cikm 1999 论文列表

Proceedings of the 1999 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, November 2-6, 1999.

Archiving Telemeetings.
Adaptive Information Filtering: Detecting Changes in Text Streams.
A Learning Approach to Processor Allocation in Parallel Systems.
Graph-Based Object-Oriented Approach for Structural and Behavioral Representation of Multimedia Data.
From Object Evolution to Object Emergence.
Incremental Encoding of Multiple Inheritance Hierarchies.
A Self-Organized File Cabinet.
A Multiple-Resolution Method for Edge-Centric Data Clustering.
Clustering Transactions Using Large Items.
A Probabilistic Description-Oriented Approach for Categorizing Web Documents.
An Automated Approach for Retrieving Hierarchical Data from HTML Tables.
Word Segmentation and Recognition for Web Document Framework.
Spatial Match Representation Scheme Supporting Ranking in Iconic Images Databases.
A Comparison of Alternative Continuous Display Techniques with Heterogeneous Multi-Zone Disks.
Architecture of a Networked Image Search and Retrieval System.
Information Integration with Attributio Support for Corporate Profiles.
Haystack: Per-User Information Environments.
An Adaptive Algorithm for Learning Changes in User Interests.
Quality of Service Transferred to Information Retrieval: The Adaptive Information Retrieval System.
Performance and Implications of Semantic Indexing in a Distributed Environment.
An Effective Mechanism for Index Update in Structured Documents.
Efficient Refreshment of Materialized Views with Multiple Sources.
Obsolescent Materialized Views in Query Processing of Enterprise Information Systems.
Towards Data Warehouse Design.
Indexing Techniques for Wireless Data Broadcast Under Data Clustering and Scheduling.
Clustering Declustered Data for Efficient Retrieval.
Indexing field values in field oriented systems: interval Quadtree.
A Unified Environment for Fusion of Information Retrieval Approaches.
Practical evaluation of IR within automated classification systems.
A General Language Model for Information Retrieval.
An Adaptive View Element Framework for Multi-Dimensional Data Management.
Updates and View Maintenance in Soft Real-Time Database Systems.
Self Maintenance of Multiple Views in Data Warehousing.
Queryable Acyclic Production Systems.
Page Access Scheduling in Join Processing.
Rule-Based Query Optimization, Revisited.
SemQL: A Semantic Query Language for Multidatabase Systems.
Incremental and Interactive Sequence Mining.
Using Domain Knowledge in Knowledge Discovery.
Efficient Mining of Association Rules in Text Databases.
Mining Inter-Transaction Associations with Templates.
Efficient and Effective Metasearch for a Large Number of Text Databases.
Architecture of a Metasearch Engine That Supports User Information Needs.
ZBroker: A Query Routing Broker for Z39.50 Databases.
Browsing Large Digital Library Collections Using Classification Hierarchies.
Ontology-Based Web Site Mapping for Information Exploration.
Yahoo! As an Ontology: Using Yahoo! Categories to Describe Documents.
Extending Complex Ad-Hoc OLAP.
Requirement-Based Data Cube Schema Design.
A Horizontal Fragmentation Algorithm for the Fact Relation in a Distributed Data Warehouse.
Metadata and Data Structures for the Historical Newspaper Digital Library.
Indexing and Retrieval of Scientific Literature.
Database Model for Web-Based Cooperative Applications.
Text Classification Using ESC-based Stochastic Decision Lists.
Classification Algorithms for NETNEWS Articles.
Task-Oriented World Wide Web Retrieval by Document Type Classification.
Discovering Quasi-Equivalence Relationships from Database Systems.
Extracting Semi-Structured Data Through Examples.
Automatically Extracting Structure and Data from Business Reports.
Semantic Caching via Query Matching for Web Sources.
Local Replication for Proxy Web Caches with Hash Routing.
Ready for Prime Time: Pre-Generation of Web Pages in TIScover.
Training a Selection Function for Extraction.
A Method of Geographical Name Extraction from Japanese Text for Thematic Geographical Search.
Extracting Significant Time Varying Features from Text.
Binary String Relations: A Foundation for Spatiotemporal Knowledge Representation.
Transformation-Based Spatial Join.
Simple QSF-Trees: An Efficient and Scalable Spatial Access Method.
A Practitioners' View of Techniques Used in Data Warehousing for Sifting Through Data to Provide Information.
Searching the Web: Can You Find What You Want?