Volume 51, Number 12, December 2021
A metaheuristic optimization approach for energy efficiency in the IoT networks.

Celestine Iwendi Praveen Kumar Reddy Maddikunta Thippa Reddy Gadekallu Kuruva Lakshmanna Ali Kashif Bashir Md. Jalil Piran

Service offloading oriented edge server placement in smart farming.

Jie Zhang Xiang Li Xuyun Zhang Yuan Xue Gautam Srivastava Wanchun Dou

FPFTS: A joint fuzzy particle swarm optimization mobility-aware approach to fog task scheduling algorithm for Internet of Things devices.

Saeed Javanmardi Mohammad Shojafar Valerio Persico Antonio Pescapè

Message-sensing classified transmission scheme based on mobile edge computing in the Internet of Vehicles.

Haitao Zhao Yinyang Zhu Jiawen Tang Zhe Han Gagangeet Singh Aujla

Comparative study of support vector machines and random forests machine learning algorithms on credit operation.

Germanno Teles Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues Ricardo A. L. Rabêlo Sergei A. Kozlov

Secure data dissemination techniques for IoT applications: Research challenges and opportunities.

Umesh Bodkhe Sudeep Tanwar

A scalable framework for healthcare monitoring application using the Internet of Medical Things.

Venki Balasubramanian Alireza Jolfaei

Security of Internet of Things edge devices.

Zhihan Lv

A mobile data offloading framework based on a combination of blockchain and virtual voting.

Vikas Hassija Vikas Saxena Vinay Chamola

Design and data analytics of electronic human resource management activities through Internet of Things in an organization.

Nasreen Nasar Sumati Ray Saiyed Umer Hari Mohan Pandey

An energy efficient and low overhead fault mitigation technique for internet of thing edge devices reliable on-chip communication.

Muhammad Ibrahim Naveed Khan Baloch Sheraz Anjum Yousaf Bin Zikria Sung Won Kim

Extensive review of cloud resource management techniques in industry 4.0: Issue and challenges.

Bhupesh Kumar Dewangan Amit Agarwal Tanupriya Choudhury Ashutosh Pasricha Suresh Chandra Satapathy

A cache-based approach toward improved scheduling in fog computing.

Osama Amir Khan Saif Ur Rehman Malik Faizan M. Baig Saif ul Islam Haris Pervaiz Hassan Malik Syed Hassan Ahmed

Resource management of IoT edge devices: Challenges, techniques, and solutions.

Neeraj Kumar Anish Jindal Massimo Villari Satish Narayana Srirama

Volume 51, Number 11, November 2021
Keywords-driven web APIs group recommendation for automatic app service creation process.

Wenwen Gong Chao Lv Yucong Duan Zengguang Liu Mohammad Reza Khosravi Lianyong Qi Wanchun Dou

Cost risk analysis for instance recommendation in a sustainable Cloud-cyber-physical system framework.

Wenjing Jiang Zichen Xu Cuiying Gao Jingyun Gu Yuhao Wang

AutoToolVCC: Variable consistency check tool for automotive software projects.

Pingfu Xie Yunlong Wang Bo He Guoqi Xie

Dual-grained representation for hand, foot, and mouth disease prediction within public health cyber-physical systems.

Zhijin Wang Yaohui Huang Bingyan He

Towards efficient federated learning-based scheme in medical cyber-physical systems for distributed data.

Kehua Guo Nan Li Jian Kang Jian Zhang

RUE: A caching method for identifying and managing hot data by leveraging resource utilization efficiency.

Liang Ai Yuhui Deng Yi Zhou Hao Feng

Network traffic prediction method based on echo state network with adaptive reservoir.

Jian Zhou Haoming Wang Fu Xiao Xiaoyong Yan Lijuan Sun

Exploring reliable edge-cloud computing for service latency optimization in sustainable cyber-physical systems.

