ecir 1997 论文列表

19th Annual BCS-IRSG Colloquium on IR Aberdeen, UK. 8th-9th April 1997.

Towards an Agent-Based Retrieval Engine (Profile Information Filtering Project).
Using Combination of Evidence for Term Expansion.
The User Interface and Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems.
User Profiling Techniques: A Critical Review.
Retrieving Complex Objects with HySpirit.
On the Marriage of Information Retrieval and Information Extraction.
A Logical Relational Approach for Information Retrieval Indexing.
Feature Selection: A Useful Preprocessing Step.
Where the Linked Dependence Assumption Fails and How to Move Beyond It.
A Community of Autonomous Agents for the Search and Distribution of Information in Networks.
Automatic Phrase Recognition and Extraction from Text.
Text-Level Structure of Research Papers: Implications for Text-Based Information Processing Systems.
Evaluation of a Trademark Image Retrieval System.