cikm 2008 论文列表

Proceeding of the 2008 ACM Workshop on Search in Social Media, SSM 2008, Napa Valley, California, USA, October 30, 2008.

Purpose tagging: capturing user intent to assist goal-oriented social search.
Leveraging social context for searching social media.
Mirroring your web presence.
Towards a model of understanding social search.
What should blog search look like?
Creating tag hierarchies for effective navigation in social media.
Topological analysis of an online social network for older adults.
Tag-geotag correlation in social networks.
Efficient sampling of information in social networks.
Explorations in tag suggestion and query expansion.
Tag data and personalized information retrieval.
Tree, funny, to_read, google: what are tags supposed to achieve? a comparative analysis of user keywords for different digital resource types.
Socialtagger - collaborative tagging for blogs in the long tail.
Similarity cross-analysis of tag / co-tag spaces in social classification systems.
Challenges in searching social media.