Kun Cao Tongquan Wei Mingsong Chen Keqin Li Jian Weng Wuzheng Tan

Field programmable gate array-based all-layer accelerator with quantization neural networks for sustainable cyber-physical systems.

Jinyu Zhan Xingzhi Zhou Wei Jiang

Energy allocation for activity recognition in wearable devices with kinetic energy harvesting.

Ling Xiao Yu Meng Xiaobing Tian Haibo Luo

Charging stations-oriented electric vehicle charging strategy based on battery characteristics.

Lei Sun Yanfeng Chen Wenlong Li Qingxu Deng

Solving Boolean polynomial systems by parallelizing characteristic set method for cyber-physical systems.

Juan Zhao Min Zhu Xiaoyong Li Zhenyu Huang Jincai Li Junqiang Song

Deep domain adversarial residual neural network for sustainable wind turbine cyber-physical system fault diagnosis.

Yanrui Jin Qiang Feng Xiping Zhang Peili Lu Jiaqi Shen Yihui Tu Zhiquan Wu

Cybersecurity protection on in-vehicle networks for distributed automotive cyber-physical systems: State-of-the-art and future challenges.

Yong Xie Yu Zhou Jing Xu Jian Zhou Xiaobai Chen Fu Xiao

Software and hardware co-design for sustainable cyber-physical systems.

Junlong Zhou Angeliki Kritikakou Dakai Zhu Jose L. Martinez Lastra Shiyan Hu

Volume 51, Number 10, October 2021
BCEdge: Blockchain-based resource management in D2D-assisted mobile edge computing.

Ao Zhou Qibo Sun Jinglin Li

NeuCheck: A more practical Ethereum smart contract security analysis tool.

Ning Lu Bin Wang Yongxin Zhang Wenbo Shi Christian Esposito

Blockchain-based trusted data sharing among trusted stakeholders in IoT.

Peichang Shi Huaimin Wang Shangzhi Yang Chang Chen Wentao Yang

A first look at blockchain-based decentralized applications.

Kaidong Wu Yun Ma Gang Huang Xuanzhe Liu

A blockchain-based computation offloading method for edge computing in 5G networks.

Xiaolong Xu Yi Chen Xuyun Zhang Qingxiang Liu Xihua Liu Lianyong Qi

Using blockchain in the follow-up of emergency situations related to events.

Alexandra Rivero-García Iván Santos-González Candelaria Hernández-Goya Pino Caballero-Gil

Jointgraph: A DAG-based efficient consensus algorithm for consortium blockchains.

Xiang Fu Huaimin Wang Peichang Shi Xue Ouyang Xunhui Zhang

Guest Editorial: Special issue on blockchain and decentralized applications.

Zibin Zheng Shangguang Wang Rodrigo N. Calheiros

Volume 51, Number 9, September 2021
A lightweight virtualization model to enable edge computing in deeply embedded systems.

Ramão Tiago Tiburski Carlos Roberto Moratelli Sergio Johann Filho Everton de Matos Fabiano Hessel

Function delivery network: Extending serverless computing for heterogeneous platforms.

Anshul Jindal Michael Gerndt Mohak Chadha Vladimir Podolskiy Pengfei Chen

Human microservices: A framework for turning humans into service providers.

Sergio Laso Javier Berrocal José García-Alonso Carlos Canal Juan Manuel Murillo

EFFORT: Energy efficient framework for offload communication in mobile cloud computing.

Saif Ur Rehman Malik Hina Akram Sukhpal Singh Gill Haris Pervaiz Hassan Malik

Server configuration optimization in mobile edge computing: A cost-performance tradeoff perspective.

Zhenli He Kenli Li Keqin Li Wei Zhou

Edge-adaptable serverless acceleration for machine learning Internet of Things applications.

Michael Zhang Chandra Krintz Rich Wolski

Special issue: Elastic computing from edge to the cloud environments.

