cikm 2006 论文列表

Proceedings of the 2006 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Arlington, Virginia, USA, November 6-11, 2006.

Query-specific clustering of search results based on document-context similarity scores.
Towards interactive indexing for large Chinese calligraphic character databases.
The visual funding navigator: analysis of the NSF funding information.
The query-vector document model.
Semi-automatic annotation and MPEG-7 authoring of dance videos.
Search result summarization and disambiguation via contextual dimensions.
Robust periodicity detection algorithms.
Retrieval evaluation with incomplete relevance data: a comparative study of three measures.
Resource-aware kernel density estimators over streaming data.
Representing documents with named entities for story link detection (SLD).
Ranking in context using vector spaces.
Rank synopses for efficient time travel on the web graph.
Query taxonomy generation for web search.
Re-ranking search results using query logs.
Pseudo-anchor text extraction for searching vertical objects.
Processing information intent via weak labeling.
Probabilistic document-context based relevance feedback with limited relevance judgments.
Practical private data matching deterrent to spoofing attacks.
On progressive sequential pattern mining.
PEPX: a query-friendly probabilistic XML database.
Multi-task text segmentation and alignment based on weighted mutual information.
Multi-query optimization of sliding window aggregates by schedule synchronization.
Modeling performance-driven workload characterization of web search systems.
k nearest neighbor classification across multiple private databases.
Mining coherent patterns from heterogeneous microarray data.
Measuring the meaning in time series clustering of text search queries.
Maximizing the sustained throughput of distributed continuous queries.
Matching and evaluation of disjunctive predicates for data stream sharing.
Matching directories and OWL ontologies with AROMA.
IR principles for content-based indexing and retrieval of functional brain images.
Introduction to a new Farsi stemmer.
Integration of cluster ensemble and EM based text mining for microarray gene cluster identification and annotation.
Integrated RFID data modeling: an approach for querying physical objects in pervasive computing.
Information retrieval from relational databases using semantic queries.
Improving query translation with confidence estimation for cross language information retrieval.
HUX: a schemacentric approach for updating XML views.
Filtering or adapting: two strategies to exploit noisy parallel corpora for cross-language information retrieval.
Estimation, sensitivity, and generalization in parameterized retrieval models.
Efficient mining of max frequent patterns in a generalized environment.
Effective and efficient similarity search in time series.
Direct comparison of commercial and academic retrieval system: an initial study.
On subspace clustering with density consciousness.
Continuous keyword search on multiple text streams.
Constructing better document and query models with markov chains.
Combining feature selectors for text classification.
Automatically constructing collections of online database directories.
Collaborative filtering in dynamic usage environments.
Boosting relevance model performance with query term dependence.
Best-k queries on database systems.
Approximate reverse k-nearest neighbor queries in general metric spaces.
An efficient one-phase holistic twig join algorithm for XML data.
Amnesic online synopses for moving objects.
Adapting association patterns for text categorization: weaknesses and enhancements.
A structure-oriented relevance feedback method for XML retrieval.
A neighborhood-based approach for clustering of linked document collections.
A comparative study on classifying the functions of web page blocks.
A dictionary for approximate string search and longest prefix search.
Privacy preserving sequential pattern mining in distributed databases.
An integer programming approach for frequent itemset hiding.
Efficient join processing over uncertain data.
A combination of trie-trees and inverted files for the indexing of set-valued attributes.
Cache-oblivious nested-loop joins.
Designing semantics-preserving cluster representatives for scientific input conditions.
Tracking dragon-hunters with language models.
Document re-ranking using cluster validation and label propagation.
Coupling feature selection and machine learning methods for navigational query identification.
Text classification improved through multigram models.
Performance thresholding in practical text classification.
Improving query I/O performance by permuting and refining block request sequences.
Query optimization using restructured views.
Annotation propagation revisited for key preserving views.
A system for query-specific document summarization.
Describing differences between databases.
Concept frequency distribution in biomedical text summarization.
Estimating corpus size via queries.
Optimisation methods for ranking functions with multiple parameters.
Query result ranking over e-commerce web databases.
Ranking robustness: a novel framework to predict query performance.
Term context models for information retrieval.
A probabilistic relevance propagation model for hypertext retrieval.
Concept-based document readability in domain specific information retrieval.
Efficient model selection for regularized linear discriminant analysis.
Task-based process know-how reuse and proactive information delivery in TaskNavigator.
POLESTAR: collaborative knowledge management and sensemaking tools for intelligence analysts.
Vector and matrix operations programmed with UDFs in a relational DBMS.
Secure search in enterprise webs: tradeoffs in efficient implementation for document level security.
CP/CV: concept similarity mining without frequency information from domain describing taxonomies.
Exploiting asymmetry in hierarchical topic extraction.
Automatic computation of semantic proximity using taxonomic knowledge.
TRIPS and TIDES: new algorithms for tree mining.
Heuristic containment check of partial tree-pattern queries in the presence of index graphs.
On the structural properties of massive telecom call graphs: findings and implications.
Processing relaxed skylines in PDMS using distributed data summaries.
Constrained subspace skyline computation.
SaLSa: computing the skyline without scanning the whole sky.
Bayesian adaptive user profiling with explicit & implicit feedback.
Voting for candidates: adapting data fusion techniques for an expert search task.
Ranking web objects from multiple communities.
Efficiently clustering transactional data with weighted coverage density.
Incremental hierarchical clustering of text documents.
In search of meaning for time series subsequence clustering: matching algorithms based on a new distance measure.
A data stream language and system designed for power and extensibility.
Efficient range-constrained similarity search on wavelet synopses over multiple streams.
KDDCS: a load-balanced in-network data-centric storage scheme for sensor networks.
Incorporating query difference for learning retrieval functions in world wide web search.
A study on the effects of personalization and task information on implicit feedback performance.
Summarizing local context to personalize global web search.
Capturing community search expertise for personalized web search using snippet-indexes.
Out-of-context noun phrase semantic interpretation with cross-linguistic evidence.
A fast and robust method for web page template detection and removal.
Topic evolution and social interactions: how authors effect research.
Improving novelty detection for general topics using sentence level information patterns.
Knowing a web page by the company it keeps.
Multi-evidence, multi-criteria, lazy associative document classification.
Effective and efficient classification on a search-engine model.
3DString: a feature string kernel for 3D object classification on voxelized data.
Pruning strategies for mixed-mode querying.
A document-centric approach to static index pruning in text retrieval systems.
Discovering and exploiting keyword and attribute-value co-occurrences to improve P2P routing indices.
Mining compressed commodity workflows from massive RFID data sets.
Finding highly correlated pairs efficiently with powerful pruning.
Validating associations in biological databases.
Classification spanning correlated data streams.
Adaptive non-linear clustering in data streams.
Window join approximation over data streams with importance semantics.
Estimating average precision with incomplete and imperfect judgments.
Evaluation by comparing result sets in context.
Investigating the exhaustivity dimension in content-oriented XML element retrieval evaluation.
On GMAP: and other transformations.
Eigen-trend: trend analysis in the blogosphere based on singular value decompositions.
Mining blog stories using community-based and temporal clustering.
Utility scoring of product reviews.
Movie review mining and summarization.
An approximate multi-word matching algorithm for robust document retrieval.
Structure-based querying of proteins using wavelets.
Distributed spatio-temporal similarity search.
Efficient processing of complex similarity queries in RDBMS through query rewriting.
The real-time nature and value of homeland security information.
How I learned to stop worrying and love the imminent internet singularity.
Pair-Wise entity resolution: overview and challenges.