cikm 2008 论文列表

Proceeding of the 2nd ACM workshop on Improving Non English Web Searching, iNEWS 2008, Napa Valley, California, USA, October 30, 2008.

Cross-lingual query classification: a preliminary study.
Baseline for Urdu IR evaluation.
Issues in searching for Indian language web content.
Measuring search engine quality in image queries in 10 non-English languages: an exploratory study.
LearnLexTo: a machine-learning based word segmentation for indexing Thai texts.
How do Greeks search the web?: a query log analysis study.
Experiments with English-Persian text retrieval.
A study of using an out-of-box commercial MT system for query translation in CLIR.
Query selection for improved Greek web searches.
Automatic query structuring from sentences for Japanese web retrieval.
Indexing and retrieval of a Greek corpus.
Corrupted queries in Spanish text retrieval: error correction vs. N-Grams.
Named entity transliteration for cross-language information retrieval using compressed word format mapping algorithm.
Mining conceptual graphs for knowledge acquisition.
Using English information in non-English web search.
Towards an error-free Arabic stemming.
Efficient multi-word expressions extractor using suffix arrays and related structures.