Shashikant Ilager Vlado Stankovski Shrideep Pallickarar Rajkumar Buyya

Volume 51, Number 8, August 2021
Architecture violations detection and visualization in the continuous integration pipeline.

Camilo Mendoza José Bocanegra Kelly Garcés Rubby Casallas

From zero to fog: Efficient engineering of fog-based Internet of Things applications.

Tobias Pfandzelter Jonathan Hasenburg David Bermbach

Ajalon: Simplifying the authoring of wearable cognitive assistants.

Truong-An Pham Junjue Wang Roger Iyengar Yu Xiao Padmanabhan Pillai Roberta L. Klatzky Mahadev Satyanarayanan

Toward an autonomic approach for Internet of Things service placement using gray wolf optimization in the fog computing environment.

Mahboubeh Salimian Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani Ali Shahidinejad

On the comprehension of application programming interface usability in game engines.

Akhila Sri Manasa Venigalla Sridhar Chimalakonda

Number parsing at a gigabyte per second.

Daniel Lemire

Alchemy: Distributed financial quantitative analysis system with high-level programming model.

Rong Gu Zhixiang Zhang Zhihao Xu Zhaokang Wang Kai Zhang Chunfeng Yuan Yihua Huang

Model-based assisted migration of oracle forms applications: The overall process in an industrial setting.

Cristo Rodríguez Kelly Garcés Jordi Cabot Rubby Casallas Fabián Melo Daniel Escobar Alejandro Salamanca

Volume 51, Number 7, July 2021
ARTful: A model for user-defined schedulers targeting multiple high-performance computing runtime systems.

Alexandre de L. Santana Vinicius Freitas Márcio Castro Laércio Lima Pilla Jean-François Méhaut

The μTOSCA toolchain: Mining, analyzing, and refactoring microservice-based architectures.

Jacopo Soldani Giuseppe Muntoni Davide Neri Antonio Brogi

Algorithms for all-pairs Hamming distance based similarity.

Szymon Grabowski Tomasz Marek Kowalski

Design and evaluation of a scalable Internet of Things backend for smart ports.

Vincent Bracke Merlijn Sebrechts Bart Moons Jeroen Hoebeke Filip De Turck Bruno Volckaert

A Blockchain-based Cyber Attack Detection Scheme for Decentralized Internet of Things using Software-Defined Network.

Deepsubhra Guha Roy Satish Narayana Srirama

Mutual Information and Feature Importance Gradient Boosting: Automatic byte n-gram feature reranking for Android malware detection.

Mahmood Yousefi-Azar Vijay Varadharajan Len Hamey Shiping Chen

An unmanned aerial vehicles navigation system on the basis of pattern recognition applications - Review of implementation options and prospects for development.

Nidal Al-Said Yuri Gorbachev Aleksei Avdeenko

A systematic gray literature review: The technologies and concerns of microservice application programming interfaces.

Fangwei Chen Li Zhang Xiaoli Lian

Volume 51, Number 6, June 2021
Control and data acquisition software of the high-energy particle detector on board the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite space mission.

Alessandro Sotgiu Cinzia De Donato Claudio Fornaro Sandro Tassa Marco Scannavini Dario Iannaccio Giovanni Ambrosi Simona Bartocci Laurent Basara Roberto Battiston William J. Burger Donatella Campana Luca Carfora Guido Castellini Piero Cipollone Livio Conti Andrea Contin Fulvio De Persio Cristian De Santis Francesco M. Follega Cristina Guandalini Maria Ionica Roberto Iuppa Giuliano Laurenti Ignazio Lazzizzera Mauro Lolli Christian Manea Matteo Martucci Giuseppe Masciantonio Matteo Mergé Giuseppe Osteria Lorenzo Pacini Francesco Palma Federico Palmonari Beatrice Panico Alexandra Parmentier Francesco Perfetto Piergiorgio Picozza Mirko Piersanti Michele Pozzato Matteo Puel Irina Rashevskaya Ester Ricci Marco Ricci Sergio Bruno Ricciarini Valentina Scotti Roberta Sparvoli Bruno Spataro Vincenzo Vitale Simona Zoffoli Paolo Zuccon

Reusability affecting factors and software metrics for reusability: A systematic literature review.

