cikm 2014 论文列表

Proceedings of the 23rd ACM International Conference on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2014, Shanghai, China, November 3-7, 2014.

Web-KR 2014: The 5th International Workshop on Web-scale Knowledge Representation, Retrieval and Reasoning.
PSBD 2014: Overview of the 1st International Workshop on Privacy and Security of Big Data.
PIKM 2014: The 7th ACM Workshop for Ph.D. Students in Information and Knowledge Management.
LocWeb'14 - 4th International Workshop on Location and the Web: CIKM 2014 Workshop Summary.
Seventh Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval (ESAIR'14): CIKM 2014 Workshop.
DUBMOD14 - International Workshop on Data-driven User Behavioral Modeling and Mining from Social Media.
DTMBIO 2014: International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics.
CONDOR: A System for CONstraint DiscOvery and Repair.
Exploring Document Collections with Topic Frames.
GTE-Rank: Searching for Implicit Temporal Query Results.
SmartVenues: Recommending Popular and Personalised Venues in a City.
Manual Annotation of Semi-Structured Documents for Entity-Linking.
DEESSE: entity-Driven Exploratory and sErendipitous Search SystEm.
AMiner-mini: A People Search Engine for University.
MeowsReader: Real-Time Ranking and Filtering of News with Generalized Continuous Top-k Queries.
RecLand: A Recommender System for Social Networks.
RApID: A System for Real-time Analysis of Information Diffusion in Twitter.
iMiner: Mining Inventory Data for Intelligent Management.
Clairvoyant: An Early Prediction System For Video Hits.
Knowledge Management for Keyword Search over Data Graphs.
VFDS: An Application to Generate Fast Sample Databases.
TwinChat: A Twitter and Web User Interactive Chat System.
TweetMogaz v2: Identifying News Stories in Social Media.
TensorDB: In-Database Tensor Manipulation with Tensor-Relational Query Plans.
Negative FaceBlurring: A Privacy-by-Design Approach to Visual Lifelogging with Google Glass.
WiiCluster: a Platform for Wikipedia Infobox Generation.
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Finding Expert Teams by CrewScout.
Keeping You in the Loop: Enabling Web-based Things Management in the Internet of Things.
Cleanix: A Big Data Cleaning Parfait.
Accelerometer-based Activity Recognition on Smartphone.
AESTHETICS: Analytics with Strings, Things, and Cats.
A Demonstration of SearchonTS: An Efficient Pattern Search Framework for Time Series Data.
Building and Exploring Dynamic Topic Models on the Web.
Faceted Exploring for Domain Knowledge over Linked Open Data.
CoDEM: An Ingenious Tool of Insight into Community Detection in Social Networks.
INK: A Cloud-Based System for Efficient Top-k Interval Keyword Search.
Adaptive Pairwise Preference Learning for Collaborative Recommendation with Implicit Feedbacks.
A Bootstrapping Based Refinement Framework for Mining Opinion Words and Targets.
Exploit Latent Dirichlet Allocation for One-Class Collaborative Filtering.
Constrained Question Recommendation in MOOCs via Submodularity.
Identifying Latent Study Habits by Mining Learner Behavior Patterns in Massive Open Online Courses.
Modeling Retail Transaction Data for Personalized Shopping Recommendation.
Entity Oriented Task Extraction from Query Logs.
A Problem-Action Relation Extraction Based on Causality Patterns of Clinical Events in Discharge Summaries.
Enterprise Discussion Analysis.
Unsupervised Feature Selection for Multi-View Clustering on Text-Image Web News Data.
Dynamic Clustering of Contextual Multi-Armed Bandits.
Nonlinear Classification via Linear SVMs and Multi-Task Learning.
Improving Recommendation Accuracy by Combining Trust Communities and Collaborative Filtering.
Using Local Information to Significantly Improve Classification Performance.
CONR: A Novel Method for Sentiment Word Identification.
