cikm 2019 论文列表

Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2019, Beijing, China, November 3-7, 2019.

BigScholar 2019: The 6th Workshop on Big Scholarly Data.
2nd Workshop on Knowledge-aware and Conversational Recommender Systems - KaRS.
International Workshop on Model Selection and Parameter Tuning in Recommender Systems.
GRLA 2019: The first International Workshop on Graph Representation Learning and its Applications.
CIKM 2019 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Transportation (AI in transportation).
EYRE 2019: 2nd International Workshop on EntitY REtrieval.
HENA 2019: The 3rd Workshop of Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis and Applications.
Knowledge-Driven Analytics and Systems Impacting Human Quality of Life.
DTMBIO 2019: The Thirteenth International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics.
Machine Learning on Graphs with Kernels.
Recommendation for Multi-stakeholders and through Neural Review Mining.
Realtime Object Detection via Deep Learning-based Pipelines.
Synergy of Database Techniques and Machine Learning Models for String Similarity Search and Join.
Recent Developments of Deep Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis.
Learning and Reasoning on Graph for Recommendation.
Learning-Based Methods with Human-in-the-Loop for Entity Resolution.
Taming Social Bots: Detection, Exploration and Measurement.
Enterprise Knowledge Graph From Specific Business Task to Enterprise Knowledge Management.
dEFEND: A System for Explainable Fake News Detection.
ReducE-Comm: Effective Inventory Reduction System for E-Commerce.
Model Asset eXchange: Path to Ubiquitous Deep Learning Deployment.
I-REX: A Lucene Plugin for EXplainable IR.
TuneR: Fine Tuning of Rule-based Entity Matchers.
BeLink: Querying Networks of Facts, Statements and Beliefs.
BIP! Finder: Facilitating Scientific Literature Search by Exploiting Impact-Based Ranking.
kBrowse: kNN Graph Browser.
Rehab-Path: Recommending Alcohol and Drug-free Routes.
On a Chatbot Conducting Virtual Dialogues.
PatMat: A Distributed Pattern Matching Engine with Cypher.
CurrentClean: Interactive Change Exploration and Cleaning of Stale Data.
SkyRec: Finding Pareto Optimal Groups.
Insta-Search: Towards Effective Exploration of Knowledge Graphs.
LuPe: A System for Personalized and Transparent Data-driven Decisions.
MiCRon: Making Sense of News via Relationship Subgraphs.
PRIVATA: Differentially Private Data Market Framework using Negotiation-based Pricing Mechanism.
MithraLabel: Flexible Dataset Nutritional Labels for Responsible Data Science.
SIMILANT: An Analytic Tool for Similarity Modeling.
Understanding Data in the Blink of an Eye.
TraVis: An Interactive Visualization System for Mining Inbound Traveler Activities by Leveraging Mobile Ad Request Data.
ExplIQuE: Interactive Databases Exploration with SQL.
ATENA: An Autonomous System for Data Exploration Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning.
Document in Context of its Time (DICT): Providing Temporal Context to Support Analysis of Past Documents.
PODIUM: Probabilistic Datalog Analysis via Contribution Maximization.
Inspect What Your Location History Reveals About You: Raising user awareness on privacy threats associated with disclosing his location data.
Learning Compositional, Visual and Relational Representations for CTR Prediction in Sponsored Search.
GMTL: A GART Based Multi-task Learning Model for Multi-Social-Temporal Prediction in Online Games.
Experimental Study of Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Models.
Multi-task based Sales Predictions for Online Promotions.
Concept Drift Adaption for Online Anomaly Detection in Structural Health Monitoring.
Adversarial Factorization Autoencoder for Look-alike Modeling.
Soft Frequency Capping for Improved Ad Click Prediction in Yahoo Gemini Native.
Fine-Grained Fuel Consumption Prediction.
Learning to Predict Human Stress Level with Incomplete Sensor Data from Wearable Devices.
Job2Vec: Job Title Benchmarking with Collective Multi-View Representation Learning.
How to Find It Better?: Cross-Learning for WeChat Mini Programs.
Deep Graph Similarity Learning for Brain Data Analysis.
Deep Learning for Blast Furnaces: Skip-Dense Layers Deep Learning Model to Predict the Remaining Time to Close Tap-holes for Blast Furnaces.
Document-Level Multi-Aspect Sentiment Classification for Online Reviews of Medical Experts.
