Volume 154, March 2022
Cultural differences in the perception of credible online reviews - The influence of presentation format.

Benedikt M. Brand Riccardo Reith

Portraying probabilistic relationships of continuous nodes in Bayesian networks with ranked nodes method.

Pekka Laitila Kai Virtanen

The dynamic customer engagement behaviors in the customer satisfaction survey.

Saram Han Christopher K. Anderson

Analysis of third-party request structures to detect fraudulent websites.

Ram D. Gopal Afrouz Hojati Raymond A. Patterson

Maximizing student opportunities for in-person classes under pandemic capacity reductions.

Carlos Cardonha David Bergman Robert Day

Power structure builds gamer loyalty.

Tzu-Ling Huang Ching-I Teng Shih-I Tai Hsin Chen Alan R. Dennis

Exploring investors' expectancies and its impact on project funding success likelihood in crowdfunding by using text analytics and Bayesian networks.

Francis Joseph Costello Kun Chang Lee

An interface between natural language and abstract argumentation frameworks for real-time debate analysis.

Benjamin Delhomme Franck Taillandier Irène Abi-Zeid Rallou Thomopoulos Cédric Baudrit Laurent Mora

Heuristics and sensitivity analyses to guide replenishment decisions for red blood cells with random transfer.

Marilyn T. Lucas David C. Novak Kartikeya S. Puranam

Understanding the impacts of user- and marketer- generated content on free digital content consumption.

Kexin Zhao Peiqin Zhang Hsun-Ming Lee