Volume 151, December 2021
Bitcoin price forecasting: A perspective of underlying blockchain transactions.

Haizhou Guo Dian Zhang Siyuan Liu Lei Wang Ye Ding

Improving fake news detection with domain-adversarial and graph-attention neural network.

Hua Yuan Jie Zheng Qiongwei Ye Yu Qian Yan Zhang

Decisions for information or information for decisions? Optimizing information gathering in decision-intensive processes.

Simon Voorberg Rik Eshuis Willem van Jaarsveld G. J. van Houtum

Developing a decision support system to detect material weaknesses in internal control.

Murtaza Nasir Serhat Simsek Erin Cornelsen Srinivasan Ragothaman Ali Dag

Why do organizations leverage social media to create business value? An external factor-centric empirical investigation.

Jiabao Lin Zhimei Luo Jose Benitez Xin (Robert) Luo Ales Popovic

Promotional pricing strategies for platform vendors: Competition between first- and third-party products.

Nan Feng Jianjian Chen Haiyang Feng Minqiang Li

Aligning the interests of newsvendors and forecasters through blockchain-based smart contracts and proper scoring rules.

Arthur Carvalho Majid Karimi

A mixed heterogeneous factorization model for non-overlapping cross-domain recommendation.

Ting Yu Junpeng Guo Wenhua Li Meng Lu

Regression imputation optimizing sample size and emulation: Demonstrations and comparisons to prominent methods.

Gary F. Templeton Martin Kang Nargess Tahmasbi

Time-preference-based on-spot bundled cloud-service provisioning.

Anik Mukherjee Rangaraja P. Sundarraj Kaushik Dutta