Volume 51, Number 12, December 2021
Coordinate-based anchor-free module for object detection.

Zhiyong Tang Jianbing Yang Zhongcai Pei Xiao Song

Robust synchronization of uncertain delayed neural networks with packet dropout using sampled-data control.

Ganlei Zhang Jiayong Zhang Wei Li Chao Ge Yajuan Liu

2-SPIFF: a 2-stage packer identification method based on function call graph and file attributes.

Hao Liu Chun Guo Yunhe Cui Guowei Shen Yuan Ping

SeqVAE: Sequence variational autoencoder with policy gradient.

Ting Gao Yidong Cui Fanyu Ding

Novel best path selection approach based on hybrid improved A* algorithm and reinforcement learning.

Xiaohuan Liu Degan Zhang Ting Zhang Yuya Cui Lu Chen Si Liu

Fast Gaussian kernel support vector machine recursive feature elimination algorithm.

Li Zhang Xiaohan Zheng Qing-Qing Pang Weida Zhou

A bi-stage feature selection approach for COVID-19 prediction using chest CT images.

Shibaprasad Sen Soumyajit Saha Somnath Chatterjee Seyedali Mirjalili Ram Sarkar

Feature selection for semi-supervised multi-target regression using genetic algorithm.

Farrukh Hasan Syed Muhammad Atif Tahir Muhammad Rafi Mir Danish Shahab

Software fault prediction based on the dynamic selection of learning technique: findings from the eclipse project study.

Santosh Singh Rathore Sandeep Kumar

A two-domain coordinated sentence similarity scheme for question-answering robots regarding unpredictable outliers and non-orthogonal categories.

Boyang Li Weisheng Xu Zhiyu Xu Jiaxin Li Peng Peng

Pseudo-label growth dictionary pair learning for crowd counting.

Wei Liu Huake Wang Hao Luo Kaibing Zhang Jian Lu Zenggang Xiong

Multi-information embedding based entity alignment.

Ling Chen Xiaoxue Tian Xing Tang Jun Cui

Automatic coronary artery segmentation algorithm based on deep learning and digital image processing.

Fangzheng Tian Yongbin Gao Zhijun Fang Jia Gu

Writer identification using redundant writing patterns and dual-factor analysis of variance.

Ayixiamu Litifu Yuchen Yan Jinsheng Xiao Hao Jiang

A new dictionary-based positive and unlabeled learning method.

Bo Liu Zhijing Liu Yanshan Xiao

A simple teacher behavior recognition method for massive teaching videos based on teacher set.

Gang Zhao Wenjuan Zhu Hu Biling Chu Jie Hui He Qing Xia

Adaptive channel and multiscale spatial context network for breast mass segmentation in full-field mammograms.

Wenwei Zhao Meng Lou Yunliang Qi Yiming Wang Chunbo Xu Xiangyu Deng Yide Ma

Convolutional neural networks and temporal CNNs for COVID-19 forecasting in France.

Lucas Mohimont Amine Chemchem François Alin Michaël Krajecki Luiz Angelo Steffenel

Multimodal graph inference network for scene graph generation.

Jingwen Duan Weidong Min Deyu Lin Jianfeng Xu Xin Xiong

Towards efficient local search for the minimum total dominating set problem.

Shuli Hu Huan Liu Yupan Wang Ruizhi Li Minghao Yin Nan Yang

A SHADE-based multimodal multi-objective evolutionary algorithm with fitness sharing.

Guoqing Li Wanliang Wang Haoli Chen Wenbo You Yule Wang Yawen Jin Weiwei Zhang

ELECTRE-II method for group decision-making in Pythagorean fuzzy environment.

Muhammad Akram Farwa Ilyas Harish Garg

Dynamic reproductive ant colony algorithm based on piecewise clustering.

Jin Yu Xiaoming You Sheng Liu

Improved binary pigeon-inspired optimization and its application for feature selection.

Jeng-Shyang Pan Ai-Qing Tian Shu-Chuan Chu Jun-Bao Li

Transfer learning of Bayesian network for measuring QoS of virtual machines.

Jia Hao Kun Yue Binbin Zhang Liang Duan Xiaodong Fu

Mining colossal patterns with length constraints.

Tuong Le Thanh-Long Nguyen Bao Huynh Hung Nguyen Tzung-Pei Hong Václav Snásel

Approximation of CIEDE2000 color closeness function using Neuro-Fuzzy networks.

Jamaladdin Hasanov Samir Garibov Aydin Javadov

Measuring the outcome of movement-based three-way decision using proportional utility functions.

Chunmao Jiang Doudou Guo Ruiyang Xu

COVID-19 prediction using AI analytics for South Korea.

Adwitiya Sinha Megha Rathi

Multi-level spatial and semantic enhancement network for expression recognition.

Yingdong Ma Xia Wang Lihua Wei

Volume 51, Number 11, November 2021
Correction to: Non-parallel text style transfer with domain adaptation and an attention model.

Mingxuan Hu Min He

Semi-supervised feature selection with minimal redundancy based on local adaptive.

Xinping Wu Hongmei Chen Tianrui Li Jihong Wan

Deep traffic congestion prediction model based on road segment grouping.

