ecir 2021 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval - 43rd European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2021, Virtual Event, March 28 - April 1, 2021, Proceedings, Part I.

Content Selection Network for Document-Grounded Retrieval-Based Chatbots.
Utilizing Local Tangent Information for Word Re-embedding.
A Zero Attentive Relevance Matching Network for Review Modeling in Recommendation System.
A Hierarchical Approach for Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations.
Consistency and Coherency Enhanced Story Generation.
GCE: Global Contextual Information for Knowledge Graph Embedding.
Machine Translation Customization via Automatic Training Data Selection from the Web.
Metric Learning for Session-Based Recommendations.
Sentiment-Oriented Metric Learning for Text-to-Image Retrieval.
User Engagement Prediction for Clarification in Search.
Causality-Aware Neighborhood Methods for Recommender Systems.
Studying the Effectiveness of Conversational Search Refinement Through User Simulation.
On the Instability of Diminishing Return IR Measures.
A Transparent Logical Framework for Aspect-Oriented Product Ranking Based on User Reviews.
A Deep Analysis of an Explainable Retrieval Model for Precision Medicine Literature Search.
Weakly-Supervised Open-Retrieval Conversational Question Answering.
A Multi-task Approach to Neural Multi-label Hierarchical Patent Classification Using Transformers.
TLS-Covid19: A New Annotated Corpus for Timeline Summarization.
Pattern-Aware and Noise-Resilient Embedding Models.
CEQE: Contextualized Embeddings for Query Expansion.
Drug and Disease Interpretation Learning with Biomedical Entity Representation Transformer.
Predicting User Engagement Status for Online Evaluation of Intelligent Assistants.
DSMER: A Deep Semantic Matching Based Framework for Named Entity Recognition.
Modeling User Search Tasks with a Language-Agnostic Unsupervised Approach.
Extracting Search Tasks from Query Logs Using a Recurrent Deep Clustering Architecture.
Studying Catastrophic Forgetting in Neural Ranking Models.
Diagnosis Ranking with Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks.
Evaluating Multilingual Text Encoders for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Retrieval.
Using the Hammer only on Nails: A Hybrid Method for Representation-Based Evidence Retrieval for Question Answering.
An Argument Extraction Decoder in Open Information Extraction.
Answer Sentence Selection Using Local and Global Context in Transformer Models.
A Study of Distributed Representations for Figures of Research Articles.
Label Definitions Augmented Interaction Model for Legal Charge Prediction.
Exploding TV Sets and Disappointing Laptops: Suggesting Interesting Content in News Archives Based on Surprise Estimation.
Mitigating the Position Bias of Transformer Models in Passage Re-ranking.
Joint Autoregressive and Graph Models for Software and Developer Social Networks.
You Get What You Chat: Using Conversations to Personalize Search-Based Recommendations.
Disparate Impact in Item Recommendation: A Case of Geographic Imbalance.
Valuation of Startups: A Machine Learning Perspective.
Classifying Scientific Publications with BERT - Is Self-attention a Feature Selection Method?
Complement Lexical Retrieval Model with Semantic Residual Embeddings.
Open-Domain Conversational Search Assistant with Transformers.
An Enhanced Evaluation Framework for Query Performance Prediction.
How Do Simple Transformations of Text and Image Features Impact Cosine-Based Semantic Match?
Coreference Resolution in Research Papers from Multiple Domains.
Exploring Classic and Neural Lexical Translation Models for Information Retrieval: Interpretability, Effectiveness, and Efficiency Benefits.
Active Learning for Entity Alignment.
FedeRank: User Controlled Feedback with Federated Recommender Systems.
An E-Commerce Dataset in French for Multi-modal Product Categorization and Cross-Modal Retrieval.
Stay on Topic, Please: Aligning User Comments to the Content of a News Article.