Volume 48, Number 12, December 2018
Iterative algorithm for interactive co-segmentation using semantic information propagation.

Zahra Kamranian Ahmad Reza Naghsh-Nilchi S. Amirhassan Monadjemi Nassir Navab

Posterior sampling for Monte Carlo planning under uncertainty.

Aijun Bai Feng Wu Xiaoping Chen

Adaptive background modeling of complex scenarios based on pixel level learning modeled with a retinotopic self-organizing map and radial basis mapping.

Juan A. Ramirez-Quintana Mario Ignacio Chacon Murguia Graciela María de Jesús Ramírez Alonso

Geometrically modeled derivative feature descriptor aiding supervised shape retrieval.

S. Priyanka M. S. Sudhakar

A hyper-heuristic with two guidance indicators for bi-objective mixed-shift vehicle routing problem with time windows.

Binhui Chen Rong Qu Ruibin Bai Wasakorn Laesanklang

Supervised data-dependent kernel sparsity preserving projection for image recognition.

Ao Zhang Xianwen Gao

Collaborative fuzzy clustering of distributed concept-drifting dynamic data using a gossip-based approach.

Hoda Mashayekhi

Asynchronous reinforcement learning algorithms for solving discrete space path planning problems.

Xingyu Zhao Shifei Ding Yuexuan An Weikuan Jia

Some hybrid weighted aggregation operators under neutrosophic set environment and their applications to multicriteria decision-making.

Harish Garg Nancy

Active contours driven by non-local Gaussian distribution fitting energy for image segmentation.

Yupeng Li Guo Cao Qian Yu Xuesong Li

Dynamic behavior of a class of neutral-type neural networks with discontinuous activations and time-varying delays.

Fanchao Kong Xianwen Fang Zaitao Liang

On enhancing serial fusion based multi-biometric verification system.

Md Hossain Jundong Chen Khandaker Rahman

Applying temporal dependence to detect changes in streaming data.

Quang-Huy Duong Heri Ramampiaro Kjetil Nørvåg

An optimized hybrid algorithm in term of energy and performance for mapping real time workloads on 2d based on-chip networks.

Sarzamin Khan Sheraz Anjum Usman Ali Gulzari Farruh Ishmanov Maurizio Palesi Muhammad Khalil Afzal

A new framework for metaheuristic-based frequent itemset mining.

Youcef Djenouri Djamel Djenouri Asma Belhadi Philippe Fournier-Viger Jerry Chun-Wei Lin

Boosting an evolution strategy with a preprocessing step: application to group scheduling problem in directional sensor networks.

Gaurav Srivastava Alok Singh

K-means properties on six clustering benchmark datasets.

Pasi Fränti Sami Sieranoja

Effective hate-speech detection in Twitter data using recurrent neural networks.

Georgios K. Pitsilis Heri Ramampiaro Helge Langseth

Faster learning by reduction of data access time.

Vinod Kumar Chauhan Anuj Sharma Kalpana Dahiya

An efficient algorithm for mining periodic high-utility sequential patterns.

Duy-Tai Dinh Bac Le Philippe Fournier-Viger Van-Nam Huynh

Magic barrier estimation models for recommended systems under normal distribution.

Heng-Ru Zhang Fan Min Yan-Xue Wu Zhuo-Lin Fu Lei Gao

The efficiency of the NSHPZ-HMM: theoretical and practical study.

Hanene Boukerma Christophe Choisy Nadir Farah Mohamed Cheriet

Gradient-based adaptive particle swarm optimizer with improved extremal optimization.

Xiaoli Zhao Jenq-Neng Hwang Zhijun Fang Guozhong Wang

Reduction of the uncertainty in feature tracking.

Anna A. Gorbenko Vladimir Yu. Popov

Feature selection considering weighted relevancy.

Ping Zhang Wanfu Gao Guixia Liu

Some new operations on single-valued neutrosophic matrices and their applications in multi-criteria group decision making.

Faruk Karaaslan Khizar Hayat

Supervised methods for regrouping attributes in fuzzy rule-based classification systems.

Ilef Ben Slima Amel Borgi

Unlabeled PCA-shuffling initialization for convolutional neural networks.

Jun Ou Yujian Li Chengkai Shen

KNN-based least squares twin support vector machine for pattern classification.

Amir M. Mir Jalal A. Nasiri

A link prediction algorithm based on low-rank matrix completion.

Man Gao Ling Chen Bin Li Wei Liu

Volume 48, Number 11, November 2018
Observation of sales trends by mining emerging patterns in dynamic markets.

Cheng-Hsiung Weng Tony Cheng-Kui Huang

ICMA: a new efficient algorithm for process model discovery.

Somayeh Alizadeh Ala Norani

A graph based superpixel generation algorithm.

Xiang Wu Xianhui Liu Yufei Chen Jianan Shen Weidong Zhao

An iterative algorithm to eliminate edges for traveling salesman problem based on a new binomial distribution - Eliminating edges for TSP.

Yong Wang Jeffrey B. Remmel

Incorporating reliable virtual ratings into social recommendation systems.

Sajad Ahmadian Majid Meghdadi Mohsen Afsharchi

A novel gene selection method using modified MRMR and hybrid bat-inspired algorithm with β-hill climbing.

Osama Ahmad Alomari Ahamad Tajudin Khader Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar Mohammed A. Awadallah

A swarm intelligence approach for the colored traveling salesman problem.

