ecir 2018 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 40th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2018, Grenoble, France, March 26-29, 2018, Proceedings.

Elastic ChatNoir: Search Engine for the ClueWeb and the Common Crawl.
CITEWERTs: A System Combining Cite-Worthiness with Citation Recommendation.
SIREN - Security Information Retrieval and Extraction eNgine.
YAKE! Collection-Independent Automatic Keyword Extractor.
A Micromodule Approach for Building Real-Time Systems with Python-Based Models: Application to Early Risk Detection of Depression on Social Media.
NOA: A Search Engine for Reusable Scientific Images Beyond the Life Sciences.
Content Based Weighted Consensus Summarization.
A Data Collection for Evaluating the Retrieval of Related Tweets to News Articles.
Entity Retrieval via Type Taxonomy Aware Smoothing.
On Refining Twitter Lists as Ground Truth Data for Multi-community User Classification.
Local Is Good: A Fast Citation Recommendation Approach.
Controlling Information Aggregation for Complex Question Answering.
Generating Adversarial Text Samples.
Stopword Detection for Streaming Content.
Classifying Short Descriptions of Past Events.
Active Search for High Recall: A Non-stationary Extension of Thompson Sampling.
ParsTime: Rule-Based Extraction and Normalization of Persian Temporal Expressions.
Towards a Unified Supervised Approach for Ranking Triples of Type-Like Relations.
Towards Maximising Openness in Digital Sensitivity Review Using Reviewing Time Predictions.
Simplified Hybrid Approach for Detection of Semantic Orientations in Economic Texts.
A Text Feature Based Automatic Keyword Extraction Method for Single Documents.
Improving Deep Learning for Multiple Choice Question Answering with Candidate Contexts.
A Study of an Automatic Stopping Strategy for Technologically Assisted Medical Reviews.
Topic-Association Mining for User Interest Detection.
Long-Span Language Models for Query-Focused Unsupervised Extractive Text Summarization.
Towards Measuring Content Coordination in Microblogs.
Towards an Understanding of Entity-Oriented Search Intents.
Collection-Document Summaries.
An Incremental Approach for Collaborative Filtering in Streaming Scenarios.
Generating High-Quality Query Suggestion Candidates for Task-Based Search.
Document Ranking Applied to Second Language Learning.
Neural Multi-step Reasoning for Question Answering on Semi-structured Tables.
Automated Assistance in E-commerce: An Approach Based on Category-Sensitive Retrieval.
To Cite, or Not to Cite? Detecting Citation Contexts in Text.
Proposing Contextually Relevant Quotes for Images.
ALF-200k: Towards Extensive Multimodal Analyses of Music Tracks and Playlists.
Inverted List Caching for Topical Index Shards.
Patient-Age Extraction for Clinical Reports Retrieval.
Concept Embedding for Information Retrieval.
Co-training for Extraction of Adverse Drug Reaction Mentions from Tweets.
A Meta-Evaluation of Evaluation Methods for Diversified Search.
On the Cost of Negation for Dynamic Pruning.
A Neural Passage Model for Ad-hoc Document Retrieval.
Topical Stance Detection for Twitter: A Two-Phase LSTM Model Using Attention.
Biomedical Question Answering via Weighted Neural Network Passage Retrieval.
Learning to Leverage Microblog Information for QA Retrieval.
Spatial Statistics of Term Co-occurrences for Location Prediction of Tweets.
An Optimization Approach for Sub-event Detection and Summarization in Twitter.
Efficient Context-Aware K-Nearest Neighbor Search.
Authorship Verification in the Absence of Explicit Features and Thresholds.
Active Learning Strategies for Technology Assisted Sensitivity Review.
Modeling Relevance Judgement Inspired by Quantum Weak Measurement.
T-Shaped Mining: A Novel Approach to Talent Finding for Agile Software Teams.
Cross-Lingual Document Retrieval Using Regularized Wasserstein Distance.
Statistical Stemmers: A Reproducibility Study.
Employing Document Embeddings to Solve the "New Catalog" Problem in User Targeting, and Provide Explanations to the Users.
Time-Aware Novelty Metrics for Recommender Systems.
Benefits of Using Symmetric Loss in Recommender Systems.
Explicit Modelling of the Implicit Short Term User Preferences for Music Recommendation.
Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Posts Using Density Matrix Representation.
Aggregating Neural Word Embeddings for Document Representation.
Spherical Paragraph Model.
Discriminative Path-Based Knowledge Graph Embedding for Precise Link Prediction.
On the Reproducibility and Generalisation of the Linear Transformation of Word Embeddings.
Indiscriminateness in Representation Spaces of Terms and Documents.
A Comparative Study of Native and Non-native Information Seeking Behaviours.
Investigating Result Usefulness in Mobile Search.
Information Scent, Searching and Stopping - Modelling SERP Level Stopping Behaviour.
Modelling Randomness in Relevance Judgments and Evaluation Measures.
Attention-Based Neural Text Segmentation.
Web2Text: Deep Structured Boilerplate Removal.
Affective Neural Response Generation.
Deep Learning for Detecting Cyberbullying Across Multiple Social Media Platforms.
A Hybrid Embedding Approach to Noisy Answer Passage Retrieval.
Bringing Back Structure to Free Text Email Conversations with Recurrent Neural Networks.
Reproducing a Neural Question Answering Architecture Applied to the SQuAD Benchmark Dataset: Challenges and Lessons Learned.
An Adversarial Joint Learning Model for Low-Resource Language Semantic Textual Similarity.
Choices in Knowledge-Base Retrieval for Consumer Health Search.
Multi-task Learning for Extraction of Adverse Drug Reaction Mentions from Tweets.
Medical Forum Question Classification Using Deep Learning.
Topic Lifecycle on Social Networks: Analyzing the Effects of Semantic Continuity and Social Communities.
Predicting Topics in Scholarly Papers.
Entity-Centric Topic Extraction and Exploration: A Network-Based Approach.