cikm 2016 论文列表

Proceedings of the 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2016, Indianapolis, IN, USA, October 24-28, 2016.

DTMBIO 2016: The Tenth International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics.
ACM DAVA'16: 2nd International Workshop on DAta mining meets Visual Analytics at Big Data Era.
DDTA 2016: The Workshop on Data-Driven Talent Acquisition.
BigNet 2016: First Workshop on Big Network Analytics.
The Fourth International Workshop on Social Web for Disaster Management (SWDM 2016).
CyberSafety 2016: The First International Workshop on Computational Methods in CyberSafety.
A Fatigue Strength Predictor for Steels Using Ensemble Data Mining: Steel Fatigue Strength Predictor.
QART: A Tool for Quality Assurance in Real-Time in Contact Centers.
GStreamMiner: A GPU-accelerated Data Stream Mining Framework.
TEAMOPT: Interactive Team Optimization in Big Networks.
Inferring Traffic Incident Start Time with Loop Sensor Data.
Thymeflow, A Personal Knowledge Base with Spatio-temporal Data.
Analyzing Data Relevance and Access Patterns of Live Production Database Systems.
TGraph: A Temporal Graph Data Management System.
EnerQuery: Energy-Aware Query Processing.
eGraphSearch: Effective Keyword Search in Graphs.
BIGtensor: Mining Billion-Scale Tensor Made Easy.
ConHub: A Metadata Management System for Docker Containers.
Deola: A System for Linking Author Entities in Web Document with DBLP.
FeatureMiner: A Tool for Interactive Feature Selection.
FIN10K: A Web-based Information System for Financial Report Analysis and Visualization.
Ease the Process of Machine Learning with Dataflow.
PARC: Privacy-Aware Data Cleaning.
TweetSift: Tweet Topic Classification Based on Entity Knowledge Base and Topic Enhanced Word Embedding.
XKnowSearch!: Exploiting Knowledge Bases for Entity-based Cross-lingual Information Retrieval.
Routing an Autonomous Taxi with Reinforcement Learning.
Bus Routes Design and Optimization via Taxi Data Analytics.
Distributed Deep Learning for Question Answering.
SoLSCSum: A Linked Sentence-Comment Dataset for Social Context Summarization.
Balanced Supervised Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Childhood Leukaemia Patients.
Improving Advertisement Recommendation by Enriching User Browser Cookie Attributes.
Content-Agnostic Malware Detection in Heterogeneous Malicious Distribution Graph.
A Comparative Study of Query-biased and Non-redundant Snippets for Structured Search on Mobile Devices.
Automatical Storyline Generation with Help from Twitter.
Leveraging the Implicit Structure within Social Media for Emergent Rumor Detection.
Where to Place Your Next Restaurant?: Optimal Restaurant Placement via Leveraging User-Generated Reviews.
Uncovering Fake Likers in Online Social Networks.
Optimizing Nugget Annotations with Active Learning.
Online Adaptive Topic Focused Tweet Acquisition.
Understanding Stability of Noisy Networks through Centrality Measures and Local Connections.
Incremental Mining of High Utility Sequential Patterns in Incremental Databases.
Ensemble of Anchor Adapters for Transfer Learning.
The Rich and the Poor: A Markov Decision Process Approach to Optimizing Taxi Driver Revenue Efficiency.
Tracking the Evolution of Congestion in Dynamic Urban Road Networks.
Memory-Optimized Distributed Graph Processing through Novel Compression Techniques.
FolkTrails: Interpreting Navigation Behavior in a Social Tagging System.
Efficient Algorithms for the Two Locus Problem in Genome-Wide Association Study: Algorithms for the Two Locus Problem.
Digesting News Reader Comments via Fine-Grained Associations with Event Facets and News Contents.
Digesting Multilingual Reader Comments via Latent Discussion Topics with Commonality and Specificity.
Tag2Word: Using Tags to Generate Words for Content Based Tag Recommendation.
OrientStream: A Framework for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Distributed Data Stream Management Systems.
APAM: Adaptive Eager-Lazy Hybrid Evaluation of Event Patterns for Low Latency.
Qualitative Cleaning of Uncertain Data.
Explaining Sentiment Spikes in Twitter.
Probabilistic Knowledge Graph Construction: Compositional and Incremental Approaches.
Multi-source Hierarchical Prediction Consolidation.
Anomalies in the Peer-review System: A Case Study of the Journal of High Energy Physics.