Venkatesh Pandiri Alok Singh

Solving stochastic nonlinear resource allocation problems using continuous learning automata.

Anis Yazidi Hugo Lewi Hammer

An improved multiclass support vector machine classifier using reduced hyper-plane with skewed binary tree.

Pranjal S. Bogawar Kishor K. Bhoyar

A novel approach for improving quality of health state with difference degree in circuit diagnosis.

Meng Liu Dantong Ouyang Liming Zhang

A novel alignment algorithm for effective web data extraction from singleton-item pages.

Oviliani Yenty Yuliana Chia-Hui Chang

Supplemental observation acquisition for learning by observation agents.

Michael W. Floyd Babak Esfandiari

Explicit memory based ABC with a clustering strategy for updating and retrieval of memory in dynamic environments.

Hamid Parvin Samad Nejatian Majid Mohamadpour

A novel link prediction method for supervising transitivity process.

Cheng Jiang Wei Chen Jun Zhang

CMA evolution strategy assisted by kriging model and approximate ranking.

Changwu Huang Bouchaib Radi Abdelkhalak El Hami Hao Bai

A meta-heuristic for topology optimization using probabilistic learning.

Sergio Ivvan Valdez José L. Marroquín Salvador Botello Noé Faurrieta

Cost-sensitive SVDD models based on a sample selection approach.

Zhenchong Zhao Xiaodan Wang

Deep learning-based personality recognition from text posts of online social networks.

Di Xue Lifa Wu Zheng Hong Shize Guo Liang Gao Zhiyong Wu Xiaofeng Zhong Jianshan Sun

Entropy based fuzzy least squares twin support vector machine for class imbalance learning.

Deepak Gupta Bharat Richhariya

A novel cuckoo search algorithm with multiple update rules.

Jiatang Cheng Lei Wang Qiaoyong Jiang Yan Xiong

A novel adaptive learning algorithm for low-dimensional feature space using memristor-crossbar implementation and on-chip training.

Sajad Haghzad Klidbary Saeed Bagheri Shouraki

A hybrid multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with feedback mechanism.

Chao Lu Liang Gao Xinyu Li Bing Zeng Feng Zhou

Joint spectral-spatial hyperspectral image classification based on hierarchical subspace switch ensemble learning algorithm.

Yongming Li Tingjie Xie Pin Wang Jie Wang Shujun Liu Xichuan Zhou Xinzheng Zhang

Fast and robust road sign detection in driver assistance systems.

Tao Zhang Jie Zou Wenjing Jia

Parameter estimation in abruptly changing dynamic environments using stochastic learning weak estimator.

Hugo Lewi Hammer Anis Yazidi

Generalized score functions on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets with preference parameters for different types of decision makers and their application.

Fangwei Zhang Jihong Chen Yuhua Zhu Ziyi Zhuang Jiaru Li

A load prediction model for cloud computing using PSO-based weighted wavelet support vector machine.

Wei Zhong Yi Zhuang Jian Sun Jingjing Gu

Hybrid clustering analysis using improved krill herd algorithm.

Laith Mohammad Abualigah Ahamad Tajudin Khader Essam Said Hanandeh

A rough ν-twin support vector regression machine.

Zhenxia Xue Roxin Zhang Chuandong Qin Xiaoqing Zeng

A gamma type-2 defuzzification method for solving a solid transportation problem considering carbon emission.

Dipanjana Sengupta Amrit Das Uttam Kumar Bera

Applying algorithm selection to abductive diagnostic reasoning.

Roxane Koitz Franz Wotawa

Snapshot ensembles of non-negative matrix factorization for stability of topic modeling.

Jipeng Qiang Yun Li Yunhao Yuan Wei Liu

Sensor dynamic reliability evaluation based on evidence theory and intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

Yafei Song Xiaodan Wang Jingwei Zhu Lei Lei

Fuzzy risk analysis using similarity measure of interval-valued fuzzy numbers and its application in poultry farming.

Rituparna Chutia

Novel hesitant fuzzy linguistic entropy and cross-entropy measures in multiple criteria decision making.

Bahram Farhadinia Zeshui Xu

Mining web access patterns with super-pattern constraint.

Trang Van Atsuo Yoshitaka Bac Le

Dynamic sparse coding for sparse time-series modeling via first-order smooth optimization.

Minyoung Kim

Amended harmony search algorithm with perturbation strategy for large-scale system reliability problems.

Haibin Ouyang Liqun Gao Steven Li

Volume 48, Number 10, October 2018
An improved MOEA/D design for many-objective optimization problems.

Wei Zheng Yanyan Tan Lili Meng Huaxiang Zhang

A multivariate short-term traffic flow forecasting method based on wavelet analysis and seasonal time series.

Hong Zhang Xiaoming Wang Jie Cao Minan Tang Yirong Guo

An efficient image retrieval method using adaptive weights.

Nguyen Huu Quynh Quynh Dao Thi Thuy Canh Phuong Van Can Nguyen Van Ngo Quoc Tao

Recurrent networks with attention and convolutional networks for sentence representation and classification.

Tengfei Liu Shuangyuan Yu Baomin Xu Hongfeng Yin

A new approach based on possibilistic programming technique and fractile optimization for bilevel programming in a hybrid uncertain circumstance.

Aihong Ren Yuping Wang

A novel multi-objective optimization algorithm based on artificial algae for multi-objective engineering design problems.

Mohamed A. Tawhid Vimal J. Savsani

Primitive activity recognition from short sequences of sensory data.

