ecir 2021 论文列表

Proceedings of Text2Story - Fourth Workshop on Narrative Extraction From Texts held in conjunction with the 43rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2021), Lucca, Italy, April 1, 2021 (online event due to Covid-19 outbreak).

Modeling Social Media Narratives about Caste-related News Stories.
Narrative Trends of COVID-19 Misinformation.
THEaiTRE 1.0: Interactive Generation of Theatre Play Scripts.
The Nectar of Missing Position Prediction for Story Completion.
Demonstrating Narrative Bindings: Linking Discourses to Knowledge Repositories.
Brat2Viz: a Tool and Pipeline for Visualizing Narratives from Annotated Texts.
Which entities are relevant for the story?
Stories from Blogs: Computational Extraction and Visualization of Narratives.
A Model of Interpretation of Embedded Stories.
A Different Story: How Conservative Narratives Diverge Between Twitter and Parler.
A Pilot Study on Annotating Scenes in Narrative Text using SceneML.
How Wikimedia Understands the Text2Narrative Process.
Storytelling Through Infographics.