Why Did You Cover That Song?: Modeling N-th Order Derivative Creation with Content Popularity.
Towards Representation Independent Similarity Search Over Graph Databases.
Learning Points and Routes to Recommend Trajectories.
Discriminative View Learning for Single View Co-Training.
Reuse-based Optimization for Pig Latin.
A Filtering-based Clustering Algorithm for Improving Spatio-temporal Kriging Interpolation Accuracy.
ZEST: A Hybrid Model on Predicting Passenger Demand for Chauffeured Car Service.
Discovering Temporal Purchase Patterns with Different Responses to Promotions.
PRO: Preference-Aware Recurring Query Optimization.
Recommendations For Streaming Data.
Collective Traffic Prediction with Partially Observed Traffic History using Location-Based Social Media.
Credibility Assessment of Textual Claims on the Web.
Robust Contextual Outlier Detection: Where Context Meets Sparsity.
Multi-Dueling Bandits and Their Application to Online Ranker Evaluation.
OptMark: A Toolkit for Benchmarking Query Optimizers.
Attractiveness versus Competition: Towards an Unified Model for User Visitation.
Combining Powers of Two Predictors in Optimizing Real-Time Bidding Strategy under Constrained Budget.
A Context-aware Collaborative Filtering Approach for Urban Black Holes Detection.
Framing Mobile Information Needs: An Investigation of Hierarchical Query Sequence Structure.
A Study of Realtime Summarization Metrics.
Query Answering Efficiency in Expert Networks Under Decentralized Search.
RAP: Scalable RPCA for Low-rank Matrix Recovery.
KB-Enabled Query Recommendation for Long-Tail Queries.
Top-N Recommendation on Graphs.
A Density-Based Approach to the Retrieval of Top-K Spatial Textual Clusters.
An Experimental Comparison of Iterative MapReduce Frameworks.
Hashtag Recommendation Based on Topic Enhanced Embedding, Tweet Entity Data and Learning to Rank.
DePP: A System for Detecting Pages to Protect in Wikipedia.
Detecting and Ranking Conceptual Links between Texts Using a Knowledge Base.
Evaluating Document Retrieval Methods for Resource Selection in Clustered P2P IR.
Probabilistic Approaches to Controversy Detection.
The Healing Power of Poison: Helpful Non-relevant Documents in Feedback.
Improving Entity Ranking for Keyword Queries.
User Modeling on Twitter with WordNet Synsets and DBpedia Concepts for Personalized Recommendations.
A Theoretical Framework on the Ideal Number of Classifiers for Online Ensembles in Data Streams.
Learning to Rank Non-Factoid Answers: Comment Selection in Web Forums.
Clustering Speed in Multi-lane Traffic Networks.
A Preference Approach to Reputation in Sponsored Search.
Iterative Search using Query Aspects.
Forecasting Geo-sensor Data with Participatory Sensing Based on Dropout Neural Network.
PEQ: An Explainable, Specification-based, Aspect-oriented Product Comparator for E-commerce.
When Sensor Meets Tensor: Filling Missing Sensor Values Through a Tensor Approach.
Forecasting Seasonal Time Series Using Weighted Gradient RBF Network based Autoregressive Model.
A Non-Parametric Topic Model for Short Texts Incorporating Word Coherence Knowledge.
Online Food Recipe Title Semantics: Combining Nutrient Facts and Topics.
CyberRank: Knowledge Elicitation for Risk Assessment of Database Security.
Adaptive Distributional Extensions to DFR Ranking.
Learning to Rank System Configurations.
Learning to Re-Rank Questions in Community Question Answering Using Advanced Features.
Scarce Feature Topic Mining for Video Recommendation.
The Solitude of Relevant Documents in the Pool.
Improving Search Results with Prior Similar Queries.
Regularising Factorised Models for Venue Recommendation using Friends and their Comments.
Distilling Word Embeddings: An Encoding Approach.
Near Real-time Geolocation Prediction in Twitter Streams via Matrix Factorization Based Regression.
Crowdsourcing-based Urban Anomaly Prediction System for Smart Cities.
A Self-Organizing Map for Identifying InfluentialCommunities in Speech-based Networks.
Extracting Skill Endorsements from Personal Communication Data.
Location-aware Friend Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks: A Bayesian Latent Factor Approach.
Ensemble Learned Vaccination Uptake Prediction using Web Search Queries.
Where are You Tweeting?: A Context and User Movement Based Approach.
Graph-Based Multi-Modality Learning for Clinical Decision Support.