Yue Tu Shukuan Lin Jianzhong Qiao Bin Liu

A moving track data-based method for gathering behavior prediction at early stage.

Sainan Wang Yang Liu Jing Wang Suixiang Gao Wenguo Yang

Automatic question-answer pairs generation and question similarity mechanism in question answering system.

Shivani G. Aithal Abishek B. Rao Sanjay Singh

Prediction interval estimation of landslide displacement using adaptive chicken swarm optimization-tuned support vector machines.

Yin Xing Jianping Yue Chuang Chen Dongjian Cai Jia Hu Yunfei Xiang

Multi-source fast transfer learning algorithm based on support vector machine.

Peng Gao Weifei Wu Jingmei Li

Multi-topical authority sensitive influence maximization with authority based graph pruning and three-stage heuristic optimization.

Yuhua Li Ruixuan Li Xiaoqing Xiong Xiwu Gu Tianan Liang Mingli Xu Yumeng Yuan

Multi-modal medical image fusion based on equilibrium optimizer algorithm and local energy functions.

Phu-Hung Dinh

Chameleon algorithm based on improved natural neighbor graph generating sub-clusters.

Yuru Zhang Shifei Ding Yanru Wang Haiwei Hou

Skewed normal cloud modified whale optimization algorithm for degree reduction of S-λ curves.

Wenyan Guo Ting Liu Fang Dai Fengqun Zhao Peng Xu

The optimized GRNN based on the FDS-FOA under the hesitant fuzzy environment and its application in air quality index prediction.

Chenyang Song Liguo Wang Jian Hou Zeshui Xu Yinhua Huang

Joint latent low-rank and non-negative induced sparse representation for face recognition.

Mingna Wu Shu Wang Zhigang Li Long Zhang Ling Wang Zhenwen Ren

A conditional classification recurrent RBM for improved series mid-term forecasting.

Lei Xia Jiancheng Lv Chunzhi Xie Jing Yin

Modeling polypharmacy effects with heterogeneous signed graph convolutional networks.

Taoran Liu Jiancong Cui Hui Zhuang Hong Wang

Detecting earthquakes: a novel deep learning-based approach for effective disaster response.

Muhammad Shakeel Katsutoshi Itoyama Kenji Nishida Kazuhiro Nakadai

Using distributed ledger technology to democratize neural network training.

Spyridon Nikolaidis Ioannis Refanidis

Prediction of software vulnerability based deep symbiotic genetic algorithms: Phenotyping of dominant-features.

Canan Batur Sahin Özlem Batur Dinler Laith Mohammad Abualigah

Analysis of vertical eye movements in Parkinson's disease and its potential for diagnosis.

Sajjad Farashi

Multichannel environmental sound segmentation.

Yui Sudo Katsutoshi Itoyama Kenji Nishida Kazuhiro Nakadai

Feature selection accelerated convolutional neural networks for visual tracking.

Zhiyan Cui Na Lu

A novel two-stage constraints handling framework for real-world multi-constrained multi-objective optimization problem based on evolutionary algorithm.

Xin Li Qing An Jun Zhang Fan Xu Ruo-Li Tang Zhengcheng Dong Xiaodi Zhang Jingang Lai Xiaobing Mao

Maximizing a deep submodular function optimization with a weighted MAX-SAT problem for trajectory clustering and motion segmentation.

Kiran Kumar Chandriah Raghavendra V. Naraganahalli

Tensor projection mechanism and algorithm implementation.

Fei Wang Zhanchang Wang Xiang Li Yu Chen

A heuristic and reliable track-to-track data association approach for multi-cell track reconstruction.

Di Wu Benlian Xu Mingli Lu

Graph-optimized coupled discriminant projections for cross-view gait recognition.

Wanjiang Xu

ConvNet frameworks for multi-modal fake news detection.

Chahat Raj Priyanka Meel

Portfolio management system in equity market neutral using reinforcement learning.

Mu-En Wu Jia-Hao Syu Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Jan-Ming Ho

Using extended siamese networks to provide decision support in aquaculture operations.

Bjørn Magnus Mathisen Kerstin Bach Agnar Aamodt

Correction to: Where do university graduates live? - a computer vision approach using satellite images.

David Koch Miroslav Despotovic Simon Thaler Matthias Zeppelzauer

Where do university graduates live? - A computer vision approach using satellite images.

David Koch Miroslav Despotovic Simon Thaler Matthias Zeppelzauer

Overlapping community detection using core label propagation algorithm and belonging functions.

Jean-Philippe Attal Maria Malek Marc Zolghadri

Neural cryptography using optimal structure of neural networks.

Arindam Sarkar

Towards data-free gating of heterogeneous pre-trained neural networks.

Chen Wen Kang Chua Meng Hong Tomás Maul

Extended approach by using best-worst method on the basis of importance-necessity concept and its application.

Saeid Jafarzadeh Ghoushchi Shadi Dorosti Mohammad Khazaeili Abbas Mardani

An online multiple object tracker based on structure keeper net.

Nan Wang Qi Zou Qiulin Ma Yaping Huang Haitao Lou Xiaoyu Wu Huiyong Liu

A learning search algorithm with propagational reinforcement learning.

