cikm 2001 论文列表

Proceedings of the 2001 ACM CIKM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 5-10, 2001.

What Can Researches Do to Improve Security of Data and Documents?.
XML, the WEB and Database Functionality?.
Ordinal Association Rules for Error Identification in Data Sets.
A Domain Independent Environment for Creating Information Extraction Modules.
Reorganizing Web Sites Based on User Access Patterns.
Advances in Phonetic Word Spotting.
Discovering the Representative of a Search Engine.
A Statistical Model for Scientific Readability.
A Clustering Algorithm for Asymmetrically Related Data with Applications to Text Mining.
Real Time User Context Modeling for Information Retrieval Agents.
Information Access in Implicit Culture Framework.
Faciliating Knowledge Flow through the Enterprise.
A Performance Comparison of bitmap indexes.
Algorithm for Discovering Multivalued Dependencies.
O-PreH: Optimistic Transaction Processing Algorithm based on Pre-Reordering in Hybrid Broadcast Environments.
Dynamic Versioning Concurrency Control for Index-Based Data Access in Main Memory Database Systems.
Advanced Grouping and Aggregation for Data Integration.
Document Release versus Data Access Controls: Two Sides of the Same Coin?.
Self-Managing Technology in IBM DB2 Universal Database.
The Enosys Markets Data Integration Platform: Lessons from the Trenches.
Question Answering in TREC.
Summarization of Discussion Groups.
Recent Developments in Text Summarization.
Towards Speech as a Knowledge Resource.
FOCI: Flexible Organizer for Competitive Intelligence.
Tempus Fugit: A System for Making Semantic Connections.
Irregularity in Multi-Dimensional Space-Filling Curves with Applications in Multimedia Databases.
Content-Based Retrieval of MP3 Music Objects.
Finding Similar Images Quickly Using Object Shapes.
Automatic Discovery of Salient Segments in Imperfect Speech Transcripts.
Mining Generalised Disjunctive Association Rules.
Rapid Association Rule Mining.
Efficient Runtime Generation of Association Rules.
An Optimal Construction of Invalidation Reports for Mobile Databases.
Scaling Replica Maintenance In Intermittently Synchronized Mobile Databases.
Caching Constrained Mobile Data.
Binary Interpolation Search for Solution Mapping on Broadcast and On-demand Channels in a Mobile Computing Environment.
Relevance Score Normalization for Metasearch.
Automatic Query Expansion Based on Divergence.
PowerDB-IR - Information Retrieval on Top of a Database Cluster.
Model-based Feedback in the Language Modeling Approach to Information Retrieval.
SVM Binary Classifier Ensembles for Image Classification.
Learning Probabilistic Datalog Rules for Information Classification and Transformation.
SQL Database Primitives for Decision Tree Classifiers.
Bootstrapping for Example-Based Data Extraction.
Summarization as Feature Selection for Text Categorization.
Improved String Matching Under Noisy Channel Conditions.
Efficient Incremental View Maintenance in Data Warehouses.
Dynamic and Hierarchical Spatial Access Method using Integer Searching.
Index Filtering and View Materialization in ROLAP Environment.
Termination Analysis of Active Rules Modular Sets.
Alternative Representations and Abstractions for Moving Sensors Databases.
Managing Trust in a Peer-2-Peer Information System.
A Near Optimal Algorithm for Generating Broadcast Programs on Multiple Channels.
Effective Arabic-English Cross-Language Information Retrieval via Machine-Readable Dictionaries and Machine Translation.
Automatic Recognition of Distinguishing Negative Indirect History Language in Judicial Opinions.
Mining the Web to Create Minority Language Corpora.
Efficient and Robust Feature Extraction and Pattern Matching of Time Series by a Lattice Structure.
Sliding-Window Filtering: An Efficient Algorithm for Incremental Mining.
Prefix-Querying: An Approach for Effective Subsequence Matching Under Time Warping in Sequence Databases.
Evaluation of Item-Based Top-N Recommendation Algorithms.
Selecting Relevant Instances for Efficient and Accurate Collaborative Filtering.
A Music Recommendation System Based on Music Data Grouping and User Interests.
Joint Optimization of Cost and Coverage of Query Plans in Data Integration.
How Foreign Function Integration Conquers Heterogeneous Query Processing.
Predicting the Cost-Quality Trade-Off for Information Retrieval Queries: Facilitating Database Design and Query Optimization.
Exploiting A Controlled Vocabulary to Improve Collection Selection and Retrieval Effectiveness.
Approaches to Collection Selection and Results Merging for Distributed Information Retrieval.
The Effectiveness of Query Expansion for Distributed Information Retrieval.
Structural Proximity Searching for Large Collections of Semi-Structured Data.
X007: Applying 007 Benchmark to XML Query Processing Tool.
Structural Inference for Semistructured Data.
Induction of Integrated View for XML Data with Heterogeneous DTDs.
Mining the Web for Answers to Natural Language Questions.
Using navigation Data to Improve IR functions in the Context of Web Search.
Merging Techniques for Performing Data Fusion on the Web.
Keeping Found Things Found on the Web.
Using LSI for Text Classification in the Presence of Background Text.
Text Classification in a Hierarchical Mixture Model for Small Training Sets.
Combining Multiple Classifiers for Text Categorization.
Mining Confident Rules Without Support Requirement.
Multi-Dimensional Sequential Pattern Mining.
Approximately Common Patterns in Shared-Forests.
A Relational Algebra for Data/Metadata Integration in a Federated Database System.
Towards a Visual Query Interface for Phylogenetic Databases.
Exposing the Vagueness of Query Results on Partly Inaccessible Databases.
Extracting Meaningful Labels for WEBSOM Text Archives.
Evaluating Document Clustering for Interactive Information Retrieval.
Bipartite Graph Partitioning and Data Clustering.
Query-Sensitive Similarity Measures for the Calculation of Interdocument Relationships.
Effective Nearest Neighbor Indexing with the Euclidean Metric.
Efficient Processing of Conical Queries.