Volume 49, Number 12, December 2019
Mining contrast sequential pattern based on subsequence time distribution variation with discreteness constraints.

Ronghui Wu Qing Li Xiangtao Chen

Student-t policy in reinforcement learning to acquire global optimum of robot control.

Taisuke Kobayashi

Facial expression recognition sensing the complexity of testing samples.

Tian-Yuan Chang Huihui Li Guihua Wen Yang Hu Jiajiong Ma

An effective asynchronous framework for small scale reinforcement learning problems.

Shifei Ding Xingyu Zhao Xinzheng Xu Tongfeng Sun Weikuan Jia

Brain storm optimization for feature selection using new individual clustering and updating mechanism.

Wan-qiu Zhang Yong Zhang Chao Peng

Single image dehazing using gradient channel prior.

Dilbag Singh Vijay Kumar Manjit Kaur

An efficient regularized K-nearest neighbor structural twin support vector machine.

Fan Xie Yitian Xu

Feature selection for intrusion detection using new multi-objective estimation of distribution algorithms.

Sofiane Maza Mohamed Touahria

Epsilon-nonparallel support vector regression.

Miguel Carrasco Julio López Sebastián Maldonado

A new asynchronous reinforcement learning algorithm based on improved parallel PSO.

Shifei Ding Wei Du Xingyu Zhao Lijuan Wang Weikuan Jia

An unsupervised strategy for defending against multifarious reputation attacks.

Xin Wang Shu-juan Ji Yongquan Liang Ho-fung Leung Dickson K. W. Chiu

Discovering varying patterns of Normal and interleaved ADLs in smart homes.

Mahsa Raeiszadeh Hooman Tahayori Andrea Visconti

Detecting facial emotions using normalized minimal feature vectors and semi-supervised twin support vector machines classifier.

Manoj Kumar Prabhakaran Manoj Kumar Rajagopal

A distributed group recommendation system based on extreme gradient boosting and big data technologies.

Badr Ait Hammou Ayoub Ait Lahcen Salma Mouline

Robust multi-objective multi-humanoid robots task allocation based on novel hybrid metaheuristic algorithm.

Saeed Saeedvand Hadi S. Aghdasi Jacky Baltes

Multiparametric similarity measures on Pythagorean fuzzy sets with applications to pattern recognition.

Xindong Peng Harish Garg

A new hybrid feature selection based on multi-filter weights and multi-feature weights.

Youwei Wang Lizhou Feng

Volume 49, Number 11, November 2019
Using convolutional neural networks for character verification on integrated circuit components of printed circuit boards.

Chun-Hui Lin Shyh-Hau Wang Cheng-Jian Lin

Fuzzy rule-based classification system using multi-population quantum evolutionary algorithm with contradictory rule reconstruction.

Yuxian Zhang Xiao-Yi Qian Jianhui Wang Mohammed Gendeel

Discovery of user-item subgroups via genetic algorithm for effective prediction of ratings in collaborative filtering.

Ayangleima Laishram Vineet Padmanabhan

A novel coral reefs optimization algorithm for materialized view selection in data warehouse environments.

Hossein Azgomi Mohammad Karim Sohrabi

Adaptive deep Q-learning model for detecting social bots and influential users in online social networks.

Greeshma Lingam Rashmi Ranjan Rout Durvasula V. L. N. Somayajulu

Optimal data fusion based on information quality function.

Shuang Liang Xinyang Deng Wen Jiang

A multi-perspective architecture for high-speed train fault diagnosis based on variational mode decomposition and enhanced multi-scale structure.

Yunpu Wu Weidong Jin Junxiao Ren Zhang Sun

Aggregation framework for TSK fuzzy and association rules: interpretability improvement on a traffic accidents case.

Sandra Nemet Dragan Kukolj Gordana Ostojic Stevan Stankovski Dragan Jovanovic

Learning multi-view deep and shallow features through new discriminative subspace for bi-subject and tri-subject kinship verification.

Oualid Laiadi Abdelmalik Ouamane Abdelhamid Benakcha Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed Abdenour Hadid

A recurrent TSK interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks control with online structure and parameter learning for mobile robot trajectory tracking.

Aissa Bencherif Fatima Chouireb

Research on scale adaptive particle filter tracker with feature integration.

Yuqi Xiao Difu Pan

A discrete cooperatively coevolving particle swarm optimization algorithm for combinatorial double auctions.

Fu-Shiung Hsieh Yi-Hong Guo

A robust interactive entertainment robot for robot magic performances.

Kyle John Morris Vladyslav Samonin Jacky Baltes John Anderson Meng Cheng Lau

A spatio-semantic approach to reasoning about agricultural processes.

Henning Deeken Thomas Wiemann Joachim Hertzberg

Do news and sentiment play a role in stock price prediction?

