Mining multiple phenotype structures underlying gene expression profiles.
Information extraction from biomedical literature: methodology, evaluation and an application.
HyperThesis: the gRNA spell on the curse of bioinformatics applications integration.
Combining link-based and content-based methods for web document classification.
Automated index management for distributed web search.
Representing interests as a hyperlinked document collection.
Securely sharing neuroimagery.
The virGIS WFS-based spatial mediation system.
Ontologies for semantically interoperable systems.
Building XML statistics for the hidden web.
Efficient ordering for XML data.
Light-weight xPath processing of XML stream with deterministic automata.
Index construction for linear categorisation.
Categorizing web queries according to geographical locality.
Efficient multi-way text categorization via generalized discriminant analysis.
Collaborative filtering with decoupled models for preferences and ratings.
Lattice-based tagging using support vector machines.
Bootstrapping for hierarchical document classification.
Dynamically maintaining frequent items over a data stream.
Raindrop: a uniform and layered algebraic framework for XQueries on XML streams.
Queueing analysis of relational operators for continuous data streams.
Flexible intrinsic evaluation of hierarchical clustering for TDT.
Multi-resolution disambiguation of term occurrences.
Boosting support vector machines for text classification through parameter-free threshold relaxation.
Adding numbers to text classification.
Text classification from positive and unlabeled documents.
On the complexity of schema inference from web pages in the presence of nullable data attributes.
Towards integrative enterprise knowledge portals.
A reliable storage management layer for distributed information retrieval systems.
Content-based retrieval in hybrid peer-to-peer networks.
Margin-based local regression for adaptive filtering.
Misuse detection for information retrieval systems.
Managing IFC for civil engineering projects.
XML parsing: a threat to database performance.
Event analyzer: a tool for sequential data processing.
Lessons from the implementation of an adaptive parts acquisition ePortal.
Exploring group mobility for replica data allocation in a mobile environment.
Efficient data access to multi-channel broadcast programs.
Addressing the lack of direct translation resources for cross-language retrieval.
Statistical transliteration for english-arabic cross language information retrieval.
A novel method for stemmer generation based on hidden markov models.
Learning cross-document structural relationships using boosting.
Question answering from the web using knowledge annotation and knowledge mining techniques.
Web unit mining: finding and classifying subgraphs of web pages.
Dimensionality reduction using magnitude and shape approximations.
High dimensional reverse nearest neighbor queries.
The power-method: a comprehensive estimation technique for multi-dimensional queries.
Speech user interfaces for information retrieval.
Efficient region-based image retrieval.
Similarity among melodies for music information retrieval.
Visualization of Communication Patterns in Collaborative Innovation Networks - Analysis of Some W3C Working Groups.
Visual structures for image browsing.
Multi-resolution modeling of large scale scientific simulation data.
Replication and retrieval strategies of multidimensional data on parallel disks.
Approximate searches: k-neighbors + precision.
Using titles and category names from editor-driven taxonomies for automatic evaluation.
A study of parameter tuning for term frequency normalization.
Query expansion using associated queries.
Grand challenges for information management.