Wei Zhang

Discovering relational and numerical expressions from plan traces for learning action models.

José Á. Segura-Muros Raúl Pérez Juan Fernández-Olivares

A new parameter reduction algorithm for soft sets based on chi-square test.

Hongwu Qin Qinghua Fei Xiuqin Ma Wanghu Chen

A hybrid user-based collaborative filtering algorithm with topic model.

Liu Na Ming-Xia Li Qiu Hai-yang Hao-Long Su

Recognizing diseases with multivariate physiological signals by a DeepCNN-LSTM network.

Jun Liao Dandan Liu Guoxin Su Li Liu

A community detection algorithm based on Quasi-Laplacian centrality peaks clustering.

Tianhao Shi Shifei Ding Xiao Xu Ling Ding

Subtler mixed attention network on fine-grained image classification.

Chao Liu Lei Huang Zhiqiang Wei Wenfeng Zhang

A modification of I-SOS: performance analysis to large scale functions.

Sukanta Nama

Deep collaborative filtering with social promoter score-based user-item interaction: a new perspective in recommendation.

Supriyo Mandal Abyayananda Maiti

Joint sparse neural network compression via multi-application multi-objective optimization.

Jinzhuo Chen Yongnan Xu Weize Sun Lei Huang

Noise-adaptive synthetic oversampling technique.

Minh Thanh Vo Trang Nguyen Anh H. Vo Tuong Le

Robust graph convolutional networks with directional graph adversarial training.

Weibo Hu Chuan Chen Yaomin Chang Zibin Zheng Yunfei Du

A novel feature selection approach with Pareto optimality for multi-label data.

Guohe Li Yong Li Yifeng Zheng Ying Li Yunfeng Hong Xiaoming Zhou

Scene graph generation by multi-level semantic tasks.

Peng Tian Hongwei Mo Laihao Jiang

A band selection approach based on wavelet support vector machine ensemble model and membrane whale optimization algorithm for hyperspectral image.

Mingwei Wang Ziqi Yan Jianwei Luo Zhiwei Ye Peipei He

Identification of top-k influential nodes based on discrete crow search algorithm optimization for influence maximization.

Huan Li Ruisheng Zhang Zhili Zhao Xin Liu Yongna Yuan

A new complete color normalization method for H&E stained histopatholgical images.

Surbhi Vijh Mukesh Saraswat Sumit Kumar

Distributed dictionary learning for industrial process monitoring with big data.

Keke Huang Wei Ke Yonggang Li Chunhua Yang

Semantic-enhanced sequential modeling for personality trait recognition from texts.

Xia Xue Jun Feng Xia Sun

Flexible data representation with feature convolution for semi-supervised learning.

Fadi Dornaika

Image generation and constrained two-stage feature fusion for person re-identification.

Tao Zhang Xing Sun Xuan Li Zhengming Yi

Adversarial training with Wasserstein distance for learning cross-lingual word embeddings.

Yuling Li Yuhong Zhang Kui Yu Xuegang Hu

IM-ELPR: Influence maximization in social networks using label propagation based community structure.

Sanjay Kumar Lakshay Singhla Kshitij Jindal Khyati Grover B. S. Panda

Improved differential evolution based on multi-armed bandit for multimodal optimization problems.

Suchitra Agrawal Aruna Tiwari Prathamesh Naik Arjun Srivastava

An improved evidence fusion algorithm in multi-sensor systems.

Kaiyi Zhao Rutai Sun Li Li Manman Hou Gang Yuan Ruizhi Sun

A user-knowledge dynamic pattern matching process and optimization strategy based on the expert knowledge recommendation system.

Li Gao Yi Gan Zhen Yao Xianglei Zhang

Volume 51, Number 10, October 2021
A scalable parallel Chinese online encyclopedia knowledge denoising method based on entry tags and Spark cluster.

Ting Wang Jie Li Jiale Guo

A branch & bound algorithm to determine optimal bivariate splits for oblique decision tree induction.

Ferdinand Bollwein Stephan Westphal

DeepUWF-plus: automatic fundus identification and diagnosis system based on ultrawide-field fundus imaging.

Wei Zhang Yan Dai Miao Liu Yuanyuan Chen Jie Zhong Zhang Yi

A uniform compact genetic algorithm for matching bibliographic ontologies.

Chao Jiang Xingsi Xue

Combining task scheduling and data replication for SLA compliance and enhancement of provider profit in clouds.

Amel Khelifa Tarek Hamrouni Riad Mokadem Faouzi Ben Charrada

Preference and attitude in parameterized knowledge measure for decision making under uncertainty.

Kaihong Guo Hao Xu

Stability and stabilization for uncertain fuzzy system with sampled-data control and state quantization.

Liu Yang Jiayong Zhang Chao Ge Wei Li Zhiwei Zhao

Bayesian inference based learning automaton scheme in Q-model environments.

Chong Di Fangqi Li Shenghong Li Jianwei Tian

MBPI: Mixed behaviors and preference interaction for session-based recommendation.

Jinjin Zhang Chenhui Ma Chengliang Zhong Xiaodong Mu Lizhi Wang

PSigmoid: Improving squeeze-and-excitation block with parametric sigmoid.

