cikm 1997 论文列表

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'97), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, November 10-14, 1997.

Dealing with Partial Failures in Multiple Processor Primary-Backup Systems.
A Contention Based Dynamic Consistency Maintenance Scheme for Client Cache.
Xmas: An Extensible Main-Memory Storage System.
Pharos: A Scalable Distributed Architecture for Locating Heterogeneous Information Sources.
Exploiting Enterprise Models for the Automatic Distribution of Corporate Information.
Incorporating Association Pattern and Operation Specification in ODMG's OQL.
Learning Belief Networks from Data: An Information Theory Based Approach.
Discovering Similar Resources by Content Part-Linking.
Reducing Match Time Variance in Production Systems with HAL.
Real-Time Transactions with Execution Histories: Priority Assignment and Load Control.
Towards Maintaining Consistency of Spatial Databases.
A Distributed, Graphical, Topic-Oriented Document Search System.
A Corpus Analysis Approach for Automatic Query Expansion.
An Analysis of Cardinality Constraints in Redundant Relationships.
A Framework for Global Optimization of Aggregate Queries.
Analysis and Design of Server Informative WWW-Sites.
Experimental Evaluation of PFS Continuous Media File System.
On Disk Caching of Web Objects in Proxy Servers.
Assistant for an Information Database.
View Materialization Techniques for Complex Hierarchical Objects.
Evaluating Document Retrieval in Patent Database: A Preliminary Report.
Mining Fuzzy Association Rules.
Intensional Query Processing Using Data Mining Approaches.
Generating Association Rules from Semi-Structured Documents Using an Extended Concept Hierarchy.
Digital Information Retrieval.
Using a Sequential Index in Terrain-Aided Navigation.
A Spatial Match Representation Scheme for Indexing and Querying in Iconic Image Databases.
A Practical Approach to Static Analysis and Execution of Rules in Active Databases.
Mining Association Rules with Adjustable Accuracy.
Evaluating Triggers Using Decision Trees.
The Update of Index Structures in Object-Oriented DBMS.
Matching and Indexing Sequences of Different Lengths.
Distributed Knowledge Revision/Integration.
Video Keyframe Extraction and Filtering: A Keyframe is not a Keyframe to Everyone.
Retrieving Video Data Via Motion Tracks of Content Symbols.
The AudioWeb.
Using Consistency-driven Pairwise Comparisons in Knowledge-based Systems.
Knowledge Mining from Textual Sources.
Efficient Global Probabilistic Deduction from Taxonomic and Probabilistic Knowledge-Bases over Conjunctive Events.
Global Nested Transaction Management for ODMG-Compliant Multi-Database Systems.
Commit-Reordering Validation Scheme for Transaction Scheduling in Client-Server Based Teleputing Systems: COREV.
A Uniform Approach to Global Concurrency Control and Recovery in Multidatabase Environment.
I-Regular Expression: Regular Expression with Continuous Interval Constraints.
A Framework for the Management of Past Experiences with Time-Extended Situations.
Modeling Temporal Primitives: Back to Basics.
Improving Relevance Feedback in the Vector Space Model.
Applications of Approximate Word Matching in Information Retrieval.
Block Addressing Indices for Approximate Text Retrieval.