Bilal Mehboob Chun Yong Chong Sai Peck Lee Joanne Mun-Yee Lim

A procedural and flexible approach for specification, modeling, definition, and analysis for self-adaptive systems.

Patrícia Araújo de Oliveira Francisco Durán Ernesto Pimentel

An autonomous model for self-optimizing virtual machine selection by learning automata in cloud environment.

Negin Najafizadegan Eslam Nazemi Vahid Khajehvand

GraphRedex: Look at your research.

Robbert Gurdeep Singh Christophe Scholliers

The human in model-driven engineering loop: A case study on integrating handwritten code in model-driven engineering repositories.

Rahad Khandoker Omar Badreddin Sayed Mohsin Reza

Migrating production monolithic systems to microservices using aspect oriented programming.

Augusto Flávio A. A. Freire Américo Falcone Sampaio Luis Heustakio L. Carvalho Otávio Medeiros Nabor C. Mendonça

Modified deep belief network based human emotion recognition with multiscale features from video sequences.

Velagapudi Sreenivas Varsha Namdeo Eda Vijay Kumar

An efficient load balancing using seven stone game optimization in cloud computing.

Periyasami Karthikeyan

Availability modeling in redundant OpenStack private clouds.

Mahsa Faraji Shoyari Ehsan Ataie Reza Entezari-Maleki Ali Movaghar

Providing high-level self-adaptive abstractions for stream parallelism on multicores.

Adriano Vogel Dalvan Griebler Luiz Gustavo Fernandes

What factors influence the lifetime of pull requests?

Daricélio Moreira Soares Manoel Limeira de Lima Júnior Leonardo Murta Alexandre Plastino

Volume 51, Number 5, May 2021
CONST: Continuous online NoSQL schema tuning.

Maryam Mozaffari Eslam Nazemi Amir-Masoud Eftekhari-Moghadam

Software fault prediction using Whale algorithm with genetics algorithm.

Hiba Alsghaier Mohammed Akour

An autonomous IoT service placement methodology in fog computing.

Masoumeh Ayoubi Mohammadreza Ramezanpour Reihaneh Khorsand

Multiuser collaborative illustration and visualization for volumetric scientific data.

Richen Liu Xiaodong Wen Meng Jiang Guang Yang Chuyu Zhang Xiaojian Chen

Integrated model-driven engineering of blockchain applications for business processes and asset management.

Qinghua Lu An Binh Tran Ingo Weber Hugo O'Connor Paul Rimba Xiwei Xu Mark Staples Liming Zhu Ross Jeffery

SCOZ: A system-wide causal profiler for multicore systems.

Minwoo Ahn Donghyun Kim Taekeun Nam Jinkyu Jeong

Advanced control-flow and concurrency in C∀.

Thierry Delisle Peter A. Buhr

Engineering faster sorters for small sets of items.

Timo Bingmann Jasper Marianczuk Peter Sanders

Validating UTF-8 in less than one instruction per byte.

John Keiser Daniel Lemire

Practical trade-offs for the prefix-sum problem.

Giulio Ermanno Pibiri Rossano Venturini

BigDataSDNSim: A simulator for analyzing big data applications in software-defined cloud data centers.

Khaled Alwasel Rodrigo N. Calheiros Saurabh Garg Rajkumar Buyya Mukaddim Pathan Dimitrios Georgakopoulos Rajiv Ranjan

Aggregating data center measurements for availability analysis.

Élisson da Silva Rocha Leylane Silva Guto Leoni Santos Diego de Freitas Bezerra André L. C. Moreira Glauco Estácio Gonçalves Maria Valéria Marquezini Amardeep Mehta Mattias Wildeman Judith Kelner Djamel Sadok Patricia Takako Endo

Root causing, detecting, and fixing flaky tests: State of the art and future roadmap.