Bruce James Vanstone Adrian Gepp Geoff Harris

Closed-loop push recovery for inexpensive humanoid robots.

Amirhossein Hosseinmemar Jacky Baltes John Anderson Meng Cheng Lau Chi Fung Lun Ziang Wang

Hybrid generative discriminative approaches based on Multinomial Scaled Dirichlet mixture models.

Nuha Zamzami Nizar Bouguila

Volume 49, Number 10, October 2019
Cost-sensitive decision tree with multiple resource constraints.

Chia-Chi Wu Yen-Liang Chen Kwei Tang

An exploratory rollout policy for imagination-augmented agents.

Peng Liu Yingnan Zhao Wei Zhao Xianglong Tang Zichan Yang

EM-FGS: Graph sparsification via faster semi-metric edges pruning.

Batjargal Dolgorsuren Kifayat-Ullah Khan Young-Koo Lee

An efficient approach for measuring semantic relatedness using Wikipedia bidirectional links.

Xinhua Zhu Qingsong Guo Bo Zhang Fei Li

Personalized location recommendation using mobile phone usage information.

Hongyu Shi Ling Chen Zhenxing Xu Dandan Lyu

A new dual weights optimization incremental learning algorithm for time series forecasting.

Jinhua Li Qun Dai

A novel quantum inspired algorithm for sparse fuzzy cognitive maps learning.

Mojtaba Kolahdoozi Abdollah Amirkhani Mohammad Hassan Shojaeefard Ajith Abraham

A fission-fusion hybrid bare bones particle swarm optimization algorithm for single-objective optimization problems.

Jia Guo Yuji Sato

Sparse large-margin nearest neighbor embedding via greedy dyad functional optimization.

Minyoung Kim

An improved regularization based Lagrangian asymmetric ν-twin support vector regression using pinball loss function.

Umesh Gupta Deepak Gupta

A normalized projection-based group decision-making method with heterogeneous decision information and application to software development effort assessment.

Chuan Yue

An effective image classification method for shallow densely connected convolution networks through squeezing and splitting techniques.

Changan Yuan Yong Wu Xiao Qin Shaojie Qiao Yonghua Pan Ping Huang Dunhu Liu Nan Han

Neural variational matrix factorization for collaborative filtering in recommendation systems.

Teng Xiao Hong Shen

A hybrid particle swarm optimization with a variable neighborhood search for the localization enhancement in wireless sensor networks.

Bassam Faiz Gumaida Juan Luo

Multi-objective fixed-charge solid transportation problem with product blending under intuitionistic fuzzy environment.

Sankar Kumar Roy Sudipta Midya

A new collaborate neuro-dynamic framework for solving convex second order cone programming problems with an application in multi-fingered robotic hands.

Alireza Nazemi

MeasApplInt - a novel intelligence metric for choosing the computing systems able to solve real-life problems with a high intelligence.

László Barna Iantovics László Kovács Corina Rotar

Volume 49, Number 9, September 2019
Design and analysis of distributed load management: Mobile agent based probabilistic model and fuzzy integrated model.

Moazam Ali Susmit Bagchi

Multi-objective evolutionary optimization using the relationship between F 1 and accuracy metrics in classification tasks.

Juan Carlos Fernández Mariano Carbonero-Ruz Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez César Hervás-Martínez

A spatial and temporal features mixture model with body parts for video-based person re-identification.

Jie Liu Cheng Sun Xiang Xu Baomin Xu Shuangyuan Yu

A new bio inspired technique based on octopods for spam filtering.

Miloud Aboubakeur El Sadek Mokri Reda Mohamed Hamou Abdelmalek Amine

Histopathological image classification using enhanced bag-of-feature with spiral biogeography-based optimization.

Raju Pal Mukesh Saraswat

Two-time scale learning automata: an efficient decision making mechanism for stochastic nonlinear resource allocation.

Anis Yazidi Hugo Lewi Hammer Tore Møller Jonassen

Decision support system for arrhythmia prediction using convolutional neural network structure without preprocessing.

Hamido Fujita Dalibor Cimr

A discrete gravitational search algorithm for the blocking flow shop problem with total flow time minimization.

Fuqing Zhao Feilong Xue Yi Zhang Weimin Ma Chuck Zhang Houbin Song

SAAGs: Biased stochastic variance reduction methods for large-scale learning.

Vinod Kumar Chauhan Anuj Sharma Kalpana Dahiya

Low-time complexity and low-cost binary particle swarm optimization algorithm for task scheduling and load balancing in cloud computing.

Jean Pepe Buanga Mapetu Zhen Chen Lingfu Kong

A study on the role of flexible preferences in group recommendations.

Sriharsha Dara C. Ravindranath Chowdary

Enhancing sentence embedding with dynamic interaction.

Jinsong Xie Yongjun Li Qiwei Sun Yi Lin

Multimodal data fusion framework based on autoencoders for top-N recommender systems.

