cikm 2009 论文列表

Proceeding of the ACM First International Workshop on Complex Networks Meet Information & Knowledge Management, CIKM-CNIKM 2009, Hong Kong, China, November 6, 2009.

A mobile tourist assistance and recommendation system based on complex networks.
Hydra: a hybrid recommender system [cross-linked rating and content information].
Collaborative filtering using random neighbours in peer-to-peer networks.
Self-organizing peer-to-peer networks for collaborative document tracking.
Role of weak ties in link prediction of complex networks.
Trust relationship prediction using online product review data.
Potential collaboration discovery using document clustering and community structure detection.
Fast centrality approximation in modular networks.
An analysis of information diffusion in the blog world.
On optimising personal network size to manage information flow.
Community mining on dynamic weighted directed graphs.
Group CRM: a new telecom CRM framework from social network perspective.
Networks, communities and kronecker products.