Volume 422, June 2022
Spectral determination of graphs with one positive anti-adjacency eigenvalue.

Xingyu Lei Jianfeng Wang

On some integral equations for the evaluation of first-passage-time densities of time-inhomogeneous birth-death processes.

Virginia Giorno Amelia G. Nobile

On robust set stability and set stabilization of probabilistic Boolean control networks.

Jianjun Wang Wen Liu Shihua Fu Jianwei Xia

Internally disjoint trees in the line graph and total graph of the complete bipartite graph.

Shu-Li Zhao Rong-Xia Hao Chao Wei

Time-varying formation control of multiple unmanned surface vessels with heterogeneous hydrodynamics subject to actuator attacks.

Lili Li Yulong Tuo Tieshan Li Meijuan Tong Shasha Wang

FFT bifurcation: A tool for spectrum analyzing of dynamical systems.

Nazanin Zandi Mehran Fahimeh Nazarimehr Karthikeyan Rajagopal Dibakar Ghosh Sajad Jafari Guanrong Chen

A simple and efficient numerical method for pricing discretely monitored early-exercise options.

Min Huang Guo Luo

Preconditioned TBiCOR and TCORS algorithms for solving the Sylvester tensor equation.

Guang-Xin Huang Qi-Xing Chen Feng Yin

Global analysis of tuberculosis dynamical model and optimal control strategies based on case data in the United States.

Yong Li Xianning Liu Yiyi Yuan Jiang Li Lianwen Wang

Dynamical behavior of similarity solutions of CKOEs with conservation law.

Raj Kumar Avneesh Kumar

On locally primitive symmetric graph of valency twice prime.

Jing Jian Li Xiao Qian Zhang Jun Yan Chen

Adaptive output feedback control for a class of switched stochastic nonlinear systems via an event-triggered strategy.

Manman Yuan Junyong Zhai Hui Ye

Stabilization analysis of Markovian asynchronous switched systems with input delay and Lévy noise.

Peilin Yu Feiqi Deng

A two-step stabilized finite element algorithm for the Smagorinsky model.

Bo Zheng Yueqiang Shang

Development of modal interval algorithm for solving continuous minimax problems.

Xin Luo Min Sun

A traverse algorithm approach to stochastic stability analysis of Markovian jump systems with unknown and uncertain transition rates.

Baoping Jiang Zhengtian Wu Hamid Reza Karimi

Plug-and-Play gradient-based denoisers applied to CT image enhancement.

Pasquale Cascarano Elena Loli Piccolomini Elena Morotti Andrea Sebastiani

Normal Cayley digraphs of generalized quaternion groups with CI-property.

Jin-Hua Xie Yan-Quan Feng Young Soo Kwon

Energy-preserving mixed finite element methods for the elastic wave equation.

Songxin Li Yongke Wu

Distributed output feedback consensus tracking control of multiple nonholonomic mobile robots with only position information of leader.

Ying Zou Chao Deng Lu Dong Lei Ding Ming Lu

Approximate resolving equations of mathematical model of a curved thin-walled cylinder.

Viktor A. Rukavishnikov Oleg P. Tkachenko

Model order reduction of port-Hamiltonian systems with inhomogeneous initial conditions via approximate finite-time Gramians.

Yanpeng Li Yaolin Jiang Ping Yang