Yao Ying Nengbo Zhang Peng Shan Ligang Miao Peng Sun Silong Peng

Genetic programming hyperheuristic parameter configuration using fitness landscape analysis.

Rebeka Coric Mateja Ðumic Domagoj Jakobovic

MMD-encouraging convolutional autoencoder: a novel classification algorithm for imbalanced data.

Bin Li Xiaofeng Gong Chen Wang Ruijuan Wu Tong Bian Yanming Li Zhiyuan Wang Ruisen Luo

Parallel social behavior-based algorithm for identification of influential users in social network.

Wassim Mnasri Mehdi Azaouzi Lotfi Ben Romdhane

A novel hybrid particle swarm optimization for multi-UAV cooperate path planning.

Wenjian He Xiaogang Qi Lifang Liu

Interpretable semantic textual similarity of sentences using alignment of chunks with classification and regression.

Goutam Majumder Partha Pakray Ranjita Das David Pinto

A privacy-conserving framework based intrusion detection method for detecting and recognizing malicious behaviours in cyber-physical power networks.

Izhar Ahmed Khan Dechang Pi Nasrullah Khan Zaheer Ullah Khan Yasir Hussain Asif Nawaz Farman Ali

Mixed attention dense network for sketch classification.

Ming Zhu Chun Chen Nian Wang Jun Tang Chen Zhao

Random area-perimeter method for generation of unimodal and multimodal cancelable biometric templates.

Rajesh Asthana Gurjit Singh Walia Anjana Gupta

Multi-scale depth information fusion network for image dehazing.

Guodong Fan Zhen Hua Jinjiang Li

A new twin SVM method with dictionary learning.

Zhiyong Che Bo Liu Yanshan Xiao Hao Cai

Dynamic feature selection algorithm based on Q-learning mechanism.

Ruohao Xu Mengmeng Li Zhongliang Yang Lifang Yang Kangjia Qiao Zhigang Shang

A dual-branch model for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease based on the independent and joint features of the left and right gait.

Xu Liu Wang Li Zheng Liu Feixiang Du Qiang Zou

Mining sequential rules with itemset constraints.

Trang Van Bac Le

Celiac trunk segmentation incorporating with additional contour constraint.

Xianhua Tang Bo Huang Qingping Cai Ziran Wei Yongbin Gao Yinglin Wang Huilin Tong Pan Liang Cengsi Zhong

Two robust long short-term memory frameworks for trading stocks.

Dusan Fister Matjaz Perc Timotej Jagric

Beyond AP: a new evaluation index for multiclass classification task accuracy.

Kaifang Zhang Huayou Su Yong Dou

Interpreting the black box of supervised learning models: Visualizing the impacts of features on prediction.

Xiaohang Zhang Yuan Wang Zhengren Li

Cornerstone network with feature extractor: a metric-based few-shot model for chinese natural sign language.

Fei Wang Chen Li Zhen Zeng Ke Xu Sirui Cheng Yanjun Liu Shizhuo Sun

Group decision support model based on sequential additive complementary pairwise comparisons.

Fang Liu Jia-Wei Zhang Zhang-Hua Luo

Emotion-cause span extraction: a new task to emotion cause identification in texts.

Min Li Hui Zhao Hao Su Yurong Qian Ping Li

Unsupervised deep learning approach for network intrusion detection combining convolutional autoencoder and one-class SVM.

Adel Binbusayyis Thavavel Vaiyapuri

Least squares large margin distribution machine for regression.

Umesh Gupta Deepak Gupta

An efficient attention module for 3d convolutional neural networks in action recognition.

Guanghao Jiang Xiaoyan Jiang Zhijun Fang Shanshan Chen

Covariance matrix forecasting using support vector regression.

Piotr Fiszeder Witold Orzeszko

HFPQ: deep neural network compression by hardware-friendly pruning-quantization.

YingBo Fan Wei Pang Shengli Lu

Missing multi-label learning with non-equilibrium based on two-level autoencoder.

Yusheng Cheng Fan Song Kun Qian

Convolutional neural networks with hybrid weights for 3D point cloud classification.

Meng Hu Hailiang Ye Feilong Cao

A priority based genetic algorithm for limited view tomography.

Raghavendra Mishra Manish Kumar Bajpai

Adaptive collaborative optimization of traffic network signal timing based on immune-fireworks algorithm and hierarchical strategy.

Zhimin Qiao Liangjun Ke Gewei Zhang Xiaoqiang Wang

Wise-local response convolutional neural network based on Naïve Bayes theorem for rotating machinery fault classification.

Anas H. Aljemely Jianping Xuan Long Xu Farqad K. J. Jawad Osama Al-Azzawi

Time-aware hybrid expertise retrieval system in community question answering services.

Dipankar Kundu Rajat Kumar Pal Deba Prasad Mandal

Multi-city traffic flow forecasting via multi-task learning.

Yiling Zhang Yan Yang Wei Zhou Hao Wang Xiaocao Ouyang

Non-local duplicate pooling network for salient object detection.

Jun Jiao Hui Xue Jundi Ding

A method of credit evaluation modeling based on block-wise missing data.