Yasser F. O. Mohammad Kazunori Matsumoto Keiichiro Hoashi

A Bayesian network based solution scheme for the constrained Stochastic On-line Equi-Partitioning Problem.

Sondre Glimsdal Ole-Christoffer Granmo

A hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm for flexible job-shop scheduling problems with process plan flexibility.

Ricardo Pérez-Rodríguez Arturo Hernández Aguirre

Maintenance algorithm for high average-utility itemsets with transaction deletion.

Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Yina Shao Philippe Fournier-Viger Youcef Djenouri Xiangmin Guo

Solving security constrained optimal power flow problems: a hybrid evolutionary approach.

Carolina Gil Marcelino Paulo E. M. de Almeida Elizabeth F. Wanner Manuel Baumann Marcel Weil Leonel M. Carvalho Vladimiro Miranda

Hybrid multicriteria algorithms applied to structural design of wireless local area networks.

Marlon Paolo Lima Ricardo H. C. Takahashi Marcos Augusto M. Vieira Eduardo G. Carrano

A new keypoint-based copy-move forgery detection for color image.

Xiang-Yang Wang Li-xian Jiao Xue-Bing Wang Hong-Ying Yang Pan-Pan Niu

Differential evolution algorithm with multiple mutation strategies based on roulette wheel selection.

Wuwen Qian Junrui Chai Zengguang Xu Ziying Zhang

An output mapping variable fidelity metamodeling approach based on nested Latin hypercube design for complex engineering design optimization.

Jun Zheng

Multi-label imbalanced classification based on assessments of cost and value.

Mengxiao Ding Youlong Yang Zhiqing Lan

An efficient multilevel scheme for coarsening large scale social networks.

Delel Rhouma Lotfi Ben Romdhane

Spam filtering using integrated distribution-based balancing approach and regularized deep neural networks.

Aliaksandr Barushka Petr Hájek

Multivariate time series prediction of lane changing behavior using deep neural network.

Jun Gao Yi Lu Murphey Honghui Zhu

Utilizing the advantages of both global and local search strategies for finding a small subset of features in a two-stage method.

Mohammad Masoud Javidi Fatemeh Zarisfi Kermani

New feature selection algorithms for no-reference image quality assessment.

Imran Fareed Nizami Muhammad Majid Khawar Khurshid

A novel chaotic salp swarm algorithm for global optimization and feature selection.

Gehad Ismail Sayed Ghada Khoriba Mohamed H. Haggag

Fitness varying gravitational constant in GSA.

Jagdish Chand Bansal Susheel Kumar Joshi Atulya K. Nagar

Top-k high average-utility itemsets mining with effective pruning strategies.

Ronghui Wu Zhan He

Multi-kernel one class link prediction in heterogeneous complex networks.

Hadi Shakibian Nasrollah Moghadam Charkari Saeed Jalili

New evolutionary optimization method based on information sets.

Jyotsana Grover Madasu Hanmandlu

Incremental community miner for dynamic networks.

Ali Tabarzad Ali Hamzeh

Skip-connection convolutional neural network for still image crowd counting.

Luyang Wang Baoqun Yin Aixin Guo Hao Ma Jie Cao

Distance measures for connection number sets based on set pair analysis and its applications to decision-making process.

Harish Garg Kamal Kumar

Pseudo almost periodic solutions of discrete-time neutral-type neural networks with delays.

Fanchao Kong Xianwen Fang

Nonlinear feature selection using Gaussian kernel SVM-RFE for fault diagnosis.

Yangtao Xue Li Zhang Bangjun Wang Zhao Zhang Fanzhang Li

Ant colony algorithm for satellite control resource scheduling problem.

Zhaojun Zhang Funian Hu Na Zhang

Global replacement-based differential evolution with neighbor-based memory for dynamic optimization.

Zhen Zhu Long Chen Chaochun Yuan Changgao Xia

Improved one-class classification using filled function.

Javad Hamidzadeh Mona Moradi

Improving semi-supervised co-forest algorithm in evolving data streams.

Yi Wang Tao Li

Assignment of cells to switches in cellular mobile network: a learning automata-based memetic algorithm.

Mehdi Rezapoor Mirsaleh Mohammad Reza Meybodi

An effective method for classification with missing values.

Sabit Anwar Zahin Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed Tahira Alam

Semi-supervised machine learning approach for DDoS detection.

Mohamed Idhammad Karim Afdel Mustapha Belouch

Volume 48, Number 9, September 2018
The neuro-dynamic scheme for solving general form of discrete time optimal control problems.

Alireza Nazemi Samira Sukhtsaraie Marzieh Mortezaee

An efficient structure for fast mining high utility itemsets.

Zhi-Hong Deng

Uncertain fault diagnosis problem using neuro-fuzzy approach and probabilistic model for manufacturing systems.

Imene Djelloul Zaki Sari Khaled Latreche

Dynamic reference vectors and biased crossover use for inverse model based evolutionary multi-objective optimization with irregular Pareto fronts.

YanYan Lin Han Liu Qiaoyong Jiang

Regularized multi-view least squares twin support vector machines.

Xijiong Xie

GSLDA: LDA-based group spamming detection in product reviews.

Zhuo Wang Songmin Gu Xiaowei Xu

A multiobjective discrete bat algorithm for community detection in dynamic networks.

Xu Zhou Xiaohui Zhao Yanheng Liu

Forwarding Zone enabled PSO routing with Network lifetime maximization in MANET.