Felipe L. A. Conceiç ao Flávio L. C. Pádua Anísio Lacerda Adriano César Machado Pereira Daniel Hasan Dalip

On entropy function and reliability indicator for D numbers.

Jun Xia Yuqiang Feng Luning Liu Dongjun Liu Liguo Fei

An intelligent intrusion detection system.

Nevrus Kaja Adnan Shaout Di Ma

Incremental regularized Data Density-Based Clustering neural networks to aid in the construction of effort forecasting systems in software development.

Paulo Vitor de Campos Souza Augusto Junio Guimarães Vanessa Souza Araujo Thiago Silva Rezende Vinicius Jonathan Silva Araujo

A novel shot boundary detection system using hybrid optimization technique.

Saptarshi Chakraborty Dalton Meitei Thounaojam

Graph-based dynamic ensemble pruning for facial expression recognition.

Danyang Li Guihua Wen Xu Li Xianfa Cai

A regularized approach for supervised multi-view multi-manifold learning from unlabeled data.

Faraein Aeini Amir-Masoud Eftekhari-Moghadam Fariborz Mahmoudi

Intelligent scheduling with deep fusion of hardware-software energy-saving principles for greening stochastic nonlinear heterogeneous super-systems.

Jinglian Wang Bin Gong Hong Liu Shaohui Li

Volume 49, Number 8, August 2019
Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm integrating time windows and rating predictions.

Pengfei Zhang Zhijun Zhang Tian Tian Yigui Wang

EnSWF: effective features extraction and selection in conjunction with ensemble learning methods for document sentiment classification.

Jawad Khan Aftab Alam Jamil Hussain Young-Koo Lee

Multi-view learning with fisher kernel and bi-bagging for imbalanced problem.

Zhe Wang Yiwen Zhu Zhaozhi Chen Jing Zhang Wenli Du

A quantum-inspired sentiment representation model for twitter sentiment analysis.

Yazhou Zhang Dawei Song Peng Zhang Xiang Li Panpan Wang

Learning representative features via constrictive annular loss for image classification.

Jun-Bo Liu Ya-Ping Huang Qi Zou Sheng-Chun Wang

A projection wavelet weighted twin support vector regression and its primal solution.

Lidong Wang Chuang Gao Nannan Zhao Xuebo Chen

Unsupervised privacy-enhancement of face representations using similarity-sensitive noise transformations.

Philipp Terhörst Naser Damer Florian Kirchbuchner Arjan Kuijper

Feature selection for multi-label learning with missing labels.

Chenxi Wang Yaojin Lin Jinghua Liu

Bidirectional LSTM Malicious webpages detection algorithm based on convolutional neural network and independent recurrent neural network.

Huan-huan Wang Long Yu Shengwei Tian Yong-fang Peng Xin-jun Pei

A hybrid modelling method for time series forecasting based on a linear regression model and deep learning.

Wenquan Xu Hui Peng Xiaoyong Zeng Feng Zhou Xiaoying Tian Xiaoyan Peng

Applying uncertain frequent pattern mining to improve ranking of retrieved images.

Madiha Liaqat Sharifullah Khan Muhammad Shahzad Younis Muhammad Majid Kashif Rajpoot

Research on CTR prediction based on stacked autoencoder.

Qianqian Wang Fang&aposai Liu Shuning Xing Xiaohui Zhao

Sample awareness-based personalized facial expression recognition.

Huihui Li Guihua Wen

The MBPEP: a deep ensemble pruning algorithm providing high quality uncertainty prediction.

Ruihan Hu Qijun Huang Sheng Chang Hao Wang Jin He

MCDMSR: multicriteria decision making selection/replacement based on agility strategy for real optimization problems.

Hongguang Zhang Rui Wang Huajian Liu Han Luo Yuanan Liu

Replay and key-events detection for sports video summarization using confined elliptical local ternary patterns and extreme learning machine.

Ali Javed Aun Irtaza Yasmeen Khaliq Hafiz Malik Muhammad Tariq Mahmood

A filter-based bare-bone particle swarm optimization algorithm for unsupervised feature selection.

Yong Zhang Hai-Gang Li Qing Wang Chao Peng

A novel multi-step reinforcement learning method for solving reward hacking.

Yinlong Yuan Zhu Liang Yu Zhenghui Gu Xiaoyan Deng Yuanqing Li

A grouping particle swarm optimizer.

Xiaorong Zhao Yuren Zhou Yi Xiang

Fraud detection for job placement using hierarchical clusters-based deep neural networks.

Jeongrae Kim Han-joon Kim Hyoungrae Kim

A novel multi-featured metric for adaptive routing in mobile ad hoc networks.

Songul Hasdemir Selim Yilmaz Sevil Sen

Ensemble classification for imbalanced data based on feature space partitioning and hybrid metaheuristics.