Qiujun Lan Shan Jiang

An adaptive boosting algorithm based on weighted feature selection and category classification confidence.

Youwei Wang Lizhou Feng

Privacy-preserving and verifiable multi-instance iris remote authentication using public auditor.

Mahesh Kumar Morampudi Munaga V. N. K. Prasad U. S. N. Raju

Iterative rating prediction for neighborhood-based collaborative filtering.

Li Zhang Zepeng Li Xiaohan Sun

FHUQI-Miner: Fast high utility quantitative itemset mining.

Mourad Nouioua Philippe Fournier-Viger Cheng-Wei Wu Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Wensheng Gan

Diversity and consistency embedding learning for multi-view subspace clustering.

Yong Mi Zhenwen Ren Mithun Mukherjee Yuqing Huang Quansen Sun Liwan Chen

Feature selection and hyper parameters optimization for short-term wind power forecast.

Hui Huang Rong Jia Xiaoyu Shi Jun Liang Jian Dang

Multi-target regression via self-parameterized Lasso and refactored target space.

Xinshuang Xiao Yitian Xu

A graph-based QoS prediction approach for web service recommendation.

Zhenhua Chang Ding Ding Youhao Xia

A hybrid multi-criteria decision making approach for assessing health-care waste management technologies based on soft likelihood function and D-numbers.

Xiangjun Mi Ye Tian Bingyi Kang

PIEED: Position information enhanced encoder-decoder framework for scene text recognition.

Xitao Ma Kai He Dazhuang Zhang Dashuang Li

Simple noncooperative games with intuitionistic fuzzy information and application in ecological management.

Jie Yang Zeshui Xu Yongwu Dai

Sparse portfolio selection with uncertain probability distribution.

Ripeng Huang Shaojian Qu Xiaoguang Yang Fengmin Xu Zeshui Xu Wei Zhou

Bearing fault diagnosis based on combined multi-scale weighted entropy morphological filtering and bi-LSTM.

Fengqian Zou Haifeng Zhang Shengtian Sang Xiaoming Li Wanying He Xiaowei Liu

Co-attention fusion based deep neural network for Chinese medical answer selection.

Xichen Chen Zuyuan Yang Naiyao Liang Zhenni Li Weijun Sun

Learn class hierarchy using convolutional neural networks.

Riccardo La Grassa Ignazio Gallo Nicola Landro

Deep facial spatiotemporal network for engagement prediction in online learning.

Jiacheng Liao Yan Liang Jiahui Pan

Volume 51, Number 9, September 2021
A comprehensive model and computational methods to improve Situation Awareness in Intelligence scenarios.

Angelo Gaeta Vincenzo Loia Francesco Orciuoli

Rational verification: game-theoretic verification of multi-agent systems.

Alessandro Abate Julian Gutierrez Lewis Hammond Paul Harrenstein Marta Kwiatkowska Muhammad Najib Giuseppe Perelli Thomas Steeples Michael J. Wooldridge

30th Anniversary of Applied Intelligence: A combination of bibliometrics and thematic analysis using SciMAT.

José Ricardo López-Robles Manuel Jesus Cobo María Gutiérrez-Salcedo María Ángeles Martínez Nadia Karina Gamboa-Rosales Enrique Herrera-Viedma

Modular design patterns for hybrid learning and reasoning systems.

Michael van Bekkum Maaike de Boer Frank van Harmelen André Meyer-Vitali Annette ten Teije

A panoramic view and swot analysis of artificial intelligence for achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030: progress and prospects.

Iván Palomares Eugenio Martínez-Cámara Rosana Montes Pablo García-Moral Manuel Chiachío Juan Chiachío Sergio Alonso Francisco J. Melero Daniel Molina Bárbara Fernández Cristina Moral Rosario Marchena Javier Pérez de Vargas Francisco Herrera

Recent advances in evolutionary and bio-inspired adaptive robotics: Exploiting embodied dynamics.

Phil Husbands YoonSik Shim Michael Garvie Alex Dewar Norbert Domcsek Paul Graham James C. Knight Thomas Nowotny Andrew Philippides

Automated major depressive disorder detection using melamine pattern with EEG signals.

Emrah Aydemir Türker Tuncer Sengül Dogan Raj Gururajan U. Rajendra Acharya

The hierarchical SMAA-PROMETHEE method applied to assess the sustainability of European cities.

Salvatore Corrente Salvatore Greco Floriana Leonardi Roman Slowinski

Deep learning in multi-object detection and tracking: state of the art.

Sankar K. Pal Anima Pramanik Jhareswar Maiti Pabitra Mitra

Evidential fully convolutional network for semantic segmentation.

Zheng Tong Philippe Xu Thierry Denoeux

Autonomous flight cycles and extreme landings of airliners beyond the current limits and capabilities using artificial neural networks.

Haitham Baomar Peter J. Bentley

Towards bridging the neuro-symbolic gap: deep deductive reasoners.

Monireh Ebrahimi Aaron Eberhart Federico Bianchi Pascal Hitzler

The geometry of three-way decision.

Yiyu Yao

Editorial for the 30th anniversary special issue.

