cikm 1996 论文列表

GIS '96, Proceedings of the fourth ACM workshop on Advances on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, November 15-16, 1996, Rockville, Maryland, USA.

Reconstruction of Geological Structures from Heterogeneous and Sparse Data.
The GeoOOA-Tool and Its Interface to Open Software Development Environments for GIS.
Fuzzy Effectiveness Evaluation for Intelligent User Interfaces to GIS Visualization.
The Linked ArcView 2.1 and XGobi Environment - GIS, Dynamic Statistical Graphics, and Spatial Data.
A Presentation Language for GIS Cadastral Data.
Querying and Visualization of Geometric Data.
Variable Resolution Operators on a Multiresolution Terrain Model.
Transaction Synchronization in Multiresolation Spatial Databases.
Hierarchical Reasoning about Direction Relations.
Towards Declarative GIS Analysis.
An Automated Inference Approach to Network Derivation for AM/FM/GIS Systems.
Two Phase Query Processing with Fuzzy Approximations.
Nested Maps - A Formal, Provably Correct Object Model for Spatial Aggregates.
Scientific Modeling Using Distributed Resources.
A "Roads" Data Model: A Necessary Component for Feature-Based Map Generalization.
Mapping a Common Geoscientific Object Model to Heterogeneous Spatial Data Repositories.
Towards a Model Relating DTM Accuracy to JPEG Compression Ratio.
Parallel Processing of Nearest Neighbor Queries in Declustered Spatial Data.
Parallel Neighbourhood Modelling.
Cascaded Spatial Join Algorithms with Spatially Sorted Output.
Path Queries for Transportation Networks: Dynamic Reordering and Sliding Window Paging Techniques.
A Hybrid Split Strategy for k-d-Tree Based Access Structures.