Pedro López-García Antonio D. Masegosa Eneko Osaba Enrique Onieva Asier Perallos

Volume 49, Number 7, July 2019
Automatic crack detection for tunnel inspection using deep learning and heuristic image post-processing.

Eftychios Protopapadakis Athanasios Voulodimos Anastasios Doulamis Nikolaos Doulamis Tania Stathaki

Hierarchical feature extraction based on discriminant analysis.

Xinxin Liu Hong Zhao

Level-2 node clustering coefficient-based link prediction.

Ajay Kumar Shashank Sheshar Singh Kuldeep Singh Bhaskar Biswas

A new hybrid approach for intrusion detection using machine learning methods.

Ünal Çavusoglu

Optimizing restricted Boltzmann machine learning by injecting Gaussian noise to likelihood gradient approximation.

Prima Sanjaya Dae-Ki Kang

On solving the SPL problem using the concept of probability flux.

Asieh Abolpour Mofrad Anis Yazidi Hugo Lewi Hammer

A reversed node ranking approach for influence maximization in social networks.

Xiaobin Rui Fanrong Meng Zhixiao Wang Guan Yuan

Consistent fuzzy preference relation with geometric Bonferroni mean: a fused preference method for assessing the quality of life.

Fatin Mimi Anira Alias Lazim Abdullah Xunjie Gou Huchang Liao Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Sparse modified marginal fisher analysis for facial expression recognition.

Zhe Wang Li Zhang Bangjun Wang

RAMD: registry-based anomaly malware detection using one-class ensemble classifiers.

Asghar Tajoddin Mahdi Abadi

Distributed representations based collaborative filtering with reviews.

Xinghua Zheng Wen He Lei Li

A novel hybrid algorithm based on PSO and FOA for target searching in unknown environments.

Hongwei Tang Wei Sun Hongshan Yu Anping Lin Min Xue Yuxue Song

Nested probabilistic-numerical linguistic term sets in two-stage multi-attribute group decision making.

Xinxin Wang Zeshui Xu Xunjie Gou

A fuzzy clustering ensemble based on cluster clustering and iterative Fusion of base clusters.

Musa Mojarad Samad Nejatian Hamid Parvin Majid Mohammadpoor

Generalized vertex cover using chemical reaction optimization.

Md. Rafiqul Islam Imran Hossain Arif Rifat Hasan Shuvo

Sparse semi-autoencoders to solve the vanishing information problem in multi-layered neural networks.

Ryotaro Kamimura Haruhiko Takeuchi

A motion-aware ConvLSTM network for action recognition.

Mahshid Majd Reza Safabakhsh

The color quantization problem solved by swarm-based operations.

María Luisa Pérez-Delgado

User profile as a bridge in cross-domain recommender systems for sparsity reduction.

Ashish Kumar Sahu Pragya Dwivedi

KnRVEA: A hybrid evolutionary algorithm based on knee points and reference vector adaptation strategies for many-objective optimization.

Gaurav Dhiman Vijay Kumar

Effective use of convolutional neural networks and diverse deep supervision for better crowd counting.

Haiying Jiang Weidong Jin

Interactive machine learning: experimental evidence for the human in the algorithmic loop - A case study on Ant Colony Optimization.

Andreas Holzinger Markus Plass Michael D. Kickmeier-Rust Katharina Holzinger Gloria Cerasela Crisan Camelia-Mihaela Pintea Vasile Palade

Volume 49, Number 6, June 2019
Twin maximum entropy discriminations for classification.

Xijiong Xie Huahui Chen Jiangbo Qian

Ensemble OS-ELM based on combination weight for data stream classification.

Haiyang Yu Xiaoying Sun Jian Wang

Selfish herds optimization algorithm with orthogonal design and information update for training multi-layer perceptron neural network.

Ruxin Zhao Yongli Wang Peng Hu Hamed Jelodar Chi Yuan Yanchao Li Isma Masood Mahdi Rabbani

Trajectory similarity clustering based on multi-feature distance measurement.

Qingying Yu Yonglong Luo Chuanming Chen Shigang Chen

All-in-one multicategory Ramp loss maximum margin of twin spheres support vector machine.

Sijie Lu Huiru Wang Zhijian Zhou

Fast 6D object pose refinement in depth images.

Haoruo Zhang Qixin Cao

A self-organizing map based hybrid chemical reaction optimization algorithm for multiobjective optimization.

Hongye Li Lei Wang

A radial basis probabilistic process neural network model and corresponding classification algorithm.

Kun Liu Shaohua Xu Naidan Feng

Variable Length IPO and its application in concurrent design and train of ANFIS systems.

Amir Soltany Mahboob Seyed Hamid Zahiri

Unsupervised deep neuron-per-neuron hashing.

