cikm 1997 论文列表

Proceedings of the Workshop on Databases - Active and Real-Time, DART 1996, Rockville, Maryland, USA.

Project synopsis: evaluating STRIP.
Production information management for batch manufacturing plants based on ECA mechanism and view generation.
Active real-time database management for command & control applications.
An architecture and two new research problems in ARCS databases.
Process systems and data bases.
Behavioral situations and active database systems.
Impact of timing constraints on real-time database recovery.
Why commercial database systems are not real-time systems.
Timely and fault-tolerant data access from broadcast disks: a pinwheel-based approach.
A model based reasoning approach to network monitoring.
Porting an expert database application to an active database: an experience report.
Sensor data management in manufacturing systems.
Using Petri nets for rule termination analysis.
Escalations in workflow management systems.
Research issues in real-time DBMS in the context of electronic commerce.
The monitoring of complex active rules with vector representation.
RODAIN: a real-time object-oriented database system for telecommunications.
Incorporation of multimedia capabilities in distributed real-time applications.
Adaptive real-time transactions and risk-based load control.