Industry Specific Word Embedding and its Application in Log Classification.
Spam Review Detection with Graph Convolutional Networks.
Semantically Driven Auto-completion.
Matrix Factorization for Spatio-Temporal Neural Networks with Applications to Urban Flow Prediction.
Deep Dynamic Fusion Network for Traffic Accident Forecasting.
CityTraffic: Modeling Citywide Traffic via Neural Memorization and Generalization Approach.
MONOPOLY: Learning to Price Public Facilities for Revaluing Private Properties with Large-Scale Urban Data.
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Order-dispatching via Order-Vehicle Distribution Matching.
SDM: Sequential Deep Matching Model for Online Large-scale Recommender System.
Learning to be Relevant: Evolution of a Course Recommendation System.
Multi-Interest Network with Dynamic Routing for Recommendation at Tmall.
What You Look Matters?: Offline Evaluation of Advertising Creatives for Cold-start Problem.
Learning Adaptive Display Exposure for Real-Time Advertising.
Query-based Interactive Recommendation by Meta-Path and Adapted Attention-GRU.
Graph Representation Learning for Merchant Incentive Optimization in Mobile Payment Marketing.
Large-Scale Visual Search with Binary Distributed Graph at Alibaba.
Feature Enhancement via User Similarities Networks for Improved Click Prediction in Yahoo Gemini Native.
A Dynamic Default Prediction Framework for Networked-guarantee Loans.
System Deterioration Detection and Root Cause Learning on Time Series Graphs.
Learning to Advertise for Organic Traffic Maximization in E-Commerce Product Feeds.
Conceptualize and Infer User Needs in E-commerce.
Cross-domain Attention Network with Wasserstein Regularizers for E-commerce Search.
Autor3: Automated Real-time Ranking with Reinforcement Learning in E-commerce Sponsored Search Advertising.
Virtual ID Discovery from E-commerce Media at Alibaba: Exploiting Richness of User Click Behavior for Visual Search Relevance.
TianGong-ST: A New Dataset with Large-scale Refined Real-world Web Search Sessions.
A Sampling-Based System for Approximate Big Data Analysis on Computing Clusters.
Cost-effective Resource Provisioning for Spark Workloads.
Estimating the Number of Distinct Items in a Database by Sampling.
Shared-Nothing Distributed Enumeration of 2-Plexes.
Set Reconciliation with Cuckoo Filters.
Investigating the Learning Process in Job Search: A Longitudinal Study.
Caching Scores for Faster Query Processing with Dynamic Pruning in Search Engines.
Best Co-Located Community Search in Attributed Networks.
Session-based Search Behavior in Naturalistic Settings for Learning-related Tasks.
Towards More Usable Dataset Search: From Query Characterization to Snippet Generation.
Query Embedding Learning for Context-based Social Search.
Ontology-Mediated Queries over Probabilistic Data via Probabilistic Logic Programming.
Adversarial Structured Neural Network Pruning.
Adversarial Training of Gradient-Boosted Decision Trees.
On Heavy-user Bias in A/B Testing.
Finding a Maximum Clique in Dense Graphs via χ2 Statistics.
Adaptive Feature Redundancy Minimization.
Modeling Sentiment Evolution for Social Incidents.
NICE: Neural In-Hospital Cost Estimation from Medical Records.
Health Card Retrieval for Consumer Health Search: An Empirical Investigation of Methods.
Neural Gender Prediction in Microblogging with Emotion-aware User Representation.
DIRT: Deep Learning Enhanced Item Response Theory for Cognitive Diagnosis.
Incorporating Relation Knowledge into Commonsense Reading Comprehension with Multi-task Learning.
Neural Review Summarization Leveraging User and Product Information.
Sexual Harassment Story Classification and Key Information Identification.
Generating Paraphrase with Topic as Prior Knowledge.
Towards the Gradient Vanishing, Divergence Mismatching and Mode Collapse of Generative Adversarial Nets.
Approximate Definitional Constructs as Lightweight Evidence for Detecting Classes Among Wikipedia Articles.
Hybrid Deep Pairwise Classification for Author Name Disambiguation.
Unsupervised Concept Drift Detection with a Discriminative Classifier.
Enriching Pre-trained Language Model with Entity Information for Relation Classification.
Meta-GNN: On Few-shot Node Classification in Graph Meta-learning.