Sanaa Chafik Mounim A. El-Yacoubi Imane Daoudi Hamid El Ouardi

Three dimensional path planning using Grey wolf optimizer for UAVs.

Ram Kishan Dewangan Anupam Shukla W. Wilfred Godfrey

Book search using social information, user profiles and query expansion with Pseudo Relevance Feedback.

Ritesh Kumar Bhanodai Guggilla Rajendra Pamula

Principal component analysis based on block-norm minimization.

Jian-Xun Mi Quanwei Zhu Jia Lu

Adaptive local learning regularized nonnegative matrix factorization for data clustering.

Yongpan Sheng Meng Wang Tianxing Wu Han Xu

Community-based influence maximization for viral marketing.

Huimin Huang Hong Shen Zaiqiao Meng Huajian Chang Huaiwen He

A multi-objective bat algorithm for community detection on dynamic social networks.

Imane Messaoudi Nadjet Kamel

Taxonomy-aware collaborative denoising autoencoder for personalized recommendation.

Chunhong Zhang Tiantian Li Zhibin Ren Zheng Hu Yang Ji

Group influence based improved firefly algorithm for Design Space Exploration of Datapath resource allocation.

Shathanaa Rajmohan Ramasubramanian Natarajan

Reinforced cuckoo search algorithm-based multimodal optimization.

Kalaipriyan Thirugnanasambandam Sourabh Prakash Venkatesan Subramanian Pothula Sujatha Vengattaraman Thirumal

Merging user social network into the random walk model for better group recommendation.

Shanshan Feng Huaxiang Zhang Jian Cao Yan Yao

Identification of uncertainty and decision boundary for SVM classification training using belief function.

Javad Hamidzadeh Somaye Moslemnejad

Learning multi-temporal-scale deep information for action recognition.

Guangle Yao Tao Lei Jiandan Zhong Ping Jiang

Volume 49, Number 5, May 2019
Automatic circle detection on images using the Teaching Learning Based Optimization algorithm and gradient analysis.

Alan Lopez-Martinez Francisco J. Cuevas

A hybrid whale optimization algorithm based on modified differential evolution for global optimization problems.

Jun Luo Baoyu Shi

Dynamic bicycle scheduling problem based on short-term demand prediction.

Haitao Xu Feng Duan Pan Pu

Mrmr+ and Cfs+ feature selection algorithms for high-dimensional data.

Adrian Pino Angulo Kilho Shin

A social recommender system using deep architecture and network embedding.

Nisha C. C. Anuraj Mohan

Multimodal correlation deep belief networks for multi-view classification.

Nan Zhang Shifei Ding Hongmei Liao Weikuan Jia

A novel dynamic assignment rule for the distributed job shop scheduling problem using a hybrid ant-based algorithm.

Imen Chaouch Olfa Belkahla Driss Khaled Ghédira

An improved genetic algorithm for numerical function optimization.

Yingying Song Fulin Wang Xinxin Chen

Novel self-adaptive routing service algorithm for application in VANET.

De-gan Zhang Ting Zhang Xiaohuan Liu

A directional crossover (DX) operator for real parameter optimization using genetic algorithm.

Amit Kumar Das Dilip Kumar Pratihar

Improving the performance of the lip identification through the use of shape correction.

Carlos M. Travieso Antonio G. Ravelo-García Jesús B. Alonso José M. Canino-Rodríguez Malay Kishore Dutta

Sophisticated SOM based genetic operators in multi-objective clustering framework.

Naveen Saini Sriparna Saha Aditya Harsh Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Adaptive infinite impulse response system identification using teacher learner based optimization algorithm.

Sandeep Singh Alaknanda Ashok Manjeet Kumar Tarun Kumar Rawat

Challenging situations for background subtraction algorithms.

Silvio Ricardo Rodrigues Sanches Claiton de Oliveira Antonio Carlos Sementille Valdinei Freire

Dynamic brain functional parcellation via sliding window and artificial bee colony algorithm.

Xuewu Zhao Junzhong Ji Xing Wang

Elite fuzzy clustering ensemble based on clustering diversity and quality measures.

Ali Bagherinia Behrooz Minaei-Bidgoli Mehdi Hossinzadeh Hamid Parvin

Sparse and low-rank representation for multi-label classification.

Zhi-Fen He Ming Yang

Improved whale optimization algorithm for feature selection in Arabic sentiment analysis.

Mohammad Tubishat Mohammad A. M. Abushariah Norisma Idris Ibrahim Aljarah

Large-margin learning of Cox proportional hazard models for survival analysis.

Minyoung Kim

Support vector regression with modified firefly algorithm for stock price forecasting.

Jun Zhang Yu-Fan Teng Wei Chen

SCSA: Evaluating skyline queries in incomplete data.

Yonis Gulzar Ali Amer Alwan Radhwan Mohamed Abdullah Qin Xin Marwa B. Swidan

Autonomous and connected intersection crossing traffic management using discrete-time occupancies trajectory.

