ecir 2002 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval, 24th BCS-IRSG European Colloquium on IR Research Glasgow, UK, March 25-27, 2002 Proceedings.

Genre Classification and Domain Transfer for Information Filtering.
A Retrospective Evaluation Method for Exact-Match and Best-Match Queries Applying an Interactive Query Performance Analyser.
Translation-Based Indexing for Cross-Language Retrieval.
Building Bilingual Dictionaries from Parallel Web Documents.
The Accessibility Dimension for Structured Document Retrieval.
A Graphical User Interface for Structured Document Retrieval.
Uncertainty-Based Noise Reduction and Term Selection in Text Categorization.
A Hierarchical Model for Clustering and Categorising Documents.
Text Categorization: An Experiment Using Phrases.
Optimal Mixture Models in IR.
Term Frequency Normalization via Pareto Distributions.
A Layered Bayesian Network Model for Document Retrieval.
Concept Based Adaptive IR Model Using FCA-BAM Combination for Concept Representation and Encoding.
A Study on Using Genetic Niching for Query Optimisation in Document Retrieval.
Automatic Profile Reformulation Using a Local Document Analysis.
Subject Knowledge, Source of Terms, and Term Selection in Query Expansion: An Analytical Study.
The Use of Implicit Evidence for Relevance Feedback in Web Retrieval.
Serving Enhanced Hypermedia Information.
An Improved Computation of the PageRank Algorithm.
Combining Web Document Representations in a Bayesian Inference Network Model Using Link and Content-Based Evidence.
Combining Features for Content-Based Sketch Retrieval - A Comparative Evaluation of Retrieval Performance.
Organising and Searching Partially Indexed Image Databases.
Evaluating a Melody Extraction Engine.