Collaborative Social Group Influence for Event Recommendation.
Webpage Depth-level Dwell Time Prediction.
Efficient Distributed Regular Path Queries on RDF Graphs Using Partial Evaluation.
Query Expansion Using Word Embeddings.
Personalized Semantic Word Vectors.
Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Deep-Semantic Similarity Model with Negative Sampling.
Global and Local Influence-based Social Recommendation.
Noise-Contrastive Estimation for Answer Selection with Deep Neural Networks.
Predicting Importance of Historical Persons using Wikipedia.
Exploiting Cluster-based Meta Paths for Link Prediction in Signed Networks.
Incorporate Group Information to Enhance Network Embedding.
Modeling and Predicting Popularity Dynamics via an Influence-based Self-Excited Hawkes Process.
Learning to Account for Good Abandonment in Search Success Metrics.
Active Zero-Shot Learning.
Data Locality in Graph Engines: Implications and Preliminary Experimental Results.
ASNets: A Benchmark Dataset of Aligned Social Networks for Cross-Platform User Modeling.
Quantifying Query Ambiguity with Topic Distributions.
Towards Time-Discounted Influence Maximization.
Skipping Word: A Character-Sequential Representation based Framework for Question Answering.
MIST: Missing Person Intelligence Synthesis Toolkit.
Deep Match between Geology Reports and Well Logs Using Spatial Information.
A Self-Learning and Online Algorithm for Time Series Anomaly Detection, with Application in CPU Manufacturing.
On Structural Health Monitoring Using Tensor Analysis and Support Vector Machine with Artificial Negative Data.
Approximate Discovery of Functional Dependencies for Large Datasets.
Scalable Local-Recoding Anonymization using Locality Sensitive Hashing for Big Data Privacy Preservation.
Leveraging Multiple GPUs and CPUs for Graphlet Counting in Large Networks.
Cost-Effective Stream Join Algorithm on Cloud System.
LDA Revisited: Entropy, Prior and Convergence.
Paired Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Linked Data.
Efficient Orthogonal Non-negative Matrix Factorization over Stiefel Manifold.
Computing and Summarizing the Negative Skycube.
Effective Spelling Correction for Eye-based Typing using domain-specific Information about Error Distribution.
Influence Maximization for Complementary Goods: Why Parties Fail to Cooperate?
Making Sense of Entities and Quantities in Web Tables.
Updating an Existing Social Graph Snapshot via a Limited API.
Targeted Influence Maximization in Social Networks.
Information Diffusion at Workplace.
Multiple Infection Sources Identification with Provable Guarantees.
A Model-Free Approach to Infer the Diffusion Network from Event Cascade.
Constructing Reliable Gradient Exploration for Online Learning to Rank.
Learning Hidden Features for Contextual Bandits.
CGMOS: Certainty Guided Minority OverSampling.
Supervised Feature Selection by Preserving Class Correlation.
Approximate Aggregates in Oracle 12C.
DI-DAP: An Efficient Disaster Information Delivery and Analysis Platform in Disaster Management.
Scaling Factorization Machines with Parameter Server.
LogMine: Fast Pattern Recognition for Log Analytics.
Collective Classification via Discriminative Matrix Factorization on Sparsely Labeled Networks.
Efficient Computation of Importance Based Communities in Web-Scale Networks Using a Single Machine.
Hierarchical and Dynamic k-Path Covers.
Fully Dynamic Shortest-Path Distance Query Acceleration on Massive Networks.
Automatic Generation and Validation of Road Maps from GPS Trajectory Data Sets.
On Backup Battery Data in Base Stations of Mobile Networks: Measurement, Analysis, and Optimization.
From Recommendation to Profile Inference (Rec2PI): A Value-added Service to Wi-Fi Data Mining.
Uncovering the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Memes in the Presence of Incomplete Information.
Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Based on Matrix Factorization.
Selective Cluster-Based Document Retrieval.
A Probabilistic Fusion Framework.
When is the Time Ripe for Natural Language Processing for Patent Passage Retrieval?
Learning to Rewrite Queries.
Precision-Oriented Query Facet Extraction.
One Query, Many Clicks: Analysis of Queries with Multiple Clicks by the Same User.
On the Effectiveness of Query Weighting for Adapting Rank Learners to New Unlabelled Collections.
Modeling Customer Engagement from Partial Observations.
Joint Collaborative Ranking with Social Relationships in Top-N Recommendation.
Optimizing Ad Allocation in Social Advertising.