Qiang Lu Kyoung-Dae Kim

Volume 49, Number 4, April 2019
Retraction Note to: Support vector regression methodology for prediction of input displacement of adaptive compliant robotic gripper.

Soft voting technique to improve the performance of global filter based feature selection in text corpus.

Deepak Agnihotri Kesari Verma Priyanka Tripathi Bikesh Kumar Singh

Hybridization of feature selection and feature weighting for high dimensional data.

Dalwinder Singh Birmohan Singh

Solving multiobjective random interval programming problems by a capable neural network framework.

Ziba Arjmandzadeh Alireza Nazemi Mohammadreza Safi

A machine learning attack against variable-length Chinese character CAPTCHAs.

Xing Wu Shuji Dai Yike Guo Hamido Fujita

Optimal generation scheduling and dispatch of thermal generating units considering impact of wind penetration using hGWO-RES algorithm.

Ashutosh Bhadoria Vikram Kumar Kamboj

GSP: an automatic programming technique with gravitational search algorithm.

Afsaneh Mahanipour Hossein Nezamabadi-pour

Inverse discounted-based LQR algorithm for learning human movement behaviors.

Haitham El-Hussieny Jee-Hwan Ryu

Model selection and application to high-dimensional count data clustering - via finite EDCM mixture models.

Nuha Zamzami Nizar Bouguila

Improved network community detection using meta-heuristic based label propagation.

Ba-Dung Le Hong Shen Hung X. Nguyen Nickolas J. G. Falkner

relf: robust regression extended with ensemble loss function.

Hamideh Hajiabadi Reza Monsefi Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi

A hybrid prediction approach for road tunnel traffic based on spatial-temporary data fusion.

Gang Yu Jiajun Liu

A new quantile tracking algorithm using a generalized exponentially weighted average of observations.

Hugo Lewi Hammer Anis Yazidi Håvard Rue

Text detection and localization in natural scene images based on text awareness score.

Rituraj Soni Bijendra Kumar Satish Chand

A comprehensive study of phase based optimization algorithm on global optimization problems and its applications.

Zijian Cao Lei Wang

Multilinear Enhanced Fisher Discriminant Analysis for robust multimodal 2D and 3D face verification.

Mohcene Bessaoudi Mebarka Belahcene Abdelmalik Ouamane Ammar Chouchane Salah Bourennane

Grey wolf optimization algorithm for facial image super-resolution.

Shyam Singh Rajput Vijay Kumar Bohat K. V. Arya

Emergent spatio-temporal multimodal learning using a developmental network.

Dongshu Wang Jianbin Xin

Bacterial foraging optimization based on improved chemotaxis process and novel swarming strategy.

Bao Pang Yong Song Chengjin Zhang Hongling Wang Runtao Yang

Evolutionary based ensemble framework for realizing transfer learning in HIV-1 Protease cleavage sites prediction.

Deepak Singh Pradeep Singh Dilip Singh Sisodia

Joint neighborhood entropy-based gene selection method with fisher score for tumor classification.

Lin Sun Xiaoyu Zhang Yu-Hua Qian Jiucheng Xu Shiguang Zhang Yun Tian

FGCH: a fast and grid based clustering algorithm for hybrid data stream.

Jinyin Chen Xiang Lin Qi Xuan Yun Xiang

Hiding sensitive itemsets without side effects.

Surendra H Mohan H S

Volume 49, Number 3, March 2019
Context-aware pedestrian detection especially for small-sized instances with Deconvolution Integrated Faster RCNN (DIF R-CNN).

Han Xie Yunfan Chen Hyunchul Shin

ERR.Rank: An algorithm based on learning to rank for direct optimization of Expected Reciprocal Rank.

Elham Ghanbari Azadeh Shakery

A new method for feature selection based on intelligent water drops.

Mohammad Hossein Khosravi Parsa Bagherzadeh

Ensemble based fuzzy weighted extreme learning machine for gene expression classification.

Yang Wang Anna Wang Qing Ai Haijing Sun

A new block matching algorithm based on stochastic fractal search.

Abir Betka Nadjiba Terki Abida Toumi Madina Hamiane Amina Ourchani

Improving lazy decision tree for imbalanced classification by using skew-insensitive criteria.

Chong Su Jie Cao

Multiobjective optimal control for wastewater treatment process using adaptive MOEA/D.

Hongbiao Zhou Junfei Qiao

TKEH: an efficient algorithm for mining top-k high utility itemsets.

Kuldeep Singh Shashank Sheshar Singh Ajay Kumar Bhaskar Biswas

Improving awareness in early stages of security analysis: A zone partition method based on GrC.

Hamido Fujita Angelo Gaeta Vincenzo Loia Francesco Orciuoli

A chaotic teaching learning based optimization algorithm for clustering problems.

