cikm 2021 论文列表

From Data to Models and Back - 9th International Symposium, DataMod 2020, Virtual Event, October 20, 2020, Revised Selected Papers.

Handshape Classification in a Reverse Dictionary of Sign Languages for the Deaf.
Deriving Performance Measures of Workflow in Radiation Therapy from Real-Time Data.
Semantic Annotations in Clinical Guidelines.
Evaluating Trace Encoding Methods in Process Mining.
Query Rewriting on Path Views Without Integrity Constraints.
A Formal Model for the Simulation and Analysis of Early Biofilm Formation.
Analysis of COVID-19 Data with PRISM: Parameter Estimation and SIR Modelling.
A Formal Model for Emulating the Generation of Human Knowledge in Semantic Memory.
A Simulation Study on Demand Disruptions and Limited Resources for Healthcare Provision.
Discovering the Impact of Notifications on Social Network Addiction.
A Simulation-Based Approach for the Behavioural Analysis of Cancer Pathways.
STDI-Net: Spatial-Temporal Network with Dynamic Interval Mapping for Bike Sharing Demand Prediction.
Exploring Graph-Based Neural Networks for Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation.
Synthesis and Pruning as a Dynamic Compression Strategy for Efficient Deep Neural Networks.