Behrouz Zolfaghari Reza M. Parizi Gautam Srivastava Yoseph Hailemariam

Featured Cover.

Qinghua Lu An Binh Tran Ingo Weber Hugo O'Connor Paul Rimba Xiwei Xu Mark Staples Liming Zhu Ross Jeffery

Volume 51, Number 4, April 2021
A cloud-based integration platform for enterprise application integration: A Model-Driven Engineering approach.

Rafael Z. Frantz Rafael Corchuelo Vítor Basto Fernandes Fernando Rosa-Sequeira Fabricia Roos-Frantz José Luis Arjona

Leveraging machine learning for software redocumentation - A comprehensive comparison of methods in practice.

Verena Geist Michael Moser Josef Pichler Rodolfo Santos Volkmar Wieser

Code-level model checking in the software development workflow at Amazon Web Services.

Nathan Chong Byron Cook Jonathan Eidelman Konstantinos Kallas Kareem Khazem Felipe R. Monteiro Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne Serdar Tasiran Michael Tautschnig Mark R. Tuttle

Predicting just-in-time software defects to reduce post-release quality costs in the maritime industry.

Jonggu Kang Duksan Ryu Jongmoon Baik

Software reuse analytics using integrated random forest and gradient boosting machine learning algorithm.

Amandeep Kaur Sandhu Ranbir Singh Batth

Unit of measurement libraries, their popularity and suitability.

Steve McKeever Oscar Bennich-Björkman Omar-Alfred Salah

How do open source app developers perceive API changes related to Android battery optimization? An empirical study.

Marimuthu Chinnakali Sridhar Chimalakonda K. Chandrasekaran

Introduction to the Special Issue on Software Engineering in Practice.

Judith Bishop Kendra M. L. Cooper

Volume 51, Number 3, March 2021
INSWF DNA signal analysis tool: Intelligent noise suppression window filter.

Muneer Ahmad Iftikhar Ahmad Muhammad Bilal Alireza Jolfaei Raja Majid Mehmood

Author classification using transfer learning and predicting stars in co-author networks.

Rashid Abbasi Ali Kashif Bashir Jianwen Chen Abdul Mateen Jalil Piran Farhan Amin Bin Luo

A graph-based convolutional neural network stock price prediction with leading indicators.

Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu Zhongcui Li Gautam Srivastava Meng-Hsiun Tsai Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

SafeMan: A unified framework to manage cybersecurity and safety in manufacturing industry.

Ángel Luis Perales Gómez Lorenzo Fernández Maimó Alberto Huertas Celdrán Félix J. García Clemente Manuel Gil Pérez Gregorio Martínez Pérez

Data fusion analysis for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder emotion recognition with thermal image and Internet of Things devices.

Ying-Hsun Lai Yao-Chung Chang Chia-Wei Tsai Chih Hsun Lin Mu-Yen Chen

Senti-eSystem: A sentiment-based eSystem-using hybridized fuzzy and deep neural network for measuring customer satisfaction.

Muhammad Zubair Asghar Fazli Subhan Hussain Ahmad Wazir Zada Khan Saqib Hakak Thippa Reddy Gadekallu Mamoun Alazab

Spatiotemporal-based sentiment analysis on tweets for risk assessment of event using deep learning approach.

Parimala M. R. M. Swarna Priya M. Praveen Kumar Reddy Chiranji Lal Chowdhary Ravi Kumar Poluru Suleman Khan

PARCIV: Recognizing physical activities having complex interclass variations using semantic data of smartphone.

Muhammad Usman Sarwar Abdul Rehman Javed Farzana Kulsoom Suleman Khan Usman Tariq Ali Kashif Bashir

GDBApex: A graph-based system to enable efficient transformation of enterprise infrastructures.

