ecir 2012 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 34th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2012, Barcelona, Spain, April 1-5, 2012. Proceedings.

Querium: A Session-Based Collaborative Search System.
Retro: Time-Based Exploration of Product Reviews.
EmSe: Supporting Children's Information Needs within a Hospital Environment.
A Mailbox Search Engine Using Query Multi-modal Expansion and Community-Based Smoothing.
Crisees: Real-Time Monitoring of Social Media Streams to Support Crisis Management.
A User Interface for Query-by-Sketch Based Image Retrieval with Color Sketches.
LiveTweet: Monitoring and Predicting Interesting Microblog Posts.
In Praise of Laziness: A Lazy Strategy for Web Information Extraction.
Combining Probabilistic Language Models for Aspect-Based Sentiment Retrieval.
On the Size of Full Element-Indexes for XML Keyword Search.
An Investigation of Term Weighting Approaches for Microblog Retrieval.
Applying Power Graph Analysis to Weighted Graphs.
Evaluating Personal Information Retrieval.
When Simple is (more than) Good Enough: Effective Semantic Search with (almost) no Semantics.
Learning to Rank from Relevance Feedback for e-Discovery.
A Little Interaction Can Go a Long Way: Enriching the Query Formulation Process.
Learning Adaptive Domain Models from Click Data to Bootstrap Interactive Web Search.
Temporal Pseudo-relevance Feedback in Microblog Retrieval.
Analysis of Query Reformulations in a Search Engine of a Local Web Site.
A General Framework for People Retrieval in Social Media with Multiple Roles.
Squeezing the Ensemble Pruning: Faster and More Accurate Categorization for News Portals.
Predicting IMDB Movie Ratings Using Social Media.
Assessing and Predicting Vertical Intent for Web Queries.
Full and Mini-batch Clustering of News Articles with Star-EM.
Phrase Pair Classification for Identifying Subtopics.
Studying a Personality Coreference Network in a News Stories Photo Collection.
Using a Medical Thesaurus to Predict Query Difficulty.
Handling OOV Words in Indian-language - English CLIR.
Investigating Summarization Techniques for Geo-Tagged Image Indexing.
Semi-automatic Document Classification: Exploiting Document Difficulty.
Analyzing the Polarity of Opinionated Queries.
The Design of a Visual History Tool to Help Users Refind Information within a Website.
Adaptive Temporal Query Modeling.
On Theoretically Valid Score Distributions in Information Retrieval.
Integrating Interactive Visualizations in the Search Process of Digital Libraries and IR Systems.
Modeling Static Caching in Web Search Engines.
Usefulness of Sentiment Analysis.
Intra-query Concurrent Pipelined Processing for Distributed Full-Text Retrieval.
Adaptive Time-to-Live Strategies for Query Result Caching in Web Search Engines.
Cluster Labeling for Multilingual Scatter/Gather Using Comparable Corpora.
Classification of Short Texts by Deploying Topical Annotations.
A Framework for Unsupervised Spam Detection in Social Networking Sites.
Language Modelling of Constraints for Text Clustering.
A Latent Variable Ranking Model for Content-Based Retrieval.
Image Abstraction in Crossmedia Retrieval for Text Illustration.
An Interactive Paper and Digital Pen Interface for Query-by-Sketch Image Retrieval.
Top-k Retrieval Using Facility Location Analysis.
Extended Expectation Maximization for Inferring Score Distributions.
An Information-Based Cross-Language Information Retrieval Model.
Axiomatic Analysis of Translation Language Model for Information Retrieval.
Score Transformation in Linear Combination for Multi-criteria Relevance Ranking.
A Log-Logistic Model-Based Interpretation of TF Normalization of BM25.
Automatic Foldering of Email Messages: A Combination Approach.
Reliability Prediction of Webpages in the Medical Domain.
Retrieving Candidate Plagiarised Documents Using Query Expansion.
How Random Walks Can Help Tourism.
On Aggregating Labels from Multiple Crowd Workers to Infer Relevance of Documents.
New Metrics for Meaningful Evaluation of Informally Structured Speech Retrieval.
On Smoothing Average Precision.
Result Disambiguation in Web People Search.
On the Modeling of Entities for Ad-Hoc Entity Search in the Web of Data.
A New Approach to Answerer Recommendation in Community Question Answering Services.
Relation Based Term Weighting Regularization.
A Field Relevance Model for Structured Document Retrieval.
Geo-Location Estimation of Flickr Images: Social Web Based Enrichment.
Comparing Tweets and Tags for URLs.
Detection of News Feeds Items Appropriate for Children.
Predicting the Future Impact of News Events.
Interactive Search Support for Difficult Web Queries.
Exploring Query Patterns in Email Search.
Modeling Transactional Queries via Templates.
Explaining Query Modifications - An Alternative Interpretation of Term Addition and Removal.