ecir 2017 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 39th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2017, Aberdeen, UK, April 8-13, 2017, Proceedings.

Integration of the Scientific Recommender System Mr. DLib into the Reference Manager JabRef.
QweetFinder: Real-Time Finding and Filtering of Question Tweets.
Temporal Semantic Analysis of Conference Proceedings.
The SENSEI Overview of Newspaper Readers' Comments.
FairScholar: Balancing Relevance and Diversity for Scientific Paper Recommendation.
"Hey, vitrivr!" - A Multimodal UI for Video Retrieval.
Pyndri: A Python Interface to the Indri Search Engine.
A Social Framework for Set Recommendation in Group Recommender Systems.
Promoting Understandability in Consumer Health Information Search.
A Neural Attention Model for Categorizing Patient Safety Events.
Does Online Evaluation Correspond to Offline Evaluation in Query Auto Completion?
On the Efficiency of Selective Search.
Search Costs vs. User Satisfaction on Mobile.
On the Long-Tail Entities in News.
Design Patterns for Fusion-Based Object Retrieval.
Iterative Estimation of Document Relevance Score for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback.
Plagiarism Detection in Texts Obfuscated with Homoglyphs.
Negative Feedback in the Language Modeling Framework for Text Recommendation.
Word Similarity Based Model for Tweet Stream Prospective Notification.
Matrix Factorisation with Word Embeddings for Rating Prediction on Location-Based Social Networks.
Learning to Rank for Consumer Health Search: A Semantic Approach.
Using Section Headings to Compute Cross-Lingual Similarity of Wikipedia Articles.
Low-Cost Preference Judgment via Ties.
"When Was This Picture Taken?" - Image Date Estimation in the Wild.
Named Entity Classification Using Search Engine's Query Suggestions.
Do Easy Topics Predict Effectiveness Better Than Difficult Topics?
Search Personalization with Embeddings.
A Novel Word Embedding Based Stemming Approach for Microblog Retrieval During Disasters.
Personalized Parsimonious Language Models for User Modeling in Social Bookmaking Systems.
Improving Tweet Representations Using Temporal and User Context.
Batch Incremental Shared Nearest Neighbor Density Based Clustering Algorithm for Dynamic Datasets.
Predicting Genre Preferences from Cultural and Socio-Economic Factors for Music Retrieval.
Counteracting Novelty Decay in First Story Detection.
Learning to Classify Inappropriate Query-Completions.
We Used Neural Networks to Detect Clickbaits: You Won't Believe What Happened Next!
Irony Detection with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks.
Predicting Emotional Reaction in Social Networks.
Faster K-Means Cluster Estimation.
LTRo: Learning to Route Queries in Clustered P2P IR.
Leveraging Site Search Logs to Identify Missing Content on Enterprise Webpages.
Labeling Topics with Images Using a Neural Network.
Dimension Projection Among Languages Based on Pseudo-Relevant Documents for Query Translation.
JustEvents: A Crowdsourced Corpus for Event Validation with Strict Temporal Constraints.
A New Scheme for Scoring Phrases in Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction.
Predicting Users' Future Interests on Twitter.
Enhancing Sensitivity Classification with Semantic Features Using Word Embeddings.
A Multiple-Instance Learning Approach to Sentence Selection for Question Ranking.
A Systematic Analysis of Sentence Update Detection for Temporal Summarization.
Ancient Roman Coin Retrieval: A Systematic Examination of the Effects of Coin Grade.
Exploration of a Threshold for Similarity Based on Uncertainty in Word Embedding.
Paper2vec: Combining Graph and Text Information for Scientific Paper Representation.
A Formal and Empirical Study of Unsupervised Signal Combination for Textual Similarity Tasks.
Fixed-Cost Pooling Strategies Based on IR Evaluation Measures.
Human-Based Query Difficulty Prediction.
Language Influences on Tweeter Geolocation.
Generating Descriptions of Entity Relationships.
Feature-Oriented Analysis of User Profile Completion Problem.
Personalized Keyword Boosting for Venue Suggestion Based on Multiple LBSNs.
A Task Completion Engine to Enhance Search Session Support for Air Traffic Work Tasks.
E-Government and the Digital Divide: A Study of English-as-a-Second-Language Users' Information Behaviour.
Exploring Time-Sensitive Variational Bayesian Inference LDA for Social Media Data.
Transitivity, Time Consumption, and Quality of Preference Judgments in Crowdsourcing.
Sentiment Propagation for Predicting Reputation Polarity.
How Do Order and Proximity Impact the Readability of Event Summaries?
Utterance Retrieval Based on Recurrent Surface Text Patterns.
"Are Machines Better Than Humans in Image Tagging?" - A User Study Adds to the Puzzle.
A Part-of-Speech Enhanced Neural Conversation Model.
Learning to Re-rank Medical Images Using a Bayesian Network-Based Thesaurus.
Do Topic Shift and Query Reformulation Patterns Correlate in Academic Search?
Fusion of Bag-of-Words Models for Image Classification in the Medical Domain.
Inferring User Interests for Passive Users on Twitter by Leveraging Followee Biographies.
The Effects of Search Task Determinability on Search Behavior.
Simple Personalized Search Based on Long-Term Behavioral Signals.
Collective Entity Linking in Tweets Over Space and Time.
Hierarchical Re-estimation of Topic Models for Measuring Topical Diversity.
Cross-Lingual Sentiment Relation Capturing for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Analysis.
Entity Linking in Queries: Efficiency vs. Effectiveness.
Using Query Performance Predictors to Reduce Spoken Queries.
Where Do All These Search Terms Come From? - Two Experiments in Domain-Specific Search.
Entity Linking to One Thousand Knowledge Bases.