Volume 127, February 2022
Autoencoder-based feature construction for IoT attacks clustering.

Junaid Haseeb Masood Mansoori Yuichi Hirose Harith Al-Sahaf Ian Welch

Radial Basis Function Network with Differential Privacy.

Neda Bugshan Ibrahim Khalil Nour Moustafa Mahathir Almashor Alsharif Abuadbba

Prostate cancer classification from ultrasound and MRI images using deep learning based Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Md. Rafiul Hassan Md. Fakrul Islam Md. Zia Uddin Goutam Ghoshal Mohammad Mehedi Hassan Shamsul Huda Giancarlo Fortino

Byte embeddings for file fragment classification.

Md. Enamul Haque Mehmet Engin Tozal

Enabling cross-continent provider fairness in educational recommender systems.

Elizabeth Gómez Carlos Shui Zhang Ludovico Boratto Maria Salamó Guilherme Ramos

Real-time epileptic seizure recognition using Bayesian genetic whale optimizer and adaptive machine learning.

Ahmed M. Anter Mohamed Abd Elaziz Zhiguo Zhang

PSO-weighted random forest for attractive tourism spots recommendation.

Yuran Zhang Ziyan Tang

Network embedding based link prediction in dynamic networks.

Shashi Prakash Tripathi Rahul Kumar Yadav Abhay Kumar Rai

DAVINCI: online and Dynamic Adaptation of eVolvable vIrtual Network services over Cloud Infrastructures.

Laaziz Lahlou Nadjia Kara Claes Edstrom

CVFuzz: Detecting complexity vulnerabilities in OpenCL kernels via automated pathological input generation.

Wentao Li Zhiwen Chen Xin He Guo-yun Duan Jianhua Sun Hao Chen

Lattice-based public key searchable encryption with fine-grained access control for edge computing.

Peng Wang Biwen Chen Tao Xiang Zhongming Wang

An adaptive federated learning scheme with differential privacy preserving.

Xiang Wu Yongting Zhang Minyu Shi Pei Li Ruirui Li Neal N. Xiong

An Anti-Malicious Task Allocation Mechanism in Crowdsensing Systems.

Xiaocan Wu Yu-e Sun Yang Du Guoju Gao He Huang Xiaoshuang Xing

Scenario prediction of public health emergencies using infectious disease dynamics model and dynamic Bayes.

Shan Gao Hanyi Wang

Guest Editorial of the FGCS Special Issue on Advances in Intelligent Systems for Online Education.

Geoffray Bonnin Danilo Dessì Gianni Fenu Martin Hlosta Mirko Marras Harald Sack

A distributed Monte Carlo based linear algebra solver applied to the analysis of large complex networks.

Filipe Magalhães José Monteiro Juan A. Acebrón José R. Herrero

Fault localization based on wide & deep learning model by mining software behavior.

Tiantian Wang HaiLong Yu Kechao Wang Xiaohong Su

AI-assisted Computer Network Operations testbed for Nature-Inspired Cyber Security based adaptive defense simulation and analysis.

Shishir Kumar Shandilya Saket Upadhyay Ajit Kumar Atulya K. Nagar

A wearable-based posture recognition system with AI-assisted approach for healthcare IoT.

Zhen Hong Miao Hong Ning Wang Yong Ma Xiaolong Zhou Wei Wang

A lightweight supervised intrusion detection mechanism for IoT networks.

Souradip Roy Juan Li Bong-Jin Choi Yan Bai

An end-to-end deep learning model for robust smooth filtering identification.

Yujin Zhang Luo Yu Zhijun Fang Neal N. Xiong Lijun Zhang Haiyue Tian

A formal analysis of performance-security tradeoffs under frequent task reconfigurations.

Sarah Alhozaimy Daniel A. Menascé

Cost-effective crowdsourced join queries for entity resolution without prior knowledge.

Bo Yin Weilong Zeng Xuetao Wei

Blockchain-enabled feedback-based combinatorial double auction for cloud markets.

Xuyang Ma Du Xu Katinka Wolter

Exploiting multi-level parallel metaheuristics and heterogeneous computing to boost phylogenetics.

Sergio Santander-Jiménez Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez Leonel Sousa

Is it a good move? Mining effective tutoring strategies from human-human tutorial dialogues.

Jionghao Lin Shaveen Singh Lele Sha Wei Tan David Lang Dragan Gasevic Guanliang Chen

XSRU-IoMT: Explainable simple recurrent units for threat detection in Internet of Medical Things networks.

Izhar Ahmed Khan Nour Moustafa Imran Razzak Muhammad Tanveer Dechang Pi Yue Pan Bakht Sher Ali

A Q-learning approach for the autoscaling of scientific workflows in the Cloud.

Yisel Gari David A. Monge Cristian Mateos

Anonymous Traceability protocol based on Group Signature for Blockchain.

Bei Gong Chi Cui Mingsheng Hu Chong Guo Xiaochong Li Yuheng Ren

Optimal data placement strategy considering capacity limitation and load balancing in geographically distributed cloud.

Chunlin Li Qianqian Cai Youlong Lou

Load balancing with traffic isolation in data center networks.

Tao Zhang Qianqiang Zhang Yasi Lei Shaojun Zou Juan Huang Fangmin Li

Automated evolutionary approach for the design of composite machine learning pipelines.

Nikolay O. Nikitin Pavel Vychuzhanin Mikhail Sarafanov Iana S. Polonskaia Ilia Revin Irina V. Barabanova Gleb Maximov Anna V. Kalyuzhnaya Alexander Boukhanovsky

Feature recognition of irregular pellet images by regularized Extreme Learning Machine in combination with fractal theory.

Weixing Liu Shaohong Yan Tailong Chen Jiaqing Cheng Ke Wang Jintao Song Ai-Min Yang Jie Li Hongwei Xing Yuzhu Zhang

Hybrid market-based resources allocation in Mobile Edge Computing systems under stochastic information.

Xiaowen Huang Shimin Gong Jingmin Yang Wenjie Zhang Liwei Yang Chai Kiat Yeo

Reliable customer analysis using federated learning and exploring deep-attention edge intelligence.

Usman Ahmed Gautam Srivastava Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

A privacy-protected intelligent crowdsourcing application of IoT based on the reinforcement learning.

Yingying Ren Wei Liu Anfeng Liu Tian Wang Ang Li

Learning behaviours data in programming education: Community analysis and outcome prediction with cleaned data.

Tai Tan Mai Marija Bezbradica Martin Crane

Discovering prerequisite relations from educational documents through word embeddings.

Fabio Gasparetti

A secure and lightweight certificateless hybrid signcryption scheme for Internet of Things.

Bei Gong Yong Wu Qian Wang Yu-heng Ren Chong Guo

FlexVF: Adaptive network device services in a virtualized environment.

Brice Ekane Tu Dinh Ngoc Boris Teabe Daniel Hagimont Noel De Palma

Energy-efficient and secure mobile fog-based cloud for the Internet of Things.

Abdul Razaque Yaser Jararweh Bandar Alotaibi Munif Alotaibi Salim Hariri Muder Almiani