Yugal Kumar Pradeep Kumar Singh

A novel hybrid score level and decision level fusion scheme for cancelable multi-biometric verification.

Rudresh Dwivedi Somnath Dey

On repeated stackelberg security game with the cooperative human behavior model for wildlife protection.

Binru Wang Yuan Zhang Zhi-Hua Zhou Sheng Zhong

A computer-aided diagnosis system using Tchebichef features and improved grey wolf optimized extreme learning machine.

Figlu Mohanty Suvendu Rup Bodhisattva Dash Banshidhar Majhi M. N. S. Swamy

Transfer of learning with the co-evolutionary decomposition-based algorithm-II: a realization on the bi-level production-distribution planning system.

Abir Chaabani Lamjed Ben Said

An improved firework algorithm for hardware/software partitioning.

Tao Zhang Qianyu Yue Xin Zhao Ganjun Liu

Design of fuzzy radial basis function neural network classifier based on information data preprocessing for recycling black plastic wastes: comparative studies of ATR FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy.

Jong-Soo Bae Sung-Kwun Oh Witold Pedrycz Zunwei Fu

Influence maximization on signed networks under independent cascade model.

Wei Liu Xin Chen Byeungwoo Jeon Ling Chen Bolun Chen

A study on novel filtering and relationship between input-features and target-vectors in a deep learning model for stock price prediction.

Yoojeong Song Jae Won Lee Jongwoo Lee

Feature selection based on conditional mutual information: minimum conditional relevance and minimum conditional redundancy.

Hongfang Zhou Yao Zhang Yingjie Zhang Hongjiang Liu

Adaptive illumination normalization via adaptive illumination preprocessing and modified weber-face.

Jianwen Chen Zhen Zeng Rumin Zhang Wenyi Wang Yao Zheng Kun Tian

Content-aware point-of-interest recommendation based on convolutional neural network.

Shuning Xing Fang&aposai Liu Qianqian Wang Xiaohui Zhao Tianlai Li

Programming model-based method for ranking objects from group decision making with interval-valued hesitant fuzzy preference relations.

Yuning Zhang Jie Tang Fanyong Meng

Volume 49, Number 2, February 2019
A hybrid clonal selection algorithm with modified combinatorial recombination and success-history based adaptive mutation for numerical optimization.

Weiwei Zhang Kui Gao Weizheng Zhang Xiao Wang Qiuwen Zhang Hua Wang

Knowledge acquisition and decision making based on Bayes risk minimization method.

Mingliang Suo Zhiping Zhang Ying Chen Ruoming An Shunli Li

Quantum-inspired cuckoo co-search algorithm for no-wait flow shop scheduling.

Haihong Zhu Xuemei Qi Fulong Chen Xin He Linfeng Chen Ziyang Zhang

Traffic sign detection based on visual co-saliency in complex scenes.

Lingli Yu Xumei Xia Kaijun Zhou

A solution methodology for carpooling systems based on double auctions and cooperative coevolutionary particle swarms.

Fu-Shiung Hsieh Fu-Min Zhan Yi-Hong Guo

Finding the most influential product under distribution constraints through dominance tests.

Bo Yin Xuetao Wei Yonghe Liu

Link prediction on signed social networks based on latent space mapping.

Shensheng Gu Ling Chen Bin Li Wei Liu Bolun Chen

A fast divisive community detection algorithm based on edge degree betweenness centrality.

Majid Arasteh Somayeh Alizadeh

Parallel heuristic local search algorithm on OTIS hyper hexa-cell and OTIS mesh of trees optoelectronic architectures.

Aryaf Al-Adwan Ahmad Abdel-Aziz Sharieh Basel A. Mahafzah

Multi-view uncorrelated discriminant analysis via dependence maximization.

Xin Shu Peisen Yuan Haiyan Jiang Darong Lai

Differential evolution algorithm directed by individual difference information between generations and current individual information.

Li Tian Zhichao Li Xuefeng Yan

A differential evolution algorithm with dual preferred learning mutation.

Meijun Duan Hongyu Yang Hong Liu Junyi Chen

E-ENDPP: a safe feature selection rule for speeding up Elastic Net.

Yitian Xu Ying Tian Xianli Pan Hongmei Wang

Applications of asynchronous deep reinforcement learning based on dynamic updating weights.

Xingyu Zhao Shifei Ding Yuexuan An Weikuan Jia

An improved adaptive NSGA-II with multi-population algorithm.

Zhibiao Zhao Bin Liu Chunran Zhang Haoran Liu

Dynamic weighted ensemble classification for credit scoring using Markov Chain.

Xiaodong Feng Zhi Xiao Bo Zhong Yuanxiang Dong Jing Qiu

A meta extreme learning machine method for forecasting financial time series.

César Fernández Luis Salinas Claudio E. Torres

Surrogate model assisted cooperative coevolution for large scale optimization.

