cikm 2010 论文列表

Proceedings of the Third Ph.D. Workshop on Information and Knowledge Management, PIKM 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 30, 2010.

Modeling a trust cloud context.
A multi-functional architecture addressing workflow and service challenges using provenance data.
A secure pervasive health care system using location dependent unicast key generation scheme.
Toward the design of a methodology to predict relevance through multiple sources of evidence.
Probabilistic ranking for relational databases based on correlations.
Identifying the challenges for optimizing the process to achieve reproducible results in e-science applications.
Entity classification by bag of Wikipedia articles.
Leveraging natural language processing of clinical narratives for phenotype modeling.
A decision support system for green data centers.
From exploratory search to web search and back.
Research proposal for distributed deep web search.
Quality factory and quality notification service in data warehouse.
Efficient algorithms based on relational queries to mine frequent graphs.
Adaptive query processing in data stream management systems under limited memory resources.
Annotations: dynamic semantics in stream processing.