ecir 2004 论文列表

Advances in Information Retrieval, 26th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2004, Sunderland, UK, April 5-7, 2004, Proceedings.

Applying the Divergence from Randomness Approach for Content-Only Search in XML Documents.
Performance Analysis of Distributed Architectures to Index One Terabyte of Text.
Content-Aware DataGuides: Interleaving IR and DB Indexing Techniques for Efficient Retrieval of Textual XML Data.
An Optimistic Model for Searching Web Directories.
Measuring a Cross Language Image Retrieval System.
Fault-Tolerant Fulltext Information Retrieval in Digital Multilingual Encyclopedias with Weighted Pattern Morphing.
Cross-Language Information Retrieval Using EuroWordNet and Word Sense Disambiguation.
A Simulated Study of Implicit Feedback Models.
A Study of the Assessment of Relevance for the INEX'02 Test Collection.
Improving Retrieval Effectiveness by Reranking Documents Based on Controlled Vocabulary.
Integrating Perceptual Signal Features within a Multi-facetted Conceptual Model for Automatic Image Retrieval.
NNk Networks for Content-Based Image Retrieval.
Relevance Feedback for Cross Language Image Retrieval.
From Text Summarisation to Style-Specific Summarisation for Broadcast News.
Broadcast News Gisting Using Lexical Cohesion Analysis.
Eliminating High-Degree Biased Character Bigrams for Dimensionality Reduction in Chinese Text Categorization.
Complex Linguistic Features for Text Classification: A Comprehensive Study.
Contextual Document Clustering.
Predictive Top-Down Knowledge Improves Neural Exploratory Bottom-Up Clustering.
Combining CORI and the Decision-Theoretic Approach for Advanced Resource Selection.
Query Difficulty, Robustness, and Selective Application of Query Expansion.
A Bidimensional View of Documents for Text Categorisation.
Answer Selection in a Multi-stream Open Domain Question Answering System.
Identification of Relevant and Novel Sentences Using Reference Corpus.
Evaluating Passage Retrieval Approaches for Question Answering.
Searcher's Assessments of Task Complexity for Web Searching.
A Study of User Interaction with a Concept-Based Interactive Query Expansion Support Tool.
A User-Centered Approach to Evaluating Topic Models.
IR and AI: Traditions of Representation and Anti-representation in Information Processing.
From Information Retrieval to Information Interaction.