Moonis Ali Hamido Fujita

Volume 51, Number 8, August 2021
IFTA: Iterative filtering by using TF-AICL algorithm for Chinese encyclopedia knowledge refinement.

Ting Wang Jiale Guo Zhuang Wu Tiansheng Xu

Structural attention network for graph.

Anzhong Zhou Yifen Li

A new filled function method based on adaptive search direction and valley widening for global optimization.

Xiangjuan Wu Yuping Wang Ninglei Fan

Decision making under measure-based granular uncertainty with intuitionistic fuzzy sets.

Yige Xue Yong Deng

Learning to trade in financial time series using high-frequency through wavelet transformation and deep reinforcement learning.

Jimin Lee Hayeong Koh Hi Jun Choe

Geometric modeling: Background for processing the 3d objects.

Van Sinh Nguyen Ha Manh Tran Marcin Maleszka

Iteratively local fisher score for feature selection.

Min Gan Li Zhang

An enhanced siamese angular softmax network with dual joint-attention for person re-identification.

Jie Su Xiaohai He Linbo Qing Yongqiang Cheng Yonghong Peng

Syntactic and semantic analysis network for aspect-level sentiment classification.

Dianyuan Zhang Zhenfang Zhu Shiyong Kang Guangyuan Zhang Peiyu Liu

Learning local instance correlations for multi-target regression.

Kaiwei Sun Mingxin Deng Hang Li Jin Wang Xin Deng

A novel similarity measure for spatial entity resolution based on data granularity model: Managing inconsistencies in place descriptions.

Mohammad Khodizadeh Nahari Nasser Ghadiri Ahmad Baraani-Dastjerdi Jörg-Rüdiger Sack

Depression and anorexia detection in social media as a one-class classification problem.

Juan Aguilera Delia Irazú Hernández Farías Rosa María Ortega-Mendoza Manuel Montes-y-Gómez

A probabilistic linguistic TODIM method considering cumulative probability-based Hellinger distance and its application in waste mobile phone recycling.

Jiaying Chang Huchang Liao Xiaomei Mi Abdullah Al-Barakati

TensSent: a tensor based sentimental word embedding method.

Zahra Rahimi Mohammad Mehdi Homayounpour

A survey for user behavior analysis based on machine learning techniques: current models and applications.

Alejandro G. Martín Alberto Fernández-Isabel Isaac Martín de Diego Marta Beltrán

Sequential neural networks for multi-resident activity recognition in ambient sensing smart homes.

Anubhav Natani Abhishek Sharma Thinagaran Perumal

Action recognition using interrelationships of 3D joints and frames based on angle sine relation and distance features using interrelationships.

M. Shujah Islam Sameem Khush Bakhat Rashid Khan Mansoor Iqbal M. Mattah Islam Zhongfu Ye

Automated parameter tuning as a bilevel optimization problem solved by a surrogate-assisted population-based approach.

Jesús-Adolfo Mejía-de-Dios Efrén Mezura-Montes Marcela Quiroz-Castellanos

Phototropic algorithm for global optimisation problems.

S. S. Vinod Chandra S. Anand Hareendran

Dual generative adversarial active learning.

Jifeng Guo Zhiqi Pang Miaoyuan Bai Peijiao Xie Yu Chen

Cost-sensitive hierarchical classification via multi-scale information entropy for data with an imbalanced distribution.

Weijie Zheng Hong Zhao

Multi-attention based semantic deep hashing for cross-modal retrieval.

Liping Zhu Gangyi Tian Bingyao Wang Wenjie Wang Di Zhang Chengyang Li

CapsNet-based supervised hashing.

Bolin Zhang Jiangbo Qian Xijiong Xie Yu Xin Yihong Dong

Bayesian regularization restoration algorithm for photon counting images.

Ying Li Liju Yin Zhenzhou Wang Jinfeng Pan Mingliang Gao Guofeng Zou Jiansi Liu Lei Wang

Self-regulated differential evolution for real parameter optimization.

Yiqiao Cai Duanwei Wu Shunkai Fu Shengming Zeng

Moth-flame optimization algorithm based on diversity and mutation strategy.

Lei Ma Chao Wang Nenggang Xie Miao Shi Ye Ye Lu Wang

Single image rain streak removal via layer similarity prior.

Wanshu Fan Yutong Wu Cong Wang

Multi-stream fish detection in unconstrained underwater videos by the fusion of two convolutional neural network detectors.

Abdelouahid Ben Tamou Abdesslam Benzinou Kamal Nasreddine

Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning with type-based hierarchical group communication.

Hao Jiang Dianxi Shi Chao Xue Yajie Wang Gongju Wang Yongjun Zhang

Depth scale balance saliency detection with connective feature pyramid and edge guidance.

Zhenshan Tan Xiaodong Gu

Improving cluster recovery with feature rescaling factors.

Renato Cordeiro de Amorim Vladimir Makarenkov

Direct full quantification of the left ventricle via multitask regression and classification.

Xiaoying Huang Yun Tian Shifeng Zhao Tao Liu Wei Wang Qingjun Wang

Robust predictive control of coupled water tank plant.

Tiao Kang Hui Peng Feng Zhou Xiaoying Tian Xiaoyan Peng

CAFR-CNN: coarse-to-fine adaptive faster R-CNN for cross-domain joint optic disc and cup segmentation.