Semantic Topology.
A Meta-reasoner to Rule Them All: Automated Selection of OWL Reasoners Based on Efficiency.
Ranking Sentiment Explanations for Review Summarization Using Dual Decomposition.
What is the Shape of a Cluster?: Structural Comparisons of Document Clusters.
Non-independent Cascade Formation: Temporal and Spatial Effects.
Multi-document Hyperedge-based Ranking for Text Summarization.
Aligning Vertical Collection Relevance with User Intent.
Generalized Bias-Variance Evaluation of TREC Participated Systems.
A Generative Model for Generating Relevance Labels from Human Judgments and Click-Logs.
Spatial Verification for Scalable Mobile Image Retrieval.
Sparse Semantic Hashing for Efficient Large Scale Similarity Search.
Log-Bilinear Document Language Model for Ad-hoc Information Retrieval.
Query Performance Prediction By Considering Score Magnitude and Variance Together.
Exploring Shared Subspace and Joint Sparsity for Canonical Correlation Analysis.
Succinct Queries for Linking and Tracking News in Social Media.
How People Use the Web in Large Indoor Spaces.
Axiomatic Analysis of Cross-Language Information Retrieval.
Query Performance Prediction for Aspect Weighting in Search Result Diversification.
Vertical-Aware Click Model-Based Effectiveness Metrics.
Revisiting the Divergence Minimization Feedback Model.
GPQ: Directly Optimizing Q-measure based on Genetic Programming.
Probabilistic Classifier Chain Inference via Gibbs Sampling.
Supervised Hashing with Soft Constraints.
Exploiting Knowledge Structure for Proximity-aware Movie Retrieval Model.
Size and Source Matter: Understanding Inconsistencies in Test Collection-Based Evaluation.
Identification of Answer-Seeking Questions in Arabic Microblogs.
Identifying Time Intervals of Interest to Queries.
Modelling Complex Relevance Spaces with Copulas.
On the Importance of Venue-Dependent Features for Learning to Rank Contextual Suggestions.
Parameter Tuning with User Models: Influencing Aggregate User Behavior in Cluster Based Retrieval Systems.
Medical Semantic Similarity with a Neural Language Model.
Head First: Living Labs for Ad-hoc Search Evaluation.
CLIR for Informal Content in Arabic Forum Posts.
Phrase Query Optimization on Inverted Indexes.
Simple Arabic Stemmer.
Exploring Tag-Free RFID-Based Passive Localization and Tracking via Learning-Based Probabilistic Approaches.
Scalable Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage for Multiple Databases.
Travel distance versus navigation complexity: a study on different spatial queries on road networks.
Forest-Based Dynamic Sorted Neighborhood Indexing for Real-Time Entity Resolution.
Tell Me What You Want and I Will Tell Others Where You Have Been.
Towards Efficient Dissemination of Linked Data in the Internet of Things.
Indexing Linked Data in a Wireless Broadcast System with 3D Hilbert Space-Filling Curves.
Distance or Coverage?: Retrieving Knowledge-Rich Documents From Enterprise Text Collections.
Hashcube: A Data Structure for Space- and Query-Efficient Skycube Compression.
Hotspot Detection in a Service-Oriented Architecture.
MapReduce Triangle Enumeration With Guarantees.
Component Detection in Directed Networks.
Scalable Vaccine Distribution in Large Graphs given Uncertain Data.
On Efficient Meta-Level Features for Effective Text Classification.
Exploring Features for Complicated Objects: Cross-View Feature Selection for Multi-Instance Learning.
A Fresh Look on Knowledge Bases: Distilling Named Events from News.
Canonicalizing Open Knowledge Bases.
Cross-Device Search.
Query-Driven Mining of Citation Networks for Patent Citation Retrieval and Recommendation.
Relationship Emergence Prediction in Heterogeneous Networks through Dynamic Frequent Subgraph Mining.
