Volume 50, Number 3, March 2020
A new modeling and inference approach for the belief rule base with attribute reliability.

Yaqian You Jianbin Sun Jiang Jiang Shuai Lu

Enhanced harmony search algorithm with circular region perturbation for global optimization problems.

Wenqiang Wu Haibin Ouyang Ali Wagdy Mohamed Chunliang Zhang Steven Li

Shared subspace least squares multi-label linear discriminant analysis.

Hongbin Yu Tao Zhang Wenjing Jia

Weighted multi-information constrained matrix factorization for personalized travel location recommendation based on geo-tagged photos.

Dandan Lyu Ling Chen Zhenxing Xu Shanshan Yu

An improved recurrent neural networks for 3d object reconstruction.

Tingsong Ma Ping Kuang Wenhong Tian

Evolutionary echo state network for long-term time series prediction: on the edge of chaos.

Gege Zhang Chao Zhang WeiDong Zhang

Mining clique frequent approximate subgraphs from multi-graph collections.

Niusvel Acosta-Mendoza Jesús Ariel Carrasco-Ochoa José Francisco Martínez Trinidad Andrés Gago Alonso José Eladio Medina-Pagola

Data-driven missing data imputation in cluster monitoring system based on deep neural network.

Jie Lin NianHua Li Md Ashraful Alam Yuqing Ma

A novel parallel accelerated CRPF algorithm.

Jinhua Wang Jie Cao Wei Li Ping Yu Kaijie Huang

CLR-based deep convolutional spiking neural network with validation based stopping for time series classification.

Anjali Gautam Vrijendra Singh

Transfer learning based 3D fuzzy multivariable control for an RTP system.

Xianxia Zhang Han-Xiong Li Chong Cheng Shiwei Ma

Multi-channel biomimetic visual transformation for object feature extraction and recognition of complex scenes.

Lingli Yu Mingyue Jin Kaijun Zhou

Cluster-based Kriging approximation algorithms for complexity reduction.

Bas van Stein Hao Wang Wojtek Kowalczyk Michael Emmerich Thomas Bäck

Optimizing multicast routing tree on application layer via an encoding-free non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm.

Qing Liu Rongjun Tang Haipeng Ren Yan Pei

Exploiting skew-adaptive delimitation mechanism for learning expressive classification rules.

Zhiyong Hao Chen Yang Lei Liu Mijat Kustudic Ben Niu

An effective distance based feature selection approach for imbalanced data.

Shaukat Ali Shahee Usha Ananthakumar

Triangular coil pattern of local radius of gyration face for heterogeneous face recognition.

Arindam Kar Pinaki Prasad Guha Neogi

Energy-based structural least squares MBSVM for classification.

Songhui Shi Shifei Ding Zichen Zhang Weikuan Jia

Semantic and syntactic analysis in learning representation based on a sentiment analysis model.

Anh-Dung Vo Quang-Phuoc Nguyen Cheol-Young Ock

A fast and accurate explicit kernel map.

Deena P. Francis Kumudha Raimond

Volume 50, Number 2, February 2020
User correlation model for question recommendation in community question answering.

Chaogang Fu

Exploring duality on ontology debugging.

Jie Gao Dantong Ouyang Yuxin Ye

Sandpiper optimization algorithm: a novel approach for solving real-life engineering problems.

Amandeep Kaur Sushma Jain Shivani Goel

Unsupervised representation learning based on the deep multi-view ensemble learning.

Maryam Koohzadi Nasrollah Moghadam Charkari Foad Ghaderi

Multi-criteria decision making in Pythagorean fuzzy environment.

Liguo Fei Yong Deng

Optimizing shapelets quality measure for imbalanced time series classification.

Qiuyan Yan Yang Cao

Skill based transfer learning with domain adaptation for continuous reinforcement learning domains.

Farzaneh Shoeleh Masoud Asadpour

Feature subset selection combining maximal information entropy and maximal information coefficient.

Kangfeng Zheng Xiujuan Wang Bin Wu Tong Wu

Novel grey wolf optimization based on modified differential evolution for numerical function optimization.