Yanfei Guo Yanjun Peng Bin Zhang

Multi-GPU approach to global induction of classification trees for large-scale data mining.

Krzysztof Jurczuk Marcin Czajkowski Marek Kretowski

Multiview image generation for vehicle reidentification.

Fukai Zhang Yongqiang Ma Guan Yuan Haiyan Zhang Jianji Ren

Multiple ant colony optimization using both novel LSTM network and adaptive Tanimoto communication strategy.

Shundong Li Xiaoming You Sheng Liu

Solving microelectronic thermal management problems using a generalized spiral optimization algorithm.

Jorge M. Cruz-Duarte Iván Amaya José Carlos Ortiz-Bayliss Rodrigo Correa

Adaptive fusion with multi-scale features for interactive image segmentation.

Zongyuan Ding Tao Wang Quansen Sun Hongyuan Wang

Sensor data-driven structural damage detection based on deep convolutional neural networks and continuous wavelet transform.

Zuoyi Chen Yanzhi Wang Jun Wu Chao Deng Kui Hu

Incomplete multi-view subspace clustering with adaptive instance-sample mapping and deep feature fusion.

Mengying Xie Zehui Ye Gan Pan Xiaolan Liu

A new transductive learning method with universum data.

Yanshan Xiao Junyao Feng Bo Liu

EmNet: a deep integrated convolutional neural network for facial emotion recognition in the wild.

Sumeet Saurav Ravi Saini Sanjay Singh

A new dominance relation based on convergence indicators and niching for many-objective optimization.

Feng Yang Liang Xu Xiaokai Chu Shenwen Wang

Feasibility, planning and control of ground-wall transition for a suctorial hexapod robot.

Yong Gao Wu Wei Xinmei Wang Yanjie Li Dongliang Wang Qiuda Yu

Smooth twin bounded support vector machine with pinball loss.

Kai Li Zhen Lv

A novel clustering ensemble model based on granular computing.

Li Xu Shifei Ding

Mobile sensor patrol path planning in partially observable border regions.

Wichai Pawgasame Komwut Wipusitwarakun

PH-model: enhancing multi-passage machine reading comprehension with passage reranking and hierarchical information.

Yao Cong Yimin Wu Xinbo Liang Jiayan Pei Zishan Qin

Online deep learning based on auto-encoder.

Si-Si Zhang Jianwei Liu Xin Zuo Runkun Lu Siming Lian

An automated fault detection system for communication networks and distributed systems.

Van Sinh Nguyen Ha Manh Tran

Heart rate estimation based on face video under unstable illumination.

Ruo-Nan Yin Ruisheng Jia Zhe Cui Jin-Tao Yu Yanbin Du Li Gao Hong-mei Sun

Multi-objective whale optimization algorithm and multi-objective grey wolf optimizer for solving next release problem with developing fairness and uncertainty quality indicators.

Mohsen Ghasemi Karamollah Bagherifard Hamid Parvin Samad Nejatian Kim-Hung Pho

Saliency prediction on omnidirectional images with attention-aware feature fusion network.

Dandan Zhu Yongqing Chen Defang Zhao Qiangqiang Zhou Xiaokang Yang

Robust twin bounded support vector machines for outliers and imbalanced data.

Parashjyoti Borah Deepak Gupta

Overlapping Attributed Graph Clustering using Mixed strategy games.

Mayank Kumar Ruchir Gupta

Multiobjective fuzzy clustering with multiple spatial information for Noisy color image segmentation.

Hanqiang Liu Feng Zhao

Occluded object tracking using object-background prototypes and particle filter.

Ajoy Mondal

A multiobjective multiperiod mean-semientropy-skewness model for uncertain portfolio selection.

Shan Lu Ning Zhang Lifen Jia

Learning domain invariant and specific representation for cross-domain person re-identification.

Yanwen Chong Chengwei Peng Chen Zhang Yujie Wang Wenqiang Feng Shaoming Pan

Volume 51, Number 7, July 2021
Feature weighting to tackle label dependencies in multi-label stacking nearest neighbor.

Niloofar Rastin Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi Mohammad Taheri

Effect of random walk methods on searching efficiency in swarm robots for area exploration.

Bao Pang Yong Song Chengjin Zhang Runtao Yang

A spiderweb model for community detection in dynamic networks.

Haijuan Yang Jianjun Cheng Xing Su Wenbo Zhang Shiyan Zhao Xiaoyun Chen

SAT-Net: a side attention network for retinal image segmentation.

Huilin Tong Zhijun Fang Ziran Wei Qingping Cai Yongbin Gao

Variational autoencoder Bayesian matrix factorization (VABMF) for collaborative filtering.

Ali Aldhubri Lasheng Yu Farida Mohsen Majjed Al-Qatf

Low-light image enhancement based on multi-illumination estimation.

Xiaomei Feng Jinjiang Li Zhen Hua Fan Zhang

Feature relevance term variation for multi-label feature selection.

Ping Zhang Wanfu Gao

X-ray image super-resolution reconstruction based on a multiple distillation feedback network.