Modelling Relevance towards Multiple Inclusion Criteria when Ranking Patients.
Compact Auxiliary Dictionaries for Incremental Compression of Large Repositories.
Analytical Performance Modeling for Top-K Query Processing.
Document Prioritization for Scalable Query Processing.
Time-sensitive Personalized Query Auto-Completion.
Truth Discovery in Data Streams: A Single-Pass Probabilistic Approach.
Fast Heuristics for Near-Optimal Task Allocation in Data Stream Processing over Clusters.
Aroma: A New Data Protection Method with Differential Privacy and Accurate Query Answering.
PraDa: Privacy-preserving Data-Deduplication-as-a-Service.
Pushing the Envelope in Graph Compression.
Within-Network Classification Using Radius-Constrained Neighborhood Patterns.
Efficient Subgraph Skyline Search Over Large Graphs.
Sampling Triples from Restricted Networks using MCMC Strategy.
Customized Organization of Social Media Contents using Focused Topic Hierarchy.
Searching Locally-Defined Entities.
A Word-Scale Probabilistic Latent Variable Model for Detecting Human Values.
Cross-Modality Submodular Dictionary Learning for Information Retrieval.
Competitive Game Designs for Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Crowdsourcing.
"Picture the scene...";: Visually Summarising Social Media Events.
Modelling and Detecting Changes in User Satisfaction.
Understanding Within-Content Engagement through Pattern Analysis of Mouse Gestures.
An Appliance-Driven Approach to Detection of Corrupted Load Curve Data.
Deal or deceit: detecting cheating in distribution channels.
SharkDB: An In-Memory Column-Oriented Trajectory Storage.
Robust and Skew-resistant Parallel Joins in Shared-Nothing Systems.
Tracking Temporal Dynamics of Purchase Decisions via Hierarchical Time-Rescaling Model.
Exploring Legal Patent Citations for Patent Valuation.
PatentDom: Analyzing Patent Relationships on Multi-View Patent Graphs.
Towards Pathway Variation Identification: Aligning Patient Records with a Care Pathway.
Sequential Action Patterns in Collaborative Ontology-Engineering Projects: A Case-Study in the Biomedical Domain.
Predicting the Popularity of Online Serials with Autoregressive Models.
Analysis of Physical Activity Propagation in a Health Social Network.
Twitter Opinion Topic Model: Extracting Product Opinions from Tweets by Leveraging Hashtags and Sentiment Lexicon.
What a Nasty Day: Exploring Mood-Weather Relationship from Twitter.
Transfer Understanding from Head Queries to Tail Queries.
Verifiable UML Artifact-Centric Business Process Models.
Exploring Ensemble of Models in Taxonomy-based Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification.
Data/Feature Distributed Stochastic Coordinate Descent for Logistic Regression.
Distributed Stochastic ADMM for Matrix Factorization.
Computing Multi-Relational Sufficient Statistics for Large Databases.
Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: Towards Cross-System Malware Information Sharing.
On Independence Atoms and Keys.
RC-NET: A General Framework for Incorporating Knowledge into Word Representations.
Scalable Distributed Belief Propagation with Prioritized Block Updates.
Structure Learning via Parameter Learning.
Understanding the Sparsity: Augmented Matrix Factorization with Sampled Constraints on Unobservables.
Fair Allocation in Online Markets.
A Flexible Framework for Projecting Heterogeneous Data.
Model Selection with the Covering Number of the Ball of RKHS.
Robust Principal Component Analysis with Missing Data.
Online User Location Inference Exploiting Spatiotemporal Correlations in Social Streams.
Active Learning for Streaming Networked Data.
GI-NMF: Group Incremental Non-Negative Matrix Factorization on Data Streams.
Fast, Accurate, and Space-efficient Tracking of Time-weighted Frequent Items from Data Streams.
Microblog Topic Contagiousness Measurement and Emerging Outbreak Monitoring.