Large Margin Prototypical Network for Few-shot Relation Classification with Fine-grained Features.
Fine-Grained Product Categorization in E-commerce.
Intent Term Weighting in E-commerce Queries.
Neural Review Rating Prediction with User and Product Memory.
Query-bag Matching with Mutual Coverage for Information-seeking Conversations in E-commerce.
A Study of Context Dependencies in Multi-page Product Search.
QPIN: A Quantum-inspired Preference Interactive Network for E-commerce Recommendation.
Analysis of Adaptive Training for Learning to Rank in Information Retrieval.
Interactive Matching Network for Multi-Turn Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots.
A Lossy Compression Method on Positional Index for Efficient and Effective Retrieval.
A Unified Generation-Retrieval Framework for Image Captioning.
Cross-modal Image-Text Retrieval with Multitask Learning.
Cluster-Based Focused Retrieval.
Long- and Short-term Preference Learning for Next POI Recommendation.
Collaborative Analysis for Computational Risk in Urban Water Supply Systems.
Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional and Recurrent Networks for Citywide Passenger Demand Prediction.
Learning Traffic Signal Control from Demonstrations.
Heterogeneous Components Fusion Network for Load Forecasting of Charging Stations.
Labelling for Venue Visit Detection by Matching Wi-Fi Hotspots with Businesses.
Modeling Long-Range Context for Concurrent Dialogue Acts Recognition.
Gate-based Bidirectional Interactive Decoding Network for Scene Text Recognition.
Exploiting Multiple Embeddings for Chinese Named Entity Recognition.
On Novel Object Recognition: A Unified Framework for Discriminability and Adaptability.
Active Entity Recognition in Low Resource Settings.
Multi-view Moments Embedding Network for 3D Shape Recognition.
Multi-scale Trajectory Clustering to Identify Corridors in Mobile Networks.
ED2: A Case for Active Learning in Error Detection.
Additive Explanations for Anomalies Detected from Multivariate Temporal Data.
Time-Series Aware Precision and Recall for Anomaly Detection: Considering Variety of Detection Result and Addressing Ambiguous Labeling.
On Continuously Matching of Evolving Graph Patterns.
SpecAE: Spectral AutoEncoder for Anomaly Detection in Attributed Networks.
Towards Stochastic Simulations of Relevance Profiles.
Faster Algorithms for k-Regret Minimizing Sets via Monotonicity and Sampling.
Convolution-Consistent Collective Matrix Completion.
Fast Random Forest Algorithm via Incremental Upper Bound.
Deep Colorization by Variation.
Synergizing Local and Global Models for Matrix Approximation.
GPU-Accelerated Decoding of Integer Lists.
Motif Enhanced Recommendation over Heterogeneous Information Network.
Correcting for Recency Bias in Job Recommendation.
Session-based Recommendation with Hierarchical Memory Networks.
Data Poisoning Attacks on Cross-domain Recommendation.
CosRec: 2D Convolutional Neural Networks for Sequential Recommendation.
ARP: Aspect-aware Neural Review Rating Prediction.
Cross-Domain Recommendation via Preference Propagation GraphNet.
Using External Knowledge for Financial Event Prediction Based on Graph Neural Networks.
Long-short Distance Aggregation Networks for Positive Unlabeled Graph Learning.
Neighborhood Interaction Attention Network for Link Prediction.
Fast Approximations of Betweenness Centrality with Graph Neural Networks.
Knowledge-aware Textual Entailment with Graph Attention Network.
Deep Prototypical Networks for Imbalanced Time Series Classification under Data Scarcity.
Towards Explainable Representation of Time-Evolving Graphs via Spatial-Temporal Graph Attention Networks.
Time Series Prediction with Interpretable Data Reconstruction.
DSANet: Dual Self-Attention Network for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting.
Real-time Edge Repartitioning for Dynamic Graph.
Query-Specific Knowledge Summarization with Entity Evolutionary Networks.
Integrating Multi-Network Topology via Deep Semi-supervised Node Embedding.
Similarity-Aware Network Embedding with Self-Paced Learning.
Geometric Estimation of Specificity within Embedding Spaces.
Tensor Decomposition-based Node Embedding.
Scalable Manifold-Regularized Attributed Network Embedding via Maximum Mean Discrepancy.
Spotting Terrorists by Learning Behavior-aware Heterogeneous Network Embedding.
