ecir 2022 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 44th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2022, Stavanger, Norway, April 10-14, 2022, Proceedings, Part II.

ECIR 2022 Tutorial: Technology-Assisted Review for High Recall Retrieval.
Information Extraction from Social Media: A Hands-On Tutorial on Tasks, Data, and Open Source Tools.
From Fundamentals to Recent Advances: A Tutorial on Keyphrasification.
Online Advertising Incrementality Testing: Practical Lessons, Paid Search and Emerging Challenges.
ROMCIR 2022: Overview of the 2nd Workshop on Reducing Online Misinformation Through Credible Information Retrieval.
Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval: 12th International BIR Workshop (BIR 2022).
Augmented Intelligence in Technology-Assisted Review Systems (ALTARS 2022): Evaluation Metrics and Protocols for eDiscovery and Systematic Review Systems.
The 5th International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts: Text2Story 2022.
Third International Workshop on Algorithmic Bias in Search and Recommendation (BIAS@ECIR2022).
End to End Neural Retrieval for Patent Prior Art Search.
Towards Explainable Search in Legal Text.
A Topical Approach to Capturing Customer Insight Dynamics in Social Media.
Medical Entity Linking in Laypersons' Language.
Multimodal Retrieval in E-Commerce - From Categories to Images, Text, and Back.
Evidence-Based Early Rumor Verification in Social Media.
Relevance Models Based on the Knowledge Gap.
Graph-Enhanced Document Representation for Court Case Retrieval.
Cognitive Information Retrieval.
An Entity-Oriented Approach for Answering Topical Information Needs.
Understanding and Learning from User Behavior for Recommendation in Multi-channel Retail.
Continually Adaptive Neural Retrieval Across the Legal, Patent and Health Domain.
eRisk 2022: Pathological Gambling, Depression, and Eating Disorder Challenges.
BioASQ at CLEF2022: The Tenth Edition of the Large-scale Biomedical Semantic Indexing and Question Answering Challenge.
The CLEF-2022 CheckThat! Lab on Fighting the COVID-19 Infodemic and Fake News Detection.
Advancing Math-Aware Search: The ARQMath-3 Lab at CLEF 2022.
The ChEMU 2022 Evaluation Campaign: Information Extraction in Chemical Patents.
LifeCLEF 2022 Teaser: An Evaluation of Machine-Learning Based Species Identification and Species Distribution Prediction.
ImageCLEF 2022: Multimedia Retrieval in Medical, Nature, Fusion, and Internet Applications.
LeQua@CLEF2022: Learning to Quantify.
Automatic Simplification of Scientific Texts: SimpleText Lab at CLEF-2022.
CLEF Workshop JOKER: Automatic Wordplay and Humour Translation.
Introducing the HIPE 2022 Shared Task: Named Entity Recognition and Linking in Multilingual Historical Documents.
Overview of Touché 2022: Argument Retrieval - Extended Abstract.
Overview of PAN 2022: Authorship Verification, Profiling Irony and Stereotype Spreaders, Style Change Detection, and Trigger Detection - Extended Abstract.
Leaf: Multiple-Choice Question Generation.
SolutionTailor: Scientific Paper Recommendation Based on Fine-Grained Abstract Analysis.
Turning News Texts into Business Sentiment.
Streamlining Evaluation with ir-measures.
INForex: Interactive News Digest for Forex Investors.
ALWars: Combat-Based Evaluation of Active Learning Strategies.
DocTAG: A Customizable Annotation Tool for Ground Truth Creation.
City of Disguise: A Query Obfuscation Game on the ClueWeb.
Patapasco: A Python Framework for Cross-Language Information Retrieval Experiments.
Tweet2Story: A Web App to Extract Narratives from Twitter.
DuoSearch: A Novel Search Engine for Bulgarian Historical Documents.
ranx: A Blazing-Fast Python Library for Ranking Evaluation and Comparison.
Multilingual Topic Labelling of News Topics Using Ontological Mapping.
Evaluating Simulated User Interaction and Search Behaviour.
What Matters for Shoppers: Investigating Key Attributes for Online Product Comparison.
Zero-Shot Recommendation as Language Modeling.
Comparing Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation of Sensitivity Classification.
How Different are Pre-trained Transformers for Text Ranking?
Question Rewriting? Assessing Its Importance for Conversational Question Answering.
Leveraging Customer Reviews for E-commerce Query Generation.
GameOfThronesQA: Answer-Aware Question-Answer Pairs for TV Series.
What Drives Readership? An Online Study on User Interface Types and Popularity Bias Mitigation in News Article Recommendations.
Leveraging Transformer Self Attention Encoder for Crisis Event Detection in Short Texts.
Less is Less: When are Snippets Insufficient for Human vs Machine Relevance Estimation?
Establishing Strong Baselines For TripClick Health Retrieval.
Identifying Suitable Tasks for Inductive Transfer Through the Analysis of Feature Attributions.
CARES: CAuse Recognition for Emotion in Suicide Notes.
Match Your Words! A Study of Lexical Matching in Neural Information Retrieval.
Enhanced Sentence Meta-Embeddings for Textual Understanding.
Temporal Event Reasoning Using Multi-source Auxiliary Learning Objectives.
Does Structure Matter? Leveraging Data-to-Text Generation for Answering Complex Information Needs.
Leveraging Content-Style Item Representation for Visual Recommendation.
How Can Graph Neural Networks Help Document Retrieval: A Case Study on CORD19 with Concept Map Generation.
Groupwise Query Performance Prediction with BERT.
Recommender Systems: When Memory Matters.
A Light-Weight Strategy for Restraining Gender Biases in Neural Rankers.
Evaluating the Use of Synthetic Queries for Pre-training a Semantic Query Tagger.
Towards Building Economic Models of Conversational Search.
Expert Finding in Legal Community Question Answering.
Passage Retrieval on Structured Documents Using Graph Attention Networks.
Improving BERT-based Query-by-Document Retrieval with Multi-task Optimization.