Rashmi Chaudhry Shashikala Tapaswi Neetesh Kumar

Ego-network probabilistic graphical model for discovering on-line communities.

Fei Ding Yi Zhuang

A corner point-based algorithm to solve constrained multi-objective optimization problems.

Xiaobing Yu Yiqun Lu

A novel hybrid heuristic algorithm for a new uncertain mean-variance-skewness portfolio selection model with real constraints.

Wei Chen Yun Wang Pankaj Gupta Mukesh Kumar Mehlawat

A similarity-based method for remaining useful life prediction based on operational reliability.

Zeming Liang Jianmin Gao Hong-Quan Jiang Xu Gao Zhiyong Gao Rongxi Wang

Hybridizing metric learning and case-based reasoning for adaptable clickbait detection.

Daniel López Sánchez Jorge Revuelta Herrero Angélica González Arrieta Juan M. Corchado

Development of a multi-objective optimization evolutionary algorithm based on educational systems.

Hossein Moradi Hossein Ebrahimpour-Komleh

A novel image retrieval scheme using gray level co-occurrence matrix descriptors of discrete cosine transform based residual image.

Naushad Varish Arup Kumar Pal

Accurate and robust facial expression recognition system using real-time YouTube-based datasets.

Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi

A local search based restart evolutionary algorithm for finding triple product property triples.

Yi Xiang Yuren Zhou Zefeng Chen

Example-based learning using heuristic orthogonal matching pursuit teaching mechanism with auxiliary coefficient representation for the problem of de-fencing and its affiliated applications.

Min Li

Local commute-time guided MDS for 3D non-rigid object retrieval.

Hela Haj Mohamed Samir Belaid Wady Naanaa Lotfi Ben Romdhane

A new co-evolutionary decomposition-based algorithm for bi-level combinatorial optimization.

Abir Chaabani Slim Bechikh Lamjed Ben Said

Learning spatially correlation filters based on convolutional features via PSO algorithm and two combined color spaces for visual tracking.

Djamel Eddine Touil Nadjiba Terki Saadia Medouakh

Random permutation principal component analysis for cancelable biometric recognition.

Nitin Kumar Surendra Singh Abhimanyu Kumar

Optimal controller placement in large scale software defined networks based on modified NSGA-II.

Ahmad Jalili Manijeh Keshtgari Reza Akbari

Intuitive distance for intuitionistic fuzzy sets with applications in pattern recognition.

Xiao Luo Weimin Li Wei Zhao

A novel bilevel model and solution algorithms for multi-period interdiction problem with fortification.

Raheleh Khanduzi Hamid Reza Maleki

Energy efficient teaching-learning-based optimization for the discrete routing problem in wireless sensor networks.

Asmae El Ghazi Belaïd Ahiod

Multiclass multiple kernel learning using hypersphere for pattern recognition.

Yu Guo Huaitie Xiao

An intelligent scheme for assigning queries.

Kostas Kolomvatsos

Adaptive multi-context cooperatively coevolving in differential evolution.

Ruo-Li Tang Xin Li

Phenomenological model-based study on electron beam welding process, and input-output modeling using neural networks trained by back-propagation algorithm, genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization algorithm and bat algorithm.

Debasish Das Dilip Kumar Pratihar Gour Gopal Roy Abhishek Rudra Pal

Improved cat swarm optimization algorithm for solving global optimization problems and its application to clustering.

Yugal Kumar Pradeep Kumar Singh

Trajectory outlier detection approach based on common slices sub-sequence.

Qingying Yu Yonglong Luo Chuanming Chen Xiaohan Wang

A novel quasi-oppositional chaotic antlion optimizer for global optimization.

Subhodip Saha V. Mukherjee

VAGA: a novel viscosity-based accelerated gradient algorithm - Convergence analysis and applications.

Mridula Verma D. R. Sahu Kaushal Kumar Shukla

Electromagnetism-like mechanism with collective animal behavior for multimodal optimization.

Jorge Gálvez Erik Cuevas Omar Ávalos Diego Oliva Salvador Hinojosa

Maximum relevancy maximum complementary based ordered aggregation for ensemble pruning.

Xin Xia Tao Lin Zhi Chen

Scalable aggregation predictive analytics - A query-driven machine learning approach.

Christos Anagnostopoulos Fotis Savva Peter Triantafillou

Determining topological relations of uncertain spatiotemporal data based on counter-clock-wisely directed triangle.

Luyi Bai Lin Zhu Weijia Jia

Volume 48, Number 8, August 2018
Particle filtering-based methods for time to failure estimation with a real-world prognostic application.

Chunsheng Yang Qingfeng Lou Jie Liu Yubin Yang Qiangqiang Cheng

Hand pose estimation with multi-scale network.

Zhongxu Hu Youmin Hu Bo Wu Jie Liu Dongmin Han Thomas R. Kurfess

Using conflict and support counts for variable and value ordering in CSPs.

Ket Wei Yong Malek Mouhoub

Link prediction in co-authorship networks based on hybrid content similarity metric.

Pham Minh Chuan Le Hoang Son Mumtaz Ali Tran Dinh Khang Le Thanh Huong Nilanjan Dey

Points-of-interest recommendation based on convolution matrix factorization.

Shuning Xing Fangai Liu Xiaohui Zhao Tianlai Li

A synthetic neighborhood generation based ensemble learning for the imbalanced data classification.

