cikm 1998 论文列表

Proceedings of the 1998 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, November 3-7, 1998.

Providing Semantics for Indefinite Deductive Databases.
Modeling Time from a Conceptual Perspective.
Handling Temporal Grouping and Pattern-Matching Queries in a Temporal Object Model.
Temporal Granularity for Unanchored Temporal Data.
Layered Index Structures in Document Database Systems.
Sibling Clustering of Tree-Based Spatial Indexes for Efficient Spatial Query Processing.
Triple-Node Hierarchies for Object-Oriented Database Indexing.
Dynamic Restructuring of Transactional Workflow Activities: A Practical Implementation Method.
A Toggle Transaction Management Technique for Mobile Multidatabases.
Framboise - An Approach to Framework-Based Active Database Management System Construction.
An Iterative Approach for Rules and Data Allocation in Distributed Deductive Database Systems.
Iterated DFT Based Techniques for Join Size Estimation.
Selectivity Estimation of Window Queries.
An Analysis of the Structural Validity of Ternary Relatinships in Entity Relationship Modeling.
An Incremental Approach to Schema Integration by Refining Extensional Relationships.
SERF: Schema Evalution through an Extensible, Re-usable and Flexible Framework.
An Automatic Techniques for Detecting Type Conflicts in Database Schemes.
Multi-Resolution Indexing for Shape Images.
Image Similarity Retrieval by Spatial Constraints.
Efficient Repeating Pattern Finding in Music Databases.
Using Incremental Pruning to Increase the Efficiency of Dynamic Itemset Counting for Association Rules.
MALM: A Framework for Mining Sequence Database at Multiple Abstraction Levels.
Attribute Weighting: A Method of Applying Domain Knowledge in the Decision Tree Process.
Supporting Fast Search in Time Series for Movement Patterns in Multiple Scales.
Integrating Information from Multiple Independently Developed Data Sources.
Informia: A Mediator for Integrated Access to Heterogeneous Information Sources.
Querying Future Telecommunication Networks.
An Efficient Hierarchical Scheme for Locating Highly Mobile Users.
Static and Dynamic Information Organization with Star Clusters.
Clustering and Singular Value Decomposition for Approximate Indexing in High Dimensional Spaces.
Associated Biological Information Retrieval from Distributed Databases.
BROOM: Buffer Replacement using Online Optimization by Mining.
Continual Computation Policies for Utility-Directed Prefetching.
A Database Disk Buffer Management Algorithm Based on Prefetching.
Learning Fuzzy Knowledge from Training Examples.
A New On-Line Learning Algorithm for Adaptive Text Filtering.
Inductive Learning Algorithms and Representations for Text Categorization.
A Comparison of Regression, Neural Net, and Pattern Recognition Approaches to IR.
A Hierarchical Approach to the Automatic Categorization of Medical Documents.
Document Classification Using Multiword Features.
Memory Allocation Strategies for Complex Decision Support Queries.
Memory-Adaptive Scheduling for Large Query Execution.
Data Cube Approximation and Histograms via Wavelets.
Online Algorithms for Finding Profile Association Rules.
Dynamic Skew Handling in Parallel Mining of Association Rules.
Efficient Enumeration of Frequent Sequences.
Information Extraction from Case Low and Retrieval of Prior Cases by Partial Parsing and Query Generation.
Ontology-Based Extraction and Structuring of Information from Data-Rich Unstructured Documents.
Accurate User Directed Summarizatiion from Existing Tools.
Locating Passages Using a Case-Based of Excerpts.
Just-In-Time Databases and the World-Wide Web.
Incremental Maintenance for Dynamic Database-Derived HTML Pages in Digital Libraries.
Flexible List Management in a Directory.
Focusing Search in Hierarchical Structures with Directory Sets.