Zhigang Ren Bei Pang Muyi Wang Zuren Feng Yongsheng Liang An Chen Yipeng Zhang

A robust correlation coefficient measure of complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their applications in decision-making.

Harish Garg Dimple Rani

SPPC: a new tree structure for mining erasable patterns in data streams.

Tuong Le Bay Vo Philippe Fournier-Viger Mi Young Lee Sung Wook Baik

Formulation of a hybrid expertise retrieval system in community question answering services.

Dipankar Kundu Deba Prasad Mandal

Bibliometric analysis on the evolution of applied intelligence.

Dejian Yu Zeshui Xu Hamido Fujita

Stochastic trust network enriched by similarity relations to enhance trust-aware recommendations.

Mina Ghavipour Mohammad Reza Meybodi

OLAP cube partitioning based on association rules method.

Khadija Letrache Omar El Beggar Mohammed Ramdani

A new gradient-based neural dynamic framework for solving constrained min-max optimization problems with an application in portfolio selection models.

Alireza Nazemi Marziyeh Mortezaee

Trainable back-propagated functional transfer matrices.

Chenghao Cai Yanyan Xu Dengfeng Ke Kaile Su Jing Sun

Chemical reaction optimization for RNA structure prediction.

Rayhanul Kabir Rafiqul Islam

Enhanced particle swarm optimization with multi-swarm and multi-velocity for optimizing high-dimensional problems.

Yong Ning Zishun Peng Yuxing Dai Daqiang Bi Jun Wang

Cloud robot: semantic map building for intelligent service task.

Hao Wu Xiaojian Wu Qing Ma Guohui Tian

Lagrangian supervised and semi-supervised extreme learning machine.

Jun Ma Yakun Wen Liming Yang

Volume 49, Number 1, January 2019
Correction to: Unlabeled PCA-shuffling initialization for convolutional neural networks.

Jun Ou Yujian Li Chengkai Shen

Single image super-resolution using a polymorphic parallel CNN.

Kai Zeng Shifei Ding Weikuan Jia

HWPSO: A new hybrid whale-particle swarm optimization algorithm and its application in electronic design optimization problems.

Naushad Manzoor Laskar Koushik Guha Indronil Chatterjee Saurav Chanda Krishna Lal Baishnab Prashanta Kumar Paul

Causal inference and Bayesian network structure learning from nominal data.

Guiming Luo Boxu Zhao Shiyuan Du

Nature-inspired approach: a wind-driven water wave optimization algorithm.

Jinzhong Zhang Yongquan Zhou Qifang Luo

Chemical reaction optimization for virtual machine placement in cloud computing.

Zhiyong Li Yang Li Tingkun Yuan ShaoMiao Chen Shilong Jiang

Utilizing structured knowledge bases in open IE based event template extraction.

Ade Romadhony Dwi H. Widyantoro Ayu Purwarianti

Chaotic dragonfly algorithm: an improved metaheuristic algorithm for feature selection.

Gehad Ismail Sayed Alaa Tharwat Aboul Ella Hassanien

Neural-fuzzy with representative sets for prediction of student performance.

Le Hoang Son Hamido Fujita

A novel mapreduce algorithm for distributed mining of sequential patterns using co-occurrence information.

Sumalatha Saleti R. B. V. Subramanyam

Hybrid attribute based sentiment classification of online reviews for consumer intelligence.

Barkha Bansal Sangeet Srivastava

Image super-resolution with densely connected convolutional networks.

Ping Kuang Tingsong Ma Ziwei Chen Fan Li

A L1 based probabilistic merging algorithm and its application to statistical matching.

Marco Baioletti Andrea Capotorti

Bayesian model averaging for river flow prediction.

Paul J. Darwen

Generalized logical operations among conditional events.

Angelo Gilio Giuseppe Sanfilippo

GMMA: GPU-based multiobjective memetic algorithms for vehicle routing problem with route balancing.

Zizhen Zhang Yuyan Sun Hong Xie Yi Teng Jiahai Wang

A worker clustering-based approach of label aggregation under the belief function theory.

Lina Abassi Imen Boukhris

Hierarchical attention based long short-term memory for Chinese lyric generation.

Xing Wu Zhikang Du Yike Guo Hamido Fujita

Computation and comparison of nonmonotonic skeptical inference relations induced by sets of ranking models for the realization of intelligent agents.

Christoph Beierle Steven Kutsch

Deep convolutional neural network for the automated diagnosis of congestive heart failure using ECG signals.

U. Rajendra Acharya Hamido Fujita Shu Lih Oh Yuki Hagiwara Jen Hong Tan Muhammad Adam Ru San Tan

Addressing robustness in time-critical, distributed, task allocation algorithms.

Amanda Whitbrook Qinggang Meng Paul W. H. Chung