cikm 2020 论文列表

Proceedings of the CIKM 2020 Workshops co-located with 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2020), Galway, Ireland, October 19-23, 2020.

Data Privacy in Journalistic Knowledge Platforms.
Challenges and Opportunities for Journalistic Knowledge Platforms.
Lifting News into a Journalistic Knowledge Platform.
Extracting Complex Information from Natural Language Text: A Survey.
Characterizing COVID-19 Misinformation Communities Using a Novel Twitter Dataset.
Investigating Online Toxicity in Users Interactions with the Mainstream Media Channels on YouTube.
The Ebb and Flow of the COVID-19 Misinformation Themes.
False News Classification and Dissemination: The case of the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election.
Epidemiology Inspired Framework for Fake News Mitigationin Social Networks.
Embedding Partial Propagation Network for Fake News Early Detection.
Too Many Claims to Fact-Check: Prioritizing Political Claims Based on Check-Worthiness.
Challenges in Combating COVID-19 Infodemic - Data, Tools, and Ethics.
#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica: Rumour Analysis on Twitter During COVID-19.
Frailty Detection using Presence in a Room.
Matching the Clinical Reality: Accurate OCT-Based Diagnosis From Few Labels.
Graph Analytics on Proximity Data to Fight Contagion.
CNN based Parkinson's Disease Assessment using Empirical Mode Decomposition.
Evaluation Framework for Context-aware Speaker Recognition in Noisy Smart Living Environments.
On Analyzing the Household Energy Consumption Detection for Citizen Behavioral Analysis Carbon Footprint Awareness by Deep Residual Networks.
Performance Prediction of Elementary School Students in Search Tasks.
NLP for Student and Teacher: Concept for an AI based Information Literacy Tutoring System.
Conversational Interfaces for Search As Learning.
Visualizing and Quantifying Vocabulary Learning During Search.
Assessing the Impact of an Online Inquiry Teaching Intervention on Sixth Graders' Search Performance.
How to Support Search Activity of Users Without Prior Domain Knowledge When They are Solving Learning Tasks?
Working Towards the Ideal Search History Interface.
Modeling Knowledge Change Behaviors in Learning-related Tasks.
The Other Side of the Same Coin: From Learning-centric Search Systems to Search-centric Learning Systems.
Information Retrieval from Hypermedia, with a Navigable Overview, at the End of Primary School.
Classification of Important Segments in Educational Videos using Multimodal Features.
ESSTER at the EYRE 2020 Entity Summarization Task.
Improving Spare Part Search for Maintenance Services using Topic Modelling.
An Anonymiser Tool for Sensitive Graph Data.
WalkingTime: Dynamic Graph Embedding Using Temporal-Topological Flows.
Learning with Temporal Knowledge Graphs.
Leveraging a Domain Ontology in (Neural) Learning from Heterogeneous Data.
Neuro-symbolic Visual Reasoning for Multimedia Event Processing: Overview, Prospects and Challenges.
An Adaptive Semantic Stream Reasoning Framework for Deep Neural Networks.
Simplifying Architecture Search for Graph Neural Network.
Creative Storytelling with Language Models and Knowledge Graphs.
Symbolic Vs Sub-symbolic AI Methods: Friends or Enemies?
More is not Always Better: The Negative Impact of A-box Materialization on RDF2vec Knowledge Graph Embeddings.
LatentVis: Investigating and Comparing Variational Auto-Encoders via Their Latent Space.
OptiLIME: Optimized LIME Explanations for Diagnostic Computer Algorithms.
Now You See Me (CME): Concept-based Model Extraction.
Guided-LIME: Structured Sampling based Hybrid Approach towards Explaining Blackbox Machine Learning Models.