cikm 2014 论文列表

Proceedings of the ACM 8th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics, DTMBIO@CIKM 2014, Shanghai, China, November 7, 2014.

TILD: A Strategy to Identify Cancer-related Genes Using Title Information in Literature Data.
Detecting Phosphorylation Determined Active Protein Interaction Network during Cancer Development by Robust Network Component Analysis.
Construction of Multi-level Networks Incorporating Molecule, Cell, Organ and Phenotype Properties for Drug-induced Phenotype Prediction.
Visualization of Zoomable Network for Multi-Compounds and Multi-Targets Analysis.
Mining Context-Specific Rules from the Literature for Virtual Human Model Simulation.
Integrative Database for Exploring Compound Combinations of Natural Products for Medical Effects.
Mining the Main Health Trend of the General Public based on Opinion Mining of Korean Blogsphere.
Inferring Undiscovered Public Knowledge by Using Text Mining-driven Graph Model.
A Display of Conceptual Structures in the Epidemiologic Literature.
An Exploration of the Collaborative Networks for Clinical and Academic Domains in AIDS Research: A Spatial Scientometric Approach.
Grounded Feature Selection for Biomedical Relation Extraction by the Combinative Approach.
Identification of a Specific Base Sequence of Pathogenic E. Coli through a Genomic Analysis.
Identification of Genomic Features in the Classification of Loss- and Gain-of-Function Mutation: [Extended Abstract].
Identifying Cancer Subtypes based on Somatic Mutation Profile.
Identification of Coexpressed Gene Modules across Multiple Brain Diseases by a Biclustering Analysis on Integrated Gene Expression Data.
Inference of Disease E3s from Integrated Functional Relation Network.
Discriminatory Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease through pathway Activity inference in the Resting-State brain.
Systematic Identification of Context-dependent Conflicting Information in Biological Pathways.
Injury Narrative Text Classification: A Preliminary Study.
Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Based on the Combination of Regional and Global Text Features.
Entity Linking for Biomedical Literature.
Parsing Clinical Text: How Good are the State-of-the-Art Parsers?