cikm 1993 论文列表

CIKM 93, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Washington, DC, USA, November 1-5, 1993.

A New Approach to Knowledge Acquisition by Repertory Grids.
Representation and Interpretation of Fuzzy Information.
Building Concept Hierarchies for Schema Integration in HDDBS Using Incremental Concept Formation.
Performance Evaluation of MAX - the Maintenance Administrator Expert System.
Adjusting the Performance of an Information Retrieval System.
A Method of Using Semijoins to Optimizing Queries with ADT Functions.
Query Optimization and Processing in Federated Database Systems.
A Model for Developing Large Shared Knowledge Bases.
Knowledge Discovery in Reaction Databases.
Adaptive Transaction Scheduling.
Concurrency Control in Federated Databases: A Dynamic Approach.
On the Development of a site Selection Optimizer for Distributed and Parallel Database Systems.
Precision Locking Algorithm for Nested Transactions Systems.
A Recovery Scheme for Multidatabase Systems.
Distributed Constraint Management for Collaborative Engineering Databases.
Efficient Availability Mechanisms in Distributed Databases Systems.
Tools for View Generation in Object-Oriented Databases.
ERC++: A Conceptual Data Model Based on Object and Logic Paradigms.
Object Identity and Dimension Alignment in Parametric Databases.
Value Propagation in Object-Oriented Database Part Hierarchies.
The OODB Path-Method Generator (PMG) Using Precomputed Access Relevance.
Locking Objects and Classes in Multiversion Object-Oriented Databases.
Temporal Database Modeling: An Object-Oriented Approach.
Towards the Design and Development of a New Model for Geographic Information Systems.
Analogical Reasoning for Knowledge Discovery in a Molecular Biology Database.
A Knowledge-Based Patient Data Acquisition System for Primary Care Medicine.
The Design and Implementation of an Expert Object-Oriented Geographic Database Model.
Automated Cataloging and Analysis of Sky Survey Image Databases: The SKICAT System.
Collection Oriented Match.
FunBase: A Function-based Information Management System.
Queries, Constraints, Updates and Transactions Within a Logic-Based Language.
On Packing R-trees.
An Information Model for Use in Software Management Estimation and Prediction.
Data Mining of Multi-dimensional Remotely Sensed Images.
Interoperable Query Processing with Multiple Heterogeneous Knowledge Servers.
Optimization of Object Queries Containing Encapsulated Methods.
Speculative Query Evaluation over Databases of Plans.
Multiple Query Optimization with Depth-First Branch-and-Bound and Dynamic Query Ordering.
Reformulating Query Plans for Multidatabase Systems.
Projection-Propagation in Complex-Object Query Languages.
An Extensible Query Model and Its Languages for a Uniform Behavioral Object Management System.
An Object-Oriented Model for Image Information Representation.
An Object-Oriented Database for the Display Measurement and Analysis System.
Model-driven Hypermedia Access to Weather Information.
Browsing and Querying in Object-Oriented Database.
Interface Support for Data Archaeology.
Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interfaces for Interactive Database Applications.
Normalizing Knowledge Objects.
Enchancing Knowledge Processing in Client/Server Environments.
Experiments on Multi-Strategy Learning by Meta-Learning.
Learning Bayesian Classification Rules through Genetic Algorithms.
Separating Semantics from Representation in a Temporal Object Database Domain.
Multi-media RISSC Informatics: Retrieval of Information with Simple Structural Components (Part I: The Architecture).
A Hypothesis Refinement Method for Summary Discovery in Databases.
HYKIS - An Information Retrieval System Based on a Hybrid Knowledge Base.
Translating Description Logics to Information Server Queries.
Termination and Confluence of Rule Execution.
Hybrid Pattern Recognition System Capable of Self-Modification.
Genetic Algorithms for Modelling, Design, and Process Control.
On Modeling and Controlling Intelligent Systems.
HSGIMS - A Secure High-Speed Tool with Bound Search Times for Transparently Managing and Manipulating Information.
Adaptive Query Optimization in a Deductive Database System.
Efficient Maintenance of Rule-Derived Data through Join Pattern Indexing.
Development and Evaluation of an Application in a Deductive Environment.
Active Rules in Deductive Databases.
Rule Validation Based on Logical Deduction.
A Dynamic Knowledge Based Approach to the Problem of Deduction in a Non-Statistical Multilevel Secure Database.
Generating a Dynamic Hypertext Environment with n-gram Analysis.
Text-Hypertext Mutual Conversion and Hypertext Interchange through SGML.
Facilitating the Creation of a Multiple Index on Graph-Described Documents by Transforming Their Descriptions.
PALKA: A System for Lexical Knowledge Acquisition.
A Data Dictionary as a Lexicon: An Application of Linguistics in Information Systems.
Using Cases to Represent Context for Text Classification.
Storage Management for Knowledge Bases.
An Integrated Approach to Quality Assurance of Expert System Knowledge Bases.
An Information Model for Human Genome Map Representation and Assembly.
Word Sense Disambiguation for Free-text Indexing Using a Massive Semantic Network.
Binary Relationship Imposition Rules on Ternary Relationships.
A Way to Compare Objects.
Quick and Incomplete Responses: The Semantic Approach.
Properties of Networked Information Retrieval with ALIBI.
Statistical Inference of Unknown Attribute Values in Databases.
InfoCrystal: A Visual Tool for Information Retrieval & Management.
On the Duality of Distributed Databases and Distributed AI Systems.