ecir 1998 论文列表

20th Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR, Autrans, France. 25th-27th March 1998.

Coupled Hierarchical IR and Stochastic Models for Surface Information Extraction.
Agents in Cyberspace - Towards a Framework for Multi-Agent Systems in Information Discovery.
The Relationship between IR and Multimedia Databases.
A Dempster-Shafer Model for Document Retrieval using Noun Phrases.
Independence of Contributing Retrieval Strategies in Data Fusion for Effective Information Retrieval.
User-Chosen Phrases in Interactive Query Formulation for Information Retrieval.
An Architecture for Efficient Document Clustering and Retrieval on a Dynamic Collection of Newspaper Texts.
Modeling Information Retrieval with Probabilistic Argumentation Systems.
Effective and Efficient Relational Query Processing Using Conceptual Graphs.
Evaluation of Interfaces for IRS: Modelling End-User Searching Behaviour.
Combining Information Retrieval with Information Extraction for Efficient Retrieval of Calls for Papers.
German Indexing and Retrieval Test Data Base (GIRT) - Some Results of the Pre-test.
Social and Cognitive Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Systems.
Content Based Annotation and Retrieval in RAIDER.
Text-Image Interaction for Image Retrieval and Semi-Automatic Indexing.
NHS: A Tool for the Automatic Construction of News Hypertext.