ecir 2014 论文列表

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Gamification for Information Retrieval, GamifIR@ECIR '14, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 13, 2014.

Moody closet: exploring intriguing new views on wardrobe recommendation.
PictureSort: gamification of image ranking.
Crowd-powered experts: helping surgeons interpret breast cancer images.
Studying user browsing behavior through gamified search tasks.
The game of search: what is the fun in that?
Enhancing collaborative search systems engagement through gamification.
PageFetch 2: gamification the sequel.
Gamification of private digital data archive management.
Incentive design to mould online behavior: a game mechanics perspective.
People recognition using gamified ambiguous feedback.
The beauty contest revisited: measuring consensus rankings of relevance using a game.
The annotation-validation (AV) model: rewarding contribution using retrospective agreement.
On the application of game mechanics in information retrieval.
Creating Zombilingo, a game with a purpose for dependency syntax annotation.
Information reconstruction: unpicking the GamifIR call for papers.