Zhi Chen Tao Lin Xin Xia Hongyan Xu Sha Ding

A hybrid short-term traffic flow forecasting model based on time series multifractal characteristics.

Hong Zhang Xiaoming Wang Jie Cao Minan Tang Yirong Guo

Efficient data distribution and results merging for parallel data clustering in mapreduce environment.

Abdelhak Bousbaci Nadjet Kamel

The aLS-SVM based multi-task learning classifiers.

Liyun Lu Qiang Lin Huimin Pei Ping Zhong

Global and local learning from positive and unlabeled examples.

Ting Ke Ling Jing Hui Lv Lidong Zhang Yaping Hu

A novel knowledge-leverage-based transfer learning algorithm.

Meiling Li Qun Dai

Modified collective decision optimization algorithm with application in trajectory planning of UAV.

Qingyang Zhang Ronggui Wang Juan Yang Kai Ding Yongfu Li Jiangen Hu

A new evolutionary neural networks based on intrusion detection systems using multiverse optimization.

Ilyas Benmessahel Kun Xie Mouna Chellal

Application of improved bat algorithm in optimal power flow problem.

Yanbin Yuan Xiaotao Wu Pengtao Wang Xiaohui Yuan

Logical characterization of groups of data: a comparative study.

Arthur Chambon Tristan Boureau Frédéric Lardeux Frédéric Saubion

MOGOA algorithm for constrained and unconstrained multi-objective optimization problems.

Alaa Tharwat Essam H. Houssein Mohammed M. Ahmed Aboul Ella Hassanien Thomas Gabel

Two new heuristics for the dominating tree problem.

Kavita Singh Shyam Sundar

Lifetime maximization of wireless sensor network using fuzzy based unequal clustering and ACO based routing hybrid protocol.

Sariga Arjunan Pothula Sujatha

A bayesian belief network based model for predicting software faults in early phase of software development process.

Subhashis Chatterjee Bappa Maji

Non-linear programming method for multi-criteria decision making problems under interval neutrosophic set environment.

Harish Garg Nancy

Recurrent neural network for combined economic and emission dispatch.

Ting Deng Xing He Zhigang Zeng

A human-like visual-attention-based artificial vision system for wildland firefighting assistance.

Kurosh Madani Viachaslau Kachurka Christophe Sabourin Véronique Amarger Vladimir A. Golovko Lucile Rossi

A multi-objective assembly line balancing problem with worker's skill and qualification considerations in fuzzy environment.

Maryam Salehi Hamid Reza Maleki Sadegh Niroomand

Generalized interaction aggregation operators in intuitionistic fuzzy multiplicative preference environment and their application to multicriteria decision-making.

Harish Garg

Connection number of set pair analysis based TOPSIS method on intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their application to decision making.

Kamal Kumar Harish Garg

Using a recurrent artificial neural network for dynamic self-adaptation of cluster-based web-server systems.

Sanaz Sheikhi Seyed Morteza Babamir

Markov-network based latent link analysis for community detection in social behavioral interactions.

Weiyi Liu Kun Yue Hao Wu Xiaodong Fu Zhijian Zhang Weipeng Huang

Optimized cardinality-based generalized itemset mining using transaction ID and numeric encoding.

Bac Le Phuc Luong

Multi-label semantic concept detection in videos using fusion of asymmetrically trained deep convolutional neural networks and foreground driven concept co-occurrence matrix.

Nitin J. Janwe Kishor K. Bhoyar

A nonlinear-programming methodology for multi-attribute decision-making problem with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets information.

Harish Garg Rishu Arora

An improved extreme learning machine model for the prediction of human scenarios in smart homes.

Zaineb Liouane Tayeb Lemlouma Philippe Roose Frédéric Weis Hassani Messaoud

OrBAC from access control model to access usage model.

Khalida Guesmia Boustia Narhimene

Graph bandit for diverse user coverage in online recommendation.

Mahmuda Rahman Jae C. Oh

Balanced undersampling: a novel sentence-based undersampling method to improve recognition of named entities in chemical and biomedical text.

Abbas Akkasi Ekrem Varoglu Nazife Dimililer

The sparse Luce model.

Jong-June Jeon Hosik Choi

Comparative study of computational algorithms for the Lasso with high-dimensional, highly correlated data.

Baekjin Kim Donghyeon Yu Joong-Ho Won

Analyzing customer behavior from shopping path data using operation edit distance.

M. Alex Syaekhoni Chanseung Lee Young S. Kwon

Novel threat-based AI strategies that incorporate adaptive data structures for multi-player board games.

Spencer Polk B. John Oommen

Volume 48, Number 7, July 2018
Correction to: A whitelist and blacklist-based co-evolutionary strategy for defensing against multifarious trust attacks.

Shujuan Ji Haiyan Ma Yongquan Liang Ho-fung Leung Chun-jin Zhang

Applying 1-norm SVM with squared loss to gene selection for cancer classification.

Li Zhang Weida Zhou Bangjun Wang Zhao Zhang Fanzhang Li

Efficient high utility itemset mining using buffered utility-lists.

Quang-Huy Duong Philippe Fournier-Viger Heri Ramampiaro Kjetil Nørvåg Thu-Lan Dam

A survival ensemble of extreme learning machine.

Hong Wang Jianxin Wang Lifeng Zhou

Adaptive and intelligent energy efficient routing for transparent heterogeneous ad-hoc network by fusion of game theory and linear programming.

