cikm 2010 论文列表

Proceedings of the third workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval, ESAIR 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 30, 2010.

Exploiting hierarchical tags for context-awareness.
Modeling betweenness for question answering.
A semantic annotation framework for retrieving and analyzing observational datasets.
A tool for ontology-editing and ontology-based information exploration.
Search by strategy.
Generating document summaries from user annotations.
Application of semantic annotations to predicting users' demographics.
SQR: a semantic query rating scheme.
Tagging for improved semantic interpretation of XML.
Creating software models with semantic annotation.
On the definition of patterns for semantic annotation.
Is formalizing events necessary for full exploitation.
Cross language information retrieval based on concept base and language grid.
Semantic annotations in clinical documentation: exploring potentials for future information retrieval.
Semantic annotations for digital investigations.
The crucial role of semantic discovery and markup in geo-temporal search.
The surplus value of semantic annotations.
Questions to be asked & answered as to NLP's role in improving semantic annotation.