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期刊简称 期刊全称 出版社 所属学科 CCF分级
TOCHI ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction ACM 人机交互与普适计算 A
IJHCS International Journal of Human Computer Studies Elsevier 人机交互与普适计算 A
CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work Springer 人机交互与普适计算 B
HCI Human Computer Interaction Taylor & Francis 人机交互与普适计算 B
THMS IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems IEEE 人机交互与普适计算 B
IWC Interacting with Computers Oxford University Press 人机交互与普适计算 B
IJHCI International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction Taylor & Francis 人机交互与普适计算 B
UMUAI User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction Springer 人机交互与普适计算 B
BIT Behaviour & Information Technology Taylor & Francis 人机交互与普适计算 C
PUC Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Springer 人机交互与普适计算 C
PMC Pervasive and Mobile Computing Elsevier 人机交互与普适计算 C