Santosh Kumar Das Sachin Tripathi

Ensemble learning for protein multiplex subcellular localization prediction based on weighted KNN with different features.

Shanping Qiao Baoqiang Yan Jing Li

Short text clustering based on Pitman-Yor process mixture model.

Jipeng Qiang Yun Li Yunhao Yuan Xindong Wu

An efficient forensic technique for exposing region duplication forgery in digital images.

Toqeer Mahmood Zahid Mehmood Mohsin Shah Zakir Khan

New fast feature selection methods based on multiple support vector data description.

Li Zhang Xingning Lu

Selective ensemble based on extreme learning machine and improved discrete artificial fish swarm algorithm for haze forecast.

Xuhui Zhu Zhiwei Ni Meiying Cheng Feifei Jin Jingming Li Gary R. Weckman

Adaptive weighted fuzzy rule-based system for the risk level assessment of heart disease.

Animesh Kumar Paul Pintu Chandra Shill Md. Rafiqul Islam Rabin Kazuyuki Murase

Dynamic ridge polynomial neural network with Lyapunov function for time series forecasting.

Waddah Waheeb Rozaida Ghazali Abir Jaafar Hussain

A novel softplus linear unit for deep convolutional neural networks.

Huizhen Zhao Fuxian Liu Longyue Li Chang Luo

Adaptive infinite impulse response system identification using opposition based hybrid coral reefs optimization algorithm.

Yikun Yang Bintang Yang Muqing Niu

Uncertainty measure in evidence theory with its applications.

Xiaodan Wang Yafei Song

A new hybrid differential evolution algorithm with self-adaptation for function optimization.

Sukanta Nama Apu Kumar Saha

Volume 48, Number 6, June 2018
An adaptive sampling strategy for Kriging metamodel based on Delaunay triangulation and TOPSIS.

Ping Jiang Yahui Zhang Qi Zhou Xinyu Shao Jiexiang Hu Leshi Shu

AmbISPDM - Managing embedded systems in ambient environments and disaster mitigation planning.

George Hatzivasilis Ioannis Papaefstathiou Dimitris Plexousakis Charalampos Manifavas Nikos Papadakis

Image steganalysis using improved particle swarm optimization based feature selection.

Ali Adeli Ali Broumandnia

APS 9: an improved adaptive population-based simplex method for real-world engineering optimization problems.

Mahamed G. H. Omran Maurice Clerc

A modified artificial bee colony approach for the 0-1 knapsack problem.

Jie Cao Baoqun Yin Xiaonong Lu Yu Kang Xin Chen

Independent travel recommendation algorithm based on analytical hierarchy process and simulated annealing for professional tourist.

Qingyi Pan Xiaoying Wang

One-class naïve Bayes with duration feature ranking for accurate user authentication using keystroke dynamics.

Jiacang Ho Dae-Ki Kang

An entropy-based distance measure for analyzing and detecting metamorphic malware.

Esmaeel Radkani Sattar Hashemi Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad Maryam Amir Haeri

Enhancing e-learning systems with personalized recommendation based on collaborative tagging techniques.

Aleksandra Klasnja-Milicevic Mirjana Ivanovic Boban Vesin Zoran Budimac

A new distance between BPAs based on the power-set-distribution pignistic probability function.

Jingwei Zhu Xiaodan Wang Yafei Song

Efficient method for updating class association rules in dynamic datasets with record deletion.

Loan T. T. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Nguyen Bay Vo Hung Son Nguyen

Parallel reduced multi-class contour preserving classification.

Piyabute Fuangkhon

Semantic schema modeling for genetic programming using clustering of building blocks.

Zahra Zojaji Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh

An effective operations permutation-based discrete harmony search approach for the flexible job shop scheduling problem with makespan criterion.

Mehdi Gaham Brahim Bouzouia Nouara Achour

Modified Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (MCOA) to solve Precedence Constrained Sequencing Problem (PCSP).

Mansoureh Maadi Mohammad Javidnia Rohollah Ramezani

Volume 48, Number 5, May 2018
The promotion strategy of supply chain flexibility based on deep belief network.

Fanhui Kong Jian Li

Automated detection of retinal health using PHOG and SURF features extracted from fundus images.

Joel E. W. Koh Eddie-Yin-Kwee Ng Sulatha V. Bhandary Augustinus Laude U. Rajendra Acharya

A novel three-band orthogonal wavelet filter bank method for an automated identification of alcoholic EEG signals.

Manish Sharma Dipankar Deb U. Rajendra Acharya

A multi-level approach to ubiquitous modeling and solving constraints in combinatorial optimization problems in production and distribution.

Pawel Sitek Jaroslaw Wikarek

Mining constrained inter-sequence patterns: a novel approach to cope with item constraints.

Tuong Le Anh Nguyen Bao Huynh Bay Vo Witold Pedrycz

Overlapping community detection based on discrete biogeography optimization.

Huilian Fan Yuanchang Zhong Guangpu Zeng

Design and implementation of a web-based fuzzy expert system for diagnosing depressive disorder.

Hassan Ali Mohammadi Motlagh Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli Ali Akbar Parvizi Fard

Convolutional neural network acceleration with hardware/software co-design.

Andrew Tzer-Yeu Chen Morteza Biglari-Abhari Kevin I-Kai Wang Abdesselam Bouzerdoum Fok Hing Chi Tivive

Some bibliometric procedures for analyzing and evaluating research fields.

