ecir 2022 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 44th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2022, Stavanger, Norway, April 10-14, 2022, Proceedings, Part I.

Seed-Driven Document Ranking for Systematic Reviews: A Reproducibility Study.
An Evaluation Study of Generative Adversarial Networks for Collaborative Filtering.
Squeezing Water from a Stone: A Bag of Tricks for Further Improving Cross-Encoder Effectiveness for Reranking.
Revisiting Popularity and Demographic Biases in Recommender Evaluation and Effectiveness.
Reproducing Personalised Session Search Over the AOL Query Log.
Another Look at DPR: Reproduction of Training and Replication of Retrieval.
Improving Query Representations for Dense Retrieval with Pseudo Relevance Feedback: A Reproducibility Study.
Automation of Citation Screening for Systematic Literature Reviews Using Neural Networks: A Replicability Study.
The Power of Anchor Text in the Neural Retrieval Era.
Consumer Fairness in Recommender Systems: Contextualizing Definitions and Mitigations.
Do Lessons from Metric Learning Generalize to Image-Caption Retrieval?
Multi-modal Sentiment and Emotion Joint Analysis with a Deep Attentive Multi-task Learning Model.
Goldilocks: Just-Right Tuning of BERT for Technology-Assisted Review.
Effective Rating Prediction Using an Attention-Based User Review Sentiment Model.
Topic Modeling on Podcast Short-Text Metadata.
Topic Aware Contextualized Embeddings for High Quality Phrase Extraction.
Joint Personalized Search and Recommendation with Hypergraph Convolutional Networks.
Adversarial Multi-task Model for Emotion, Sentiment, and Sarcasm Aided Complaint Detection.
Exploiting Document-Based Features for Clarification in Conversational Search.
Evaluating the Robustness of Retrieval Pipelines with Query Variation Generators.
Transfer Learning Approaches for Building Cross-Language Dense Retrieval Models.
Did I See It Before? Detecting Previously-Checked Claims over Twitter.
HC4: A New Suite of Test Collections for Ad Hoc CLIR.
RATE: A Reliability-Aware Tester-Based Evaluation Framework of User Simulators.
Bi-granularity Adversarial Training for Non-factoid Answer Retrieval.
WIDAR - Weighted Input Document Augmented ROUGE.
Extending CLIP for Category-to-Image Retrieval in E-Commerce.
Local Citation Recommendation with Hierarchical-Attention Text Encoder and SciBERT-Based Reranking.
Ensemble Model Compression for Fast and Energy-Efficient Ranking on FPGAs.
Continual Learning of Long Topic Sequences in Neural Information Retrieval.
Search Clarification Selection via Query-Intent-Clarification Graph Attention.
An Analysis of Variations in the Effectiveness of Query Performance Prediction.
Sentiment Guided Aspect Conditioned Dialogue Generation in a Multimodal System.
A Dependency-Aware Utterances Permutation Strategy to Improve Conversational Evaluation.
Influence-Based Deep Network for Next POIs Prediction.
Immediate Text Search on Streams Using Apoptosic Indexes.
Searching, Learning, and Subtopic Ordering: A Simulation-Based Analysis.
WANDS: Dataset for Product Search Relevance Assessment.
Incorporating Ranking Context for End-to-End BERT Re-ranking.
Out-of-Domain Semantics to the Rescue! Zero-Shot Hybrid Retrieval Models.
Validating Simulations of User Query Variants.
Exploring Entities in Event Detection as Question Answering.
Why Did You Not Compare with That? Identifying Papers for Use as Baselines.
Recommendation of Compatible Outfits Conditioned on Style.
PARM: A Paragraph Aggregation Retrieval Model for Dense Document-to-Document Retrieval.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Why Using the "Right" Readability Formula in Children's Web Search Matters.