cikm 2000 论文列表

Proceedings of the 2000 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, McLean, VA, USA, November 6-11, 2000.

Collaborative Proxy System for Distributed Web Content Transcoding.
WebCQ: Detecting and Delivering Information Changes on the Web.
Rule-Assisted Prefetching in Web-Server Caching.
A Comparative Study of Log-Only and In-Place Update Based Temporal Object Database Systems.
A Comparison of DFT and DWT based Similarity Search in Time-Series Databases.
Index Interpolation: An Approach to Subsequence Matching Supporting Normalization Transform in Time-Series Databases.
A Market-based Resource Management and QoS Support Framework for Distributed Multimedia Systems.
Theoretical Foundations of Schema Restructuring in Heterogeneous Multidatabase Systems.
A Query based Approach for Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources.
Extensible Perfect Hashing.
The Webspace Method: On the Integration of Database Technology with Multimedia Retrieval.
Retrieval from Captioned Image Databases Using Natural Language Processing.
Sequence Mining in Categorical Domains: Incorporating Constraints.
Using Wavelet Decomposition to Support Progressive and Approximate Range-Sum Queries over Data Cubes.
Extending OLAP Querying to External Object Databases.
On Efficient Storage Space Distribution Among Materialized Views and Indices in Data Warehousing Environments.
Language Models for Financial News Recommendation.
A Distributed Multi-Agent System for Collaborative Information Management and Sharing.
First Story Detection In TDT Is Hard.
Query Optimization Using An Improved Genetic Algorithm.
Data Replication for External Searching in Static Tree Structures.
Polar: An Architecture for a Parallel ODMG Compliant Object Database.
A Meta Model and an Infrastructure for the Non-Transparent Replication of Object Databases.
An Access Control Model for Video Database Systems.
Visual Query and Analysis Tool of the Object-Relational GIS Framework.
n23Tool: a Tool for Exploring Large Relational Data Sets Through 3D Dynamic Projections.
Supporting Subseries Nearest Neighbor Search via Approximation.
Using Star Clusters for Filtering.
High Performance Clustering Based on the Similarity Join.
Discovery of Similarity Computations of Search Engines.
Collection Selection and Results Merging with Topically Organized U.S. Patents and TREC Data.
DEADLINER: Building a New Niche Search Engine.
On Equivalence of Queries in Uncertain Databases.
A Visual Tool for Structuring and Modeling Organizational Memories.
Learning to Extract Hierarchical Information from Semi-structured Documents.
Semantic Search on Internet Tabular Information Extraction for Answering Queries.
Persistence of information on the web: Analyzing citations contained in research articles.
Personal Ontologies for Web Navigation.
Dimensionality Reduction and Similarity Computation by Inner Product Approximations.
The Subspace Coding Method: A New Indexing Scheme for High-Dimensional Data.
Vector Approximation based Indexing for Non-uniform High Dimensional Data Sets.
Space Efficient Bitmap Indexing.
Learning a Monolingual Language Model from a Multilingual Text Database.
Retrieving Descriptive Phrases from Large Amounts of Free Text.
Automatically Summarising Web Sites - Is There A Way Around It?
Creating and Evaluating Multi-Document Sentence Extract Summaries.
Sampling from Databases Using B+-Trees.
Structural Join Index Driven Complex Object Retrieval: Mechanisms and Selection.
Object and Query Transformation: Supporting Multi-Dimensional Queries through Code Reuse.
Elicitations Queries to the Excite Web Search Engine.
Models for Reader Interaction with Texts.
Relevance and Reinforcement in Interactive Browsing.
Indexing Inheritance and Aggregation.
Maintaining Views in Object-relational Databases.
Estimating Nested Selectivity in Object-Oriented Databases.
Analyzing the Effectiveness and Applicability of Co-training.
An Improved Boosting Algorithm and its Application to Text Categorization.
Boosting for Document Routing.
A Framework for Modeling Buffer Replacement Strategies.
A Framework for Designing Update Objects to Improve Server Scalability in Intermittently Synchronized Databases.
SAIU: An Efficient Cache Replacement Policy for Wireless On-demand Broadcasts.
Dynamic Generation of Data Broadcasting Programs for a Broadcast Disk Array.
A Semi-Supervised Document Clustering Technique for Information Organization.
Clustering Through Decision Tree Construction.
Fast Supervised Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm with Applications to Document Categorization & Retrieval.
Scalable association-based text classification.
Digital Libraries: Extending and Applying Library and Information Science and Technology.
A relevant research agenda for the decision support industry.