Jun Luo Zewei Liu

Extracting relations of crime rates through fuzzy association rules mining.

Zhongjie Zhang Jian Huang Jianguo Hao Jianxing Gong Hao Chen

Adaptive graph regularized nonnegative matrix factorization for data representation.

Lin Zhang Zhonghua Liu Jiexin Pu Bin Song

An algorithm for influence maximization in competitive social networks with unwanted users.

Wei Liu Ling Chen Xin Chen Bolun Chen

A novel method based on deep learning for aligned fingerprints matching.

Yonghong Liu Baicun Zhou Congying Han Tiande Guo Jin Qin

Plan merging by reuse for multi-agent planning.

Nerea Luis Susana Fernández Daniel Borrajo

Community-based influence maximization in attributed networks.

Huimin Huang Hong Shen Zaiqiao Meng

Using deep learning to preserve data confidentiality.

Wei Li Pengqiu Meng Yi Hong Xiaohui Cui

A local community detection algorithm based on internal force between nodes.

Kun Guo Ling He Yuzhong Chen Wenzhong Guo Jianning Zheng

Learning adaptive trust strength with user roles of truster and trustee for trust-aware recommender systems.

Yiteng Pan Fazhi He Haiping Yu Haoran Li

Robust expected model change for active learning in regression.

Sung Ho Park Seoung Bum Kim

DCADE: divide and conquer alignment with dynamic encoding for full page data extraction.

Oviliani Yenty Yuliana Chia-Hui Chang

Volume 50, Number 1, January 2020
Multi-objective particle swarm optimization based on cooperative hybrid strategy.

Hui Yu Yujia Wang Shanli Xiao

Dynamic uncertain causality graph based on Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its application to root cause analysis.

Li Li Weichao Yue

Multi-stage optimization model for hesitant qualitative decision making with hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relations.

Peng Wu Ligang Zhou Huayou Chen Zhifu Tao

Bag of contour fragments for improvement of object segmentation.

Qian Yu Chengzhuan Yang Honghui Fan Hongjin Zhu Feiyue Ye Hui Wei

Non-convex approximation based l0-norm multiple indefinite kernel feature selection.

Hui Xue Yu Song

Effective sanitization approaches to protect sensitive knowledge in high-utility itemset mining.

Xuan Liu Shiting Wen Wanli Zuo

Fuzzy risk analysis under influence of non-homogeneous preferences elicitation in fiber industry.

Ahmad Syafadhli Abu Bakar Ku Muhammad Naim Ku Khalif Asma Ahmad Shariff Alexander E. Gegov Fauzani Md Salleh

Aggregated topic models for increasing social media topic coherence.

Stuart J. Blair Yaxin Bi Maurice D. Mulvenna

MOSHEPO: a hybrid multi-objective approach to solve economic load dispatch and micro grid problems.

Gaurav Dhiman

Feature selection with Symmetrical Complementary Coefficient for quantifying feature interactions.

Rui Zhang Zuoquan Zhang

A jigsaw puzzle inspired algorithm for solving large-scale no-wait flow shop scheduling problems.

Fuqing Zhao Xuan He Yi Zhang Wenchang Lei Weimin Ma Chuck Zhang Houbin Song

Enhancing data analysis: uncertainty-resistance method for handling incomplete data.

Javad Hamidzadeh Mona Moradi

Transfer Naive Bayes algorithm with group probabilities.

Jingmei Li Weifei Wu Di Xue

Recognising innovative companies by using a diversified stacked generalisation method for website classification.

Marcin Mironczuk Jaroslaw Protasiewicz

A high-speed D-CART online fault diagnosis algorithm for rotor systems.

Huaxia Deng Yifan Diao Wei Wu Jin Zhang Mengchao Ma Xiang Zhong

How to add new knowledge to already trained deep learning models applied to semantic localization.

Edmanuel Cruz José Carlos Rangel Francisco Gomez-Donoso Miguel Cazorla

Small traffic sign detection from large image.

Zhigang Liu Dongyu Li Shuzhi Sam Ge Feng Tian