A Compare-Aggregate Model with Latent Clustering for Answer Selection.
Fine-Grained Geolocalization of User-Generated Short Text based on Weight Probability Model.
Feature Selection for Facebook Feed Ranking System via a Group-Sparsity-Regularized Training Algorithm.
NAD: Neural Network Aided Design for Textile Pattern Generation.
LinkRadar: Assisting the Analysis of Inter-app Page Links via Transfer Learning.
MarlRank: Multi-agent Reinforced Learning to Rank.
An Explainable Deep Fusion Network for Affect Recognition Using Physiological Signals.
Datalog Reasoning over Compressed RDF Knowledge Bases.
Aspect and Opinion Aware Abstractive Review Summarization with Reinforced Hard Typed Decoder.
Machine Reading Comprehension: Matching and Orders.
Interpretable MTL from Heterogeneous Domains using Boosted Tree.
Understanding Default Behavior in Online Lending.
Learning from Dynamic User Interaction Graphs to Forecast Diverse Social Behavior.
Social Cards Probably Provide For Better Understanding Of Web Archive Collections.
Exploring The Interaction Effects for Temporal Spatial Behavior Prediction.
Rating Mechanisms for Sustainability of Crowdsourcing Platforms.
Unsupervised Representation Learning of Spatial Data via Multimodal Embedding.
CoRide: Joint Order Dispatching and Fleet Management for Multi-Scale Ride-Hailing Platforms.
Path Travel Time Estimation using Attribute-related Hybrid Trajectories Network.
Learning Phase Competition for Traffic Signal Control.
Forecasting Pavement Performance with a Feature Fusion LSTM-BPNN Model.
Active Collaborative Sensing for Energy Breakdown.
PRNet: Outdoor Position Recovery for Heterogenous Telco Data by Deep Neural Network.
Learning to Effectively Estimate the Travel Time for Fastest Route Recommendation.
CoLight: Learning Network-level Cooperation for Traffic Signal Control.
STAR: Spatio-Temporal Taxonomy-Aware Tag Recommendation for Citizen Complaints.
Leveraging Graph Neighborhoods for Efficient Inference.
Towards Effective and Interpretable Person-Job Fitting.
BePT: A Behavior-based Process Translator for Interpreting and Understanding Process Models.
Interpretable Multiple-Kernel Prototype Learning for Discriminative Representation and Feature Selection.
Scalable Causal Graph Learning through a Deep Neural Network.
A Dynamic Product-aware Learning Model for E-commerce Query Intent Understanding.
Patterns of Search Result Examination: Query to First Action.
How Does BERT Answer Questions?: A Layer-Wise Analysis of Transformer Representations.
Accounting for Temporal Dynamics in Document Streams.
In2Rec: Influence-based Interpretable Recommendation.
NActSeer: Predicting User Actions in Social Network using Graph Augmented Neural Network.
Tracking Top-k Influential Users with Relative Errors.
Social-Aware VR Configuration Recommendation via Multi-Feedback Coupled Tensor Factorization.
Emotional Contagion-Based Social Sentiment Mining in Social Networks by Introducing Network Communities.
A Modular Adversarial Approach to Social Recommendation.
Efficient Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Estimating Higher Order Spectra.
Automatic Sequential Pattern Mining in Data Streams.
HiCAN: Hierarchical Convolutional Attention Network for Sequence Modeling.
Locally Slope-based Dynamic Time Warping for Time Series Classification.
Towards Accurate and Interpretable Sequential Prediction: A CNN & Attention-Based Feature Extractor.
Dynamic Bayesian Metric Learning for Personalized Product Search.
Improving Web Image Search with Contextual Information.
GRIP: Multi-Store Capacity-Optimized High-Performance Nearest Neighbor Search for Vector Search Engine.
Identifying Facet Mismatches In Search Via Micrographs.
Analyzing the Effects of Document's Opinion and Credibility on Search Behaviors and Belief Dynamics.
Generative Question Refinement with Deep Reinforcement Learning in Retrieval-based QA System.
Reinforcement Learning with Sequential Information Clustering in Real-Time Bidding.
Order-free Medicine Combination Prediction with Graph Convolutional Reinforcement Learning.
A Multi-Scale Temporal Feature Aggregation Convolutional Neural Network for Portfolio Management.
Context-Aware Ranking by Constructing a Virtual Environment for Reinforcement Learning.
What Can History Tell Us?