A Probabilistic Multi-Touch Attribution Model for Online Advertising.
Urban Traffic Prediction through the Second Use of Inexpensive Big Data from Buildings.
A Distributed Graph Algorithm for Discovering Unique Behavioral Groups from Large-Scale Telco Data.
Large-scale Robust Online Matching and Its Application in E-commerce.
Bayesian Non-Exhaustive Classification A Case Study: Online Name Disambiguation using Temporal Record Streams.
Discovering Entities with Just a Little Help from You.
Geotagging Named Entities in News and Online Documents.
ESPRESSO: Explaining Relationships between Entity Sets.
Luhn Revisited: Significant Words Language Models.
Q+Tree: An Efficient Quad Tree based Data Indexing for Parallelizing Dynamic and Reverse Skylines.
Word Vector Compositionality based Relevance Feedback using Kernel Density Estimation.
Supervised Robust Discrete Multimodal Hashing for Cross-Media Retrieval.
Efficient Batch Processing for Multiple Keyword Queries on Graph Data.
Efficient Estimation of Triangles in Very Large Graphs.
Querying Minimal Steiner Maximum-Connected Subgraphs in Large Graphs.
Topological Graph Sketching for Incremental and Scalable Analytics.
BICP: Block-Incremental CP Decomposition with Update Sensitive Refinement.
Relational Database Schema Design for Uncertain Data.
Cutty: Aggregate Sharing for User-Defined Windows.
Optimizing Update Frequencies for Decaying Information.
An Adaptive Framework for Multistream Classification.
aptMTVL: Nailing Interactions in Multi-Task Multi-View Multi-Label Learning using Adaptive-basis Multilinear Factor Analyzers.
Online Adaptive Passive-Aggressive Methods for Non-Negative Matrix Factorization and Its Applications.
Scalable Spectral k-Support Norm Regularization for Robust Low Rank Subspace Learning.
A Personal Perspective and Retrospective on Web Search Technology.
Network-Efficient Distributed Word2vec Training System for Large Vocabularies.
Characterizing Diseases from Unstructured Text: A Vocabulary Driven Word2vec Approach.
Query-Biased Partitioning for Selective Search.
Scalability and Total Recall with Fast CoveringLSH.
Off the Beaten Path: Let's Replace Term-Based Retrieval with k-NN Search.
Multiple Queries as Bandit Arms.
Adaptive Evolutionary Filtering in Real-Time Twitter Stream.
Feature Driven and Point Process Approaches for Popularity Prediction.
Tracking Virality and Susceptibility in Social Media.
Towards the Effective Linking of Social Media Contents to Products in E-Commerce Catalogs.
Scalability of Continuous Active Learning for Reliable High-Recall Text Classification.
Regularizing Structured Classifier with Conditional Probabilistic Constraints for Semi-supervised Learning.
CRISP: Consensus Regularized Selection based Prediction.
Model-Based Oversampling for Imbalanced Sequence Classification.
Semi-Supervision Dramatically Improves Time Series Clustering under Dynamic Time Warping.
Multi-View Time Series Classification: A Discriminative Bilinear Projection Approach.
PISA: An Index for Aggregating Big Time Series Data.
Derivative Delay Embedding: Online Modeling of Streaming Time Series.
Mobile App Retrieval for Social Media Users via Inference of Implicit Intent in Social Media Text.
Sentiment Domain Adaptation with Multi-Level Contextual Sentiment Knowledge.
Data-Driven Contextual Valence Shifter Quantification for Multi-Theme Sentiment Analysis.
Generative Feature Language Models for Mining Implicit Features from Customer Reviews.
Survival Analysis based Framework for Early Prediction of Student Dropouts.
Hashtag Recommendation for Enterprise Applications.
Using Machine Learning to Improve the Email Experience.
Empowering Truth Discovery with Multi-Truth Prediction.
FacetGist: Collective Extraction of Document Facets in Large Technical Corpora.
Truth Discovery via Exploiting Implications from Multi-Source Data.
Influence-Aware Truth Discovery.
Reenactment for Read-Committed Snapshot Isolation.
Quark-X: An Efficient Top-K Processing Framework for RDF Quad Stores.
Efficient Hidden Trajectory Reconstruction from Sparse Data.
On Transductive Classification in Heterogeneous Information Networks.
Beyond Clustering: Sub-DAG Discovery for Categorising Documents.
A Framework for Task-specific Short Document Expansion.
Estimating Time Models for News Article Excerpts.
Document Filtering for Long-tail Entities.
