cikm 2007 论文列表

9th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (WIDM 2007), Lisbon, Portugal, November 9, 2007.

Satya: a reputation-based approach for service discovery and selection in service oriented architectures.
On improving wikipedia search using article quality.
Detecting age of page content.
Using neighbors to date web documents.
Web based linkage.
Pattern detection from web using AFA set theory.
Adaptive web-page content identification.
Extracting the discussion structure in comments on news-articles.
An online PPM prediction model for web prefetching.
Mining user navigation patterns for personalizing topic directories.
Toward editable web browser: edit-and-propagate operation for web browsing.
Supporting personalized top-k skyline queries using partial compressed skycube.
Load balancing distributed inverted files.
Self-optimizing block transfer in web service grids.
Distributed monitoring of peer to peer systems.
Data allocation scheme based on term weight for P2P information retrieval.
FleDEx: flexible data exchange.
An approach to XML path matching.
Evaluation of datalog extended with an XPath predicate.
XCentric: logic programming for XML processing.