M. Gutiérrez-Salcedo María Ángeles Martínez José Antonio Moral-Muñoz Enrique Herrera-Viedma Manuel J. Cobo

Agent systems verification : systematic literature review and mapping.

Najwa Abu Bakar Ali Selamat

A fuzzy classification model for myocardial infarction risk assessment.

Sidahmed Mokeddem

Hybrid sentiment classification on twitter aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Nurulhuda Zainuddin Ali Selamat Roliana Ibrahim

A view-invariant gait recognition algorithm based on a joint-direct linear discriminant analysis.

José Portillo-Portillo Roberto Leyva Victor Sanchez Gabriel Sanchez-Perez Héctor Pérez-Meana Jesus Olivares-Mercado Karina Toscano-Medina Mariko Nakano-Miyatake

Online signature verification by spectrogram analysis.

Orcan Alpar Ondrej Krejcar

Successes and challenges in developing a hybrid approach to sentiment analysis.

Orestes Appel Francisco Chiclana Jenny Carter Hamido Fujita

SpringBoard: game-agnostic tool for scenario editing with meta-programming support.

Gajo Petrovic Hamido Fujita

ETARM: an efficient top-k association rule mining algorithm.

Linh T. T. Nguyen Bay Vo Loan T. T. Nguyen Philippe Fournier-Viger Ali Selamat

Challenging state-of-the-art move ordering with Adaptive Data Structures.

Spencer Polk B. John Oommen

Supervised ranking framework for relationship prediction in heterogeneous information networks.

Wenxin Liang Xiao Li Xiaosong He Xinyue Liu Xianchao Zhang

Anomaly detection using piecewise aggregate approximation in the amplitude domain.

Huorong Ren Xiujuan Liao Zhiwu Li Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari

Vector Based Genetic Algorithm to optimize predictive analysis in network security.

Sidra Ijaz Faheel A. Hashmi Sohail Asghar Masoom Alam

Editorial for the special issue: Knowledge-based systems and data science.

Hamido Fujita Ali Selamat

Volume 48, Number 4, April 2018
A streaming sampling algorithm for social activity networks using fixed structure learning automata.

Mina Ghavipour Mohammad Reza Meybodi

An improved ν-twin bounded support vector machine.

Huiru Wang Zhijian Zhou Yitian Xu

A better-response strategy for self-interested planning agents.

Jaume Jordán Alejandro Torreño Mathijs de Weerdt Eva Onaindia

Efficiently mining frequent itemsets applied for textual aggregation.

Mustapha Bouakkaz Youcef Ouinten Sabine Loudcher Philippe Fournier-Viger

Enhanced θ dominance and density selection based evolutionary algorithm for many-objective optimization problems.

Chong Zhou Guangming Dai Maocai Wang

Predictive intelligence to the edge through approximate collaborative context reasoning.

Christos Anagnostopoulos Kostas Kolomvatsos

Multi-attribute group decision making under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy environment with application to evaluate the transformation efficiency.

Fangju Jiang Qinggong Ma

A space transformational invasive weed optimization for solving fixed-point problems.

Y. Ramu Naidu Akshay K. Ojha

Multi swarm optimization algorithm with adaptive connectivity degree.

Reza Vafashoar Mohammad Reza Meybodi

Verification and repair of control policies for safe reinforcement learning.

Shashank Pathak Luca Pulina Armando Tacchella

Novel artificial bee colony based feature selection method for filtering redundant information.

Youwei Wang Lizhou Feng Jianming Zhu

A new medical diagnosis method based on Z-numbers.

Dong Wu Xiang Liu Feng Xue Hanqing Zheng Yehang Shou Wen Jiang

A novel fault prognostic approach based on particle filters and differential evolution.

Luciana B. Cosme Marcos F. S. V. D&aposAngelo Walmir M. Caminhas Shen Yin Reinaldo M. Palhares

A tree-based algorithm for attribute selection.

José Augusto Baranauskas Oscar Picchi Netto Sérgio Ricardo Nozawa Alessandra Alaniz Macedo

Grasshopper optimization algorithm for multi-objective optimization problems.

Seyedeh Zahra Mirjalili Seyedali Mirjalili Shahrzad Saremi Hossam Faris Ibrahim Aljarah

Volume 48, Number 3, March 2018
Data depth based support vector machines for predicting corporate bankruptcy.

Sungdo Kim Byeong Min Mun Suk Joo Bae

Discrete particle swarm optimization algorithms for two variants of the static data segment location problem.

Goutam Sen Mohan Krishnamoorthy

An EM based probabilistic two-dimensional CCA with application to face recognition.

Mehran Safayani Seyed Hashem Ahmadi Homayun Afrabandpey Abdolreza Mirzaei

Two time-efficient gibbs sampling inference algorithms for biterm topic model.

Xiaotang Zhou Jihong Ouyang Ximing Li

Total utility of Z-number.

Bingyi Kang Yong Deng Rehan Sadiq

Bio-inspired metaheuristics: evolving and prioritizing software test data.

Mukesh Mann Pradeep Tomar Om Prakash Sangwan

Chaotic antlion algorithm for parameter optimization of support vector machine.

Alaa Tharwat Aboul Ella Hassanien

Multi-objective service composition model based on cost-effective optimization.

Ying Huo Peng Qiu Jiyou Zhai Dajuan Fan Huanfeng Peng

Multiobjective differential evolution using homeostasis based mutation for application in software cost estimation.