Moath H. A. Jarrah Bahaa Al-khatieb Naseem Mahasneh Baghdad Al-khateeb Yaser Jararweh

Trilateration-based indoor localization engineering technique for visible light communication system.

Ayesha Naz Hafiz M. Asif Tariq Umer Shahid Ayub Fadi Al-Turjman

An efficient radix trie-based semantic visual indexing model for large-scale image retrieval in cloud environment.

N. Krishnaraj Mohamed Elhoseny E. Laxmi Lydia K. Shankar Omar Aldabbas

Semantic eSystems: Engineering methods, techniques, and tools.

Thar Baker Dhiya Al-Jumeily Zakaria Maamar Zahir Tari

Volume 51, Number 2, February 2021
A model driven and clustering method for service identification directed by metrics.

Mohammad Daghaghzadeh Seyed Morteza Babamir

MyNeutronDAQ: A general program for data acquisition of neutron scattering spectrometers at China Mianyang Research Reactor and on-line data-analysis.

Tingting Wang Beibei Pang Xinxi Li Yan Wang Chaoqiang Huang Jian Gong Guangai Sun Dong Liu

Finite-state model extraction and visualization from Java program execution.

Jevitha K. P. Swaminathan Jayaraman Bharat Jayaraman M. Sethumadhavan

Plumb: Efficient stream processing of multi-user pipelines.

Abdul Qadeer John S. Heidemann

Practical dynamic reconstruction of control flow graphs.

Andrei Rimsa José Nelson Amaral Fernando M. Q. Pereira

APISonar: Mining API usage examples.

André C. Hora

SQVDT: A scalable quantitative vulnerability detection technique for source code security assessment.

Junaid Akram Ping Luo

Energy-Saving Multisensor Data Sampling and Fusion with Decision-Making for Monitoring Health Risk Using WBSNs.

Alaa Shawqi Jaber Ali Kadhum Idrees

Drug investigation tool: Identifying the effect of drug on cell image by using improved correlation.

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Iftikhar Ahmad Muhammad Asif Sun-Hee Kim Raja Majid Mehmood

Feature location enhancement based on source code augmentation with synonyms of terms.

Ahmad A. Saifan Lana Obeidat

KubCG: A dynamic Kubernetes scheduler for heterogeneous clusters.

Ghofrane El Haj Ahmed Felipe J. Gil-Castiñeira Enrique Costa-Montenegro

Evaluating management and orchestration impact on closed-loop orchestration delay.

Juan García-Rois Pablo Fondo-Ferreiro Felipe J. Gil-Castiñeira Francisco J. González-Castaño David Candal-Ventureira

Efficient POSIX submatch extraction on nondeterministic finite automata.

Angelo Borsotti Ulya Trofimovich

Volume 51, Number 1, January 2021
ThingsMigrate: Platform-independent migration of stateful JavaScript Internet of Things applications.

Kumseok Jung Julien Gascon-Samson Shivanshu Goyal Armin Rezaiean-Asel Karthik Pattabiraman

IoT-fog-cloud based architecture for smart systems: Prototypes of autism and COVID-19 monitoring systems.

Ameni Kallel Molka Rekik Mahdi Khemakhem

Evaluating system architectures for driving range estimation and charge planning for electric vehicles.

Adam Thor Thorgeirsson Moritz Vaillant Stefan Scheubner Frank Gauterin

Autonomic rejuvenation of cloud applications as a countermeasure to software anomalies.

Pierangelo di Sanzo Dimiter R. Avresky Alessandro Pellegrini

A framework for microservices synchronization.

Antonio De Iasio Eugenio Zimeo

Performance analysis of distributed storage clusters based on kernel and userspace traces.

Houssem Daoud Michel R. Dagenais

Golden Jubilee Year of the Software Journal: Celebrating its Vision, Ground-breaking Contributions and Impact.

Rajkumar Buyya