Instagrammers, Fashionistas, and Me: Recurrent Fashion Recommendation with Implicit Visual Influence.
Leveraging Ratings and Reviews with Gating Mechanism for Recommendation.
Semi-Supervised Learning for Cross-Domain Recommendation to Cold-Start Users.
A Spatio-temporal Recommender System for On-demand Cinemas.
Recommender System Using Sequential and Global Preference via Attention Mechanism and Topic Modeling.
DTCDR: A Framework for Dual-Target Cross-Domain Recommendation.
Candidate Generation with Binary Codes for Large-Scale Top-N Recommendation.
DBRec: Dual-Bridging Recommendation via Discovering Latent Groups.
HAES: A New Hybrid Approach for Movie Recommendation with Elastic Serendipity.
A Hierarchical Self-Attentive Model for Recommending User-Generated Item Lists.
Attributed Multi-Relational Attention Network for Fact-checking URL Recommendation.
A Dynamic Co-attention Network for Session-based Recommendation.
Adaptive Feature Sampling for Recommendation with Missing Content Feature Values.
BERT4Rec: Sequential Recommendation with Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer.
Message Passing for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs.
Adapting Visual Question Answering Models for Enhancing Multimodal Community Q&A Platforms.
Commonsense Properties from Query Logs and Question Answering Forums.
Emotion-aware Chat Machine: Automatic Emotional Response Generation for Human-like Emotional Interaction.
Attentive History Selection for Conversational Question Answering.
An Interactive Mechanism to Improve Question Answering Systems via Feedback.
ConCET: Entity-Aware Topic Classification for Open-Domain Conversational Agents.
Legal Summarization for Multi-role Debate Dialogue via Controversy Focus Mining and Multi-task Learning.
A Latent-Constrained Variational Neural Dialogue Model for Information-Rich Responses.
A Hybrid Retrieval-Generation Neural Conversation Model.
Practical Access Pattern Privacy by Combining PIR and Oblivious Shuffle.
Privacy Preserving Approximate K-means Clustering.
Privacy-preserving Crowd-guided AI Decision-making in Ethical Dilemmas.
Achieve Privacy-Preserving Truth Discovery in Crowdsensing Systems.
Privacy-Preserving Tensor Factorization for Collaborative Health Data Analysis.
Offline and Online Satisfaction Prediction in Open-Domain Conversational Systems.
Into the Battlefield: Quantifying and Modeling Intra-community Conflicts in Online Discussion.
Exploring Multi-Objective Exercise Recommendations in Online Education Systems.
Detecting Malicious Accounts in Online Developer Communities Using Deep Learning.
Interactive Variance Attention based Online Spoiler Detection for Time-Sync Comments.
Adaptive Algorithms for Estimating Betweenness and k-path Centralities.
Balance in Signed Bipartite Networks.
Selecting the Optimal Groups: Efficiently Computing Skyline k-Cliques.
FLEET: Butterfly Estimation from a Bipartite Graph Stream.
Discovering Interesting Cycles in Directed Graphs.
Robust Embedded Deep K-means Clustering.
Automatic Construction of Multi-layer Perceptron Network from Streaming Examples.
AutoInt: Automatic Feature Interaction Learning via Self-Attentive Neural Networks.
Dynamic Collaborative Recurrent Learning.
CamDrop: A New Explanation of Dropout and A Guided Regularization Method for Deep Neural Networks.
Imbalance Rectification in Deep Logistic Regression for Multi-Label Image Classification Using Random Noise Samples.
Attention-Residual Network with CNN for Rumor Detection.
Regularizing Deep Neural Networks by Ensemble-based Low-Level Sample-Variances Method.
ResumeGAN: An Optimized Deep Representation Learning Framework for Talent-Job Fit via Adversarial Learning.
Sentiment Lexicon Enhanced Neural Sentiment Classification.
Multi-Turn Response Selection in Retrieval-Based Chatbots with Iterated Attentive Convolution Matching Network.
Federated Topic Modeling.
A Semantics Aware Random Forest for Text Classification.
Hierarchical Multi-label Text Classification: An Attention-based Recurrent Network Approach.
Beyond word2vec: Distance-graph Tensor Factorization for Word and Document Embeddings.
Interactive Multi-Grained Joint Model for Targeted Sentiment Analysis.
Sentiment Commonsense Induced Sequential Neural Networks for Sentiment Classification.