Shailendra Pratap Singh Anoj Kumar

A temporal modal defeasible logic for formalizing social commitments in dialogue and argumentation models.

Asma Moubaiddin Imad Salah Nadim Obeid

Feature clustering based support vector machine recursive feature elimination for gene selection.

Xiaojuan Huang Li Zhang Bangjun Wang Fanzhang Li Zhao Zhang

Minimum positive influence dominating set and its application in influence maximization: a learning automata approach.

Mohammad Mehdi Daliri Khomami Alireza Rezvanian Negin Bagherpour Mohammad Reza Meybodi

Ant colony algorithm for automotive safety integrity level allocation.

Youcef Gheraibia Khaoula Djafri Habiba Krimou

Indirect adaptive type-2 bionic fuzzy control.

Faxiang Zhang Jing Hua Yimin Li

A social recommender system using item asymmetric correlation.

Arghavan Moradi Dakhel Hadi Tabatabaee Malazi Mehregan Mahdavi

Volume 48, Number 2, February 2018
δ-equality of intuitionistic fuzzy sets: a new proximity measure and applications in medical diagnosis.

Roan Thi Ngan Mumtaz Ali Le Hoang Son

Hybrid cost and time path planning for multiple autonomous guided vehicles.

Hamed Fazlollahtabar Samaneh Hassanli

An evolutionary non-linear ranking algorithm for ranking scientific collaborations.

Fahimeh Ghasemian Kamran Zamanifar Nasser Ghasem-Aghaee

Improved monarch butterfly optimization for unconstrained global search and neural network training.

Hossam Faris Ibrahim Aljarah Seyedali Mirjalili

A clustering algorithm with affine space-based boundary detection.

Xiangli Li Qiong Han Baozhi Qiu

An exploratory study of mono and multi-objective metaheuristics to ensemble of classifiers.

Antonino Feitosa Neto Anne M. P. Canuto

Sparse kernel minimum squared error using Householder transformation and givens rotation.

Yong-Ping Zhao Peng-Peng Xi Bing Li Zhi-Qiang Li

A maximum-likelihood and moment-matching density estimator for crowd-sourcing label prediction.

Minyoung Kim

A k-means binarization framework applied to multidimensional knapsack problem.

José García Broderick Crawford Ricardo Soto Carlos Castro Fernando Paredes

Generalized and group-based generalized intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets with applications in decision-making.

Harish Garg Rishu Arora

Research on parameter selection method for support vector machines.

Ling Sun Jian Bao Yangyang Chen Mingming Yang

Combining emerging patterns with random forest for complex activity recognition in smart homes.

Hadi Tabatabaee Malazi Mohammad Davari

Global-patch-hybrid template-based arbitrary object tracking with integral channel features.

Mayur Rajaram Parate Vishal R. Satpute Kishor M. Bhurchandi

An adaptive super-peer selection algorithm considering peers capacity utilizing asynchronous dynamic cellular learning automata.

Ali Mohammad Saghiri Mohammad Reza Meybodi

Computing all minimal hitting sets by subset recombination.

Xiangfu Zhao Dantong Ouyang Liming Zhang

Volume 48, Number 1, January 2018
Stochastic support vector regression with probabilistic constraints.

Maryam Abaszade Sohrab Effati

Storing fuzzy description logic ontology knowledge bases in fuzzy relational databases.

Fu Zhang Z. M. Ma Qiang Tong Jingwei Cheng

Efficient extraction of spatial relations for extended objects vis-à-vis human activity recognition in video.

Shobhanjana Kalita Arindam Karmakar Shyamanta M. Hazarika

Nonlinear system identification based on ANFIS-Hammerstein model using Gravitational search algorithm.

Erik Cuevas Primitivo Díaz Omar Ávalos Daniel Zaldivar Marco A. Pérez Cisneros

Content-based image retrieval and semantic automatic image annotation based on the weighted average of triangular histograms using support vector machine.

Zahid Mehmood Toqeer Mahmood Muhammad Arshad Javid

Robust face recognition via discriminative and common hybrid dictionary learning.

Changpeng Wang Wei Wei Jiang-She Zhang Houbing Song

Batch-normalized Mlpconv-wise supervised pre-training network in network.

Xiaomeng Han Qun Dai

A niche-elimination operation based NSGA-III algorithm for many-objective optimization.

Xiaojun Bi Chao Wang

An adaptive bi-flight cuckoo search with variable nests for continuous dynamic optimization problems.

Javidan Kazemi Kordestani Hossein Abedi Firouzjaee Mohammad Reza Meybodi

Change-aware community detection approach for dynamic social networks.

Mohammad Ebrahim Samie Ali Hamzeh

Recurrent type-1 fuzzy functions approach for time series forecasting.

Nihat Tak Atif A. Evren Mujgan Tez Erol Egrioglu

A fuzzy group decision making model with trapezoidal fuzzy preference relations based on compatibility measure and COWGA operator.

Peng Wu Shuhan Liu Ligang Zhou Huayou Chen

A filter attribute selection method based on local reliable information.

Ricardo Martín Ricardo Aler Inés María Galván

Maximum margin of twin spheres machine with pinball loss for imbalanced data classification.

Yitian Xu Qian Wang Xinying Pang Ying Tian

A multiagent player system composed by expert agents in specific game stages operating in high performance environment.

Lidia Bononi Paiva Tomaz Rita Maria da Silva Julia Valquiria Aparecida Rosa Duarte