cikm 1995 论文列表

CIKM '95, Proceedings of the 1995 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, November 28 - December 2, 1995, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Detection and Resolution of Deadlocks in Distributed Database Systems.
Using Speculation to Reduce Server Load and Service Time on the WWW.
Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Data Allocation Strategies in A Distributed Database with Changing Workloads.
Error Propagation in Distributed Databases.
A Distributed Deadlock Detection and Resolution Algorithm Based on A Hybrid Wait-for Graph and Probe Generation Scheme.
The Characteristics of Digital Video and Considerations of Designing Video Databases.
Long-Duration Transaction Support in Design Databases.
Information Synthesis in Statistical Databases.
Application of Knowledge Base Design Techniques to Genetic Markers.
A Declarative Formalization of Knowledge Translation.
Levels of Reasoning as the Basis for a Formalisation of Argumentation.
Using Resolution for Extending KL-ONE-type Languages.
On the Generation of Aggregated Random Spatial Regions.
A General Method for Spatial Reasoning in Spatial Databases.
Algebraic Query Languages on Temporal Databases with Multiple Time Granularities.
Experimenting with Temporal Relational Databases.
Towards Supporting Hard Schema Changes in TSE.
On Isolation, Concurrency, and the Venus Rule Language.
Effective Clustering of Objects Stored by Linear Hashing.
MessageWorld: A New Approach to Facilitating Asynchronous Group Communications.
Consortium: A Framework for Transaction Collaborative Environments.
Transaction-oriented Work-flow Concepts in Inter-Organizational Environments.
Taxonomic and Uncertain Integrity Constraints in Object-Oriented Databases - the TOP Approach.
Semantics of an Extended Relational Model for Managing Uncertain Information.
An Extensible Classifier for Semi-Structured Documents.
Learning Subjective Relevance to Facilitate Information Access.
Automatic Thesaurus Construction Using Bayesian Networks.
An Intelligent Agent for High-Precision Text Filtering.
Scheduling and Mapping for Parallel Execution of Extended SQL Queries.
An Extensible Query Optimizer for an Objectbase Management System.
Dynamic Retrieval of Remote Digital Objects.
SortTables: A Browser for a Digital Library.
On the Update of Term Weights in Dynamic Information Retrieval Systems.
Query Processing for Knowledge Bases Using Join Indices.
Semantic Query Processing in Object-Oriented Databases Using Deductive Approach.
Computation of Partial Query Results Using An Adaptive Stratified Sampling Technique.
PERF Join: An Alternative to Two-way Semijoin and Bloomjoin.
A Configurable Approach for Object Sharing Among Multidatabase Systems.
The Semantic Matrix Model (SMM): A Knowledge Based Solution to Semantic Homogeneity in Multidatabases.
A Semantic Meta-Modeling Approach to Schema Transformation.
The Distributed Interoperable Object Model and Its Application to Large-scale Interoperable Database Systems.
Data Broadcasting Strategies over Multiple Unreliable Wireless Channels.
An Efficient and Reliable Reservation Algorithm for Mobile Transactions.
Parallel Execution of Integrity Constraint Checks.
Run-Time Parallelization of Sequential Database Programs.
A New Parallel Signature File Method for Efficient Information Retrieval.
Enhanced Nested-Inherited Index for OODBMS.
The Index Suggestion Problem for Object Database Applications.
Using Linguistic and Discourse Structures to Derive Topics.
The Role of Domain Knowledge in Data Mining.
Efficient Parallel and Data Mining for Association Rules.
Research Problems in Data Warehousing.
Mining Knowledge at Multiple Concept Levels.
Electronic Catalogs: a Technology Overview and Survey Results.
An Extensible Knowledge Base Management System for Supporting Rule-based Interoperability among Heterogeneous Systems.