A Cross-Lingual Joint Aspect/Sentiment Model for Sentiment Analysis.
EgoCentric: Ego Networks for Knowledge-based Short Text Classification.
Concept-based Short Text Classification and Ranking.
Supervised Nested PageRank.
Ranking Optimization with Constraints.
Focused Crawling for Structured Data.
Semantic Compositionality in Tree Kernels.
Automatic Social Circle Detection Using Multi-View Clustering.
People Search within an Online Social Network: Large Scale Analysis of Facebook Graph Search Query Logs.
Tagging Your Tweets: A Probabilistic Modeling of Hashtag Annotation in Twitter.
Time-Aware Rank Aggregation for Microblog Search.
Efficient Filter Approximation Using the Earth Mover's Distance in Very Large Multimedia Databases with Feature Signatures.
Efficient Static and Dynamic In-Database Tensor Decompositions on Chunk-Based Array Stores.
Estimating the Number and Sizes of Fuzzy-Duplicate Clusters.
DFD: Efficient Functional Dependency Discovery.
Faceted Search over Ontology-Enhanced RDF Data.
Domain Cartridge: Unsupervised Framework for Shallow Domain Ontology Construction from Corpus.
A Practical Fine-grained Approach to Resolving Incoherent OWL 2 DL Terminologies.
Towards Consistency Checking over Evolving Ontologies.
Recognizing Humor on Twitter.
Latent Aspect Mining via Exploring Sparsity and Intrinsic Information.
How Many Folders Do You Really Need?: Classifying Email into a Handful of Categories.
Generative Modeling of Entity Comparisons in Text.
From Skimming to Reading: A Two-stage Examination Model for Web Search.
Extending Faceted Search to the General Web.
Supporting Complex Search Tasks.
Narrow or Broad?: Estimating Subjective Specificity in Exploratory Search.
Efficient Probabilistic Supergraph Search Over Large Uncertain Graphs.
Distributed Graph Summarization.
CAST: A Context-Aware Story-Teller for Streaming Social Content.
SocialTransfer: Transferring Social Knowledge for Cold-Start Cowdsourcing.
HGMF: Hierarchical Group Matrix Factorization for Collaborative Recommendation.
Dual-Regularized One-Class Collaborative Filtering.
Increasing the Responsiveness of Recommended Expert Collaborators for Online Open Projects.
Exploiting Geographical Neighborhood Characteristics for Location Recommendation.
"Strength Lies in Differences": Diversifying Friends for Recommendations through Subspace Clustering.
Similarity Search using Concept Graphs.
NCR: A Scalable Network-Based Approach to Co-Ranking in Question-and-Answer Sites.
Ranking-based Clustering on General Heterogeneous Information Networks by Network Projection.
Focusing Decomposition Accuracy by Personalizing Tensor Decomposition (PTD).
Improving Co-Cluster Quality with Application to Product Recommendations.
On Building Decision Trees from Large-scale Data in Applications of On-line Advertising.
Graph-based Point-of-interest Recommendation with Geographical and Temporal Influences.
Modeling Topic Diffusion in Multi-Relational Bibliographic Information Networks.
Active Exploration in Networks: Using Probabilistic Relationships for Learning and Inference.
Sketch-based Influence Maximization and Computation: Scaling up with Guarantees.
Query Augmentation based Intent Matching in Retail Vertical Ads.
Search Result Diversification via Filling Up Multiple Knapsacks.
Effect of Intent Descriptions on Retrieval Evaluation.
Online Exploration for Detecting Shifts in Fresh Intent.
Re-call and Re-cognition in Episode Re-retrieval: A User Study on News Re-finding a Fortnight Later.
Predicting Search Task Difficulty at Different Search Stages.
Improving Tail Query Performance by Fusion Model.
An Eye-tracking Study of User Interactions with Query Auto Completion.
The Effects of Vertical Rank and Border on Aggregated Search Coherence and Search Behavior.
