cikm 2009 论文列表

DOLAP 2009, ACM 12th International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP, Hong Kong, China, November 6, 2009, Proceedings.

View usability and safety for the answering of top-k queries via materialized views.
LMDQL: link-based and multidimensional query language.
Query recommendations for OLAP discovery driven analysis.
Consistency-aware evaluation of OLAP queries in replicated data warehouses.
Generating data quality rules and integration into ETL process.
Cardinality estimation in ETL processes.
pygrametl: a powerful programming framework for extract-transform-load programmers.
Defining ETL worfklows using BPMN and BPEL.
Automatic generation of ETL processes from conceptual models.
A taxonomy of ETL activities.
A comprehensive approach to data warehouse testing.
Dimension table driven approach to referential partition relational data warehouses.
Discovering functional dependencies for multidimensional design.