Studying the Dark Triad of Personality through Twitter Behavior.
Pagination versus Scrolling in Mobile Web Search.
Inspiration or Preparation?: Explaining Creativity in Scientific Enterprise.
Agents, Simulated Users and Humans: An Analysis of Performance and Behaviour.
Axiomatic Result Re-Ranking.
Generalizing Translation Models in the Probabilistic Relevance Framework.
Semantic Matching by Non-Linear Word Transportation for Information Retrieval.
Query Variations and their Effect on Comparing Information Retrieval Systems.
Personalized Search: Potential and Pitfalls.
User Response Learning for Directly Optimizing Campaign Performance in Display Advertising.
Separating-Plane Factorization Models: Scalable Recommendation from One-Class Implicit Feedback.
To Click or Not To Click: Automatic Selection of Beautiful Thumbnails from Videos.
"Shall I Be Your Chat Companion?": Towards an Online Human-Computer Conversation System.
Predicting Popularity of Twitter Accounts through the Discovery of Link-Propagating Early Adopters.
PIN-TRUST: Fast Trust Propagation Exploiting Positive, Implicit, and Negative Information.
Who are My Familiar Strangers?: Revealing Hidden Friend Relations and Common Interests from Smart Card Data.
Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Social Networks.
Understanding Mobile Searcher Attention with Rich Ad Formats.
Where Did You Go: Personalized Annotation of Mobility Records.
Large-Scale Analysis of Viewing Behavior: Towards Measuring Satisfaction with Mobile Proactive Systems.
Mining Shopping Patterns for Divergent Urban Regions by Incorporating Mobility Data.
Efficient Processing of Location-Aware Group Preference Queries.
Attribute-based Crowd Entity Resolution.
CrowdSelect: Increasing Accuracy of Crowdsourcing Tasks through Behavior Prediction and User Selection.
Active Content-Based Crowdsourcing Task Selection.
PairFac: Event Analytics through Discriminant Tensor Factorization.
A Multiple Instance Learning Framework for Identifying Key Sentences and Detecting Events.
A Nonparametric Model for Event Discovery in the Geospatial-Temporal Space.
Graph Topic Scan Statistic for Spatial Event Detection.
GiraphAsync: Supporting Online and Offline Graph Processing via Adaptive Asynchronous Message Processing.
Growing Graphs from Hyperedge Replacement Graph Grammars.
Group-Aware Weighted Bipartite B-Matching.
Approximating Graph Pattern Queries Using Views.
City-Scale Localization with Telco Big Data.
Measuring Metrics.
Duer: Intelligent Personal Assistant.
Annotating Points of Interest with Geo-tagged Tweets.
Understanding Sparse Topical Structure of Short Text via Stochastic Variational-Gibbs Inference.
Data Summarization with Social Contexts.
Time-aware Multi-Viewpoint Summarization of Multilingual Social Text Streams.
Hybrid Indexing for Versioned Document Search with Cluster-based Retrieval.
Robust Spectral Ensemble Clustering.
Effective and Efficient Spectral Clustering on Text and Link Data.
SemiNMF-PCA framework for Sparse Data Co-clustering.
Finding News Citations for Wikipedia.
Vandalism Detection in Wikidata.
Using Prerequisites to Extract Concept Maps fromTextbooks.
Error Link Detection and Correction in Wikipedia.
Medical Question Answering for Clinical Decision Support.
aNMM: Ranking Short Answer Texts with Attention-Based Neural Matching Model.
Learning to Extract Conditional Knowledge for Question Answering using Dialogue.
Answering Twitter Questions: a Model for Recommending Answerers through Social Collaboration.
Incorporating Risk-Sensitiveness into Feature Selection for Learning to Rank.
Compression-Based Selective Sampling for Learning to Rank.
Plackett-Luce Regression Mixture Model for Heterogeneous Rankings.
LambdaFM: Learning Optimal Ranking with Factorization Machines Using Lambda Surrogates.
Structural Clustering of Machine-Generated Mail.
Reuters Tracer: A Large Scale System of Detecting & Verifying Real-Time News Events from Twitter.
Building Industry-specific Knowledge Bases.
PowerWalk: Scalable Personalized PageRank via Random Walks with Vertex-Centric Decomposition.
The Role of Relevance in Sponsored Search.
Incorporating Clicks, Attention and Satisfaction into a Search Engine Result Page Evaluation Model.
Learning Latent Vector Spaces for Product Search.
Sequential Query Expansion using Concept Graph.