Semantic Approximate Keyword Query Based on Keyword and Query Coupling Relationship Analysis.
Pattern Match Query in a Large Uncertain Graph.
SemStore: A Semantic-Preserving Distributed RDF Triple Store.
Robust Entity Linking via Random Walks.
High Impact Academic Paper Prediction Using Temporal and Topological Features.
Mining and Planning Time-aware Routes from Check-in Data.
Maximizing Multi-scale Spatial Statistical Discrepancy.
Truth Discovery in Crowdsourced Detection of Spatial Events.
Multi-task Sparse Structure Learning.
Multi-task Multi-view Learning for Heterogeneous Tasks.
A Cross-modal Multi-task Learning Framework for Image Annotation.
Enabling Precision/Recall Preferences for Semi-supervised SVM Training.
Modeling Paying Behavior in Game Social Networks.
Learning a Linear Influence Model from Transient Opinion Dynamics.
Identifying Your Customers in Social Networks.
Controllable Information Sharing for User Accounts Linkage across Multiple Online Social Networks.
Question Retrieval with High Quality Answers in Community Question Answering.
Social Book Search Reranking with Generalized Content-Based Filtering.
Improving Term Weighting for Community Question Answering Search Using Syntactic Analysis.
Mining Semi-Structured Online Knowledge Bases to Answer Natural Language Questions on Community QA Websites.
Correct Me If I'm Wrong: Fixing Grammatical Errors by Preposition Ranking.
Using Crowdsourcing to Investigate Perception of Narrative Similarity.
A Dynamic Reconstruction Approach to Topic Summarization of User-Generated-Content.
Incremental Update Summarization: Adaptive Sentence Selection based on Prevalence and Novelty.
CARS2: Learning Context-aware Representations for Context-aware Recommendations.
User Interests Imbalance Exploration in Social Recommendation: A Fitness Adaptation.
Deviation-Based Contextual SLIM Recommenders.
Leveraging Social Connections to Improve Personalized Ranking for Collaborative Filtering.
Collaborative Filtering Incorporating Review Text and Co-clusters of Hidden User Communities and Item Groups.
Active Learning based Survival Regression for Censored Data.
Adding Robustness to Support Vector Machines Against Adversarial Reverse Engineering.
Solving Linear SVMs with Multiple 1D Projections.
A Mixtures-of-Trees Framework for Multi-Label Classification.
Learning to Propagate Rare Labels.
Optimizing Multi-Relational Factorization Models for Multiple Target Relations.
Predictability of Distrust with Interaction Data.
Influence Maximization over Large-Scale Social Networks: A Bounded Linear Approach.
Learning Interactions for Social Prediction in Large-scale Networks.
Analysis on Community Variational Trend in Dynamic Networks.
Term Selection and Result Reranking for Question Retrieval by Exploiting Hierarchical Classification.
A Fixed-Point Method for Weighting Terms in Verbose Informational Queries.
Meta-Path-Based Ranking with Pseudo Relevance Feedback on Heterogeneous Graph for Citation Recommendation.
A Comparison of Retrieval Models using Term Dependencies.
A Latent Semantic Model with Convolutional-Pooling Structure for Information Retrieval.
Relevance and Effort: An Analysis of Document Utility.
A Retrievability Analysis: Exploring the Relationship Between Retrieval Bias and Retrieval Performance.
Multileaved Comparisons for Fast Online Evaluation.
Designing Test Collections for Comparing Many Systems.
Machine-Assisted Search Preference Evaluation.
Pulling Conjunctive Query Equivalence out of the Bag.
ExpressQ: Identifying Keyword Context and Search Target in Relational Keyword Queries.
Templated Search over Relational Databases.
MaC: A Probabilistic Framework for Query Answering with Machine-Crowd Collaboration.
Rubato DB: A Highly Scalable Staged Grid Database System for OLTP and Big Data Applications.