Yanbin Du Ruisheng Jia Zhe Cui Jin-Tao Yu Hong-mei Sun Yongguo Zheng

Residual learning of the dynamics model for feeding system modelling based on dynamic nonlinear correlate factor analysis.

Yakun Jiang Jihong Chen Huicheng Zhou Jianzhong Yang Guangda Xu

Teaching-learning-based pathfinder algorithm for function and engineering optimization problems.

Chengmei Tang Yongquan Zhou Zhonghua Tang Qifang Luo

DC-EDN: densely connected encoder-decoder network with reinforced depthwise convolution for face alignment.

Lianping Yang Hongliang Zhang Panpan Wei Yubo Sun Xiangde Zhang

Sentiment analysis of Chinese stock reviews based on BERT model.

Mingzheng Li Lei Chen Jing Zhao Qiang Li

E-GCN: graph convolution with estimated labels.

Jisheng Qin Xiaoqin Zeng Shengli Wu E. Tang

Enhancing the competitive swarm optimizer with covariance matrix adaptation for large scale optimization.

Wei Li Zhou Lei Junqing Yuan Haonan Luo Qingzheng Xu

An elite-guided hierarchical differential evolution algorithm.

Xuxu Zhong Peng Cheng

Automatic fabric defect detection using a wide-and-light network.

Jun Wu Juan Le Zhitao Xiao Fang Zhang Lei Geng Yanbei Liu Wen Wang

TBTF: an effective time-varying bias tensor factorization algorithm for recommender system.

Jianli Zhao Shangcheng Yang Huan Huo Qiuxia Sun Xijiao Geng

Cost-sensitive probability for weighted voting in an ensemble model for multi-class classification problems.

Artittayapron Rojarath Wararat Songpan

Adaptive diagnosis of DC motors using R-WDCNN classifiers based on VMD-SVD.

Huabin Qin Mingliang Liu Jian Wang Zijian Guo Junbo Liu

Anomaly detection via a combination model in time series data.

Yanjun Zhou Huorong Ren Zhiwu Li Naiqi Wu Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari

A weighted intrusion detection model of dynamic selection.

Tao Feng Manfang Dou

A novel binary farmland fertility algorithm for feature selection in analysis of the text psychology.

Ali Hosseinalipour Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh Mohammad Masdari Ali Khademi

Linguistic frequent pattern mining using a compressed structure.

Jerry Chun-Wei Lin Usman Ahmed Gautam Srivastava Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu Tzung-Pei Hong Youcef Djenouri

Novel social network community discovery method combined local distance with node rank optimization function.

Xiaoyang Liu Nan Ding Chao Liu Yihao Zhang Ting Tang

Detection of rumor conversations in Twitter using graph convolutional networks.

Serveh Lotfi Mitra Mirzarezaee Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Vahid Seydi

Machine learning-based consensus decision-making support for crowd-scale deliberation.

Chunsheng Yang Wen Gu Takayuki Ito Xiaohua Yang

AdaDT: An adaptive decision tree for addressing local class imbalance based on multiple split criteria.

Jianjian Yan Zhongnan Zhang Huailin Dong

GRU-based capsule network with an improved loss for personnel performance prediction.

Xia Xue Yi Gao Meng Liu Xia Sun Wenyu Zhang Jun Feng

Inception single shot multi-box detector with affinity propagation clustering and their application in multi-class vehicle counting.

Harikrishnan P. M. Anju Thomas Varun P. Gopi Palanisamy Ponnusamy Khan A. Wahid

A high speed roller dung beetles clustering algorithm and its architecture for real-time image segmentation.

Rahul Ratnakumar Satyasai Jagannath Nanda

Bio-inspired self-organized cooperative control consensus for crowded UUV swarm based on adaptive dynamic interaction topology.

Hongtao Liang Yanfang Fu Jie Gao

High-utility and diverse itemset mining.

Amit Verma Siddharth Dawar Raman Kumar Shamkant B. Navathe Vikram Goyal

BiTE: a dynamic bi-level traffic engineering model for load balancing and energy efficiency in data center networks.

Negar Rikhtegar Manijeh Keshtgari Omid Bushehrian Guy Pujolle

Non-parallel text style transfer with domain adaptation and an attention model.

Mingxuan Hu Min He

Memory-based approaches for eliminating premature convergence in particle swarm optimization.

Kanchibhotla Chaitanya Durvasula V. L. N. Somayajulu P. Radha Krishna

MXQN: Mixed quantization for reducing bit-width of weights and activations in deep convolutional neural networks.

Chenglong Huang Puguang Liu Liang Fang

An RBF-LVQPNN model and its application to time-varying signal classification.

Lu Wu Yinglong Wang Shaohua Xu Kun Liu Xuegui Li

A fast detector generation algorithm for negative selection.

Jinyin Chen Xueke Wang Mengmeng Su Xiang Lin

A reasoning enhance network for muti-relation question answering.

Wenqing Wu Zhenfang Zhu Guangyuan Zhang Shiyong Kang Peiyu Liu

Label flipping attacks against Naive Bayes on spam filtering systems.

Hongpo Zhang Ning Cheng Yang Zhang Zhanbo Li

Consistent scale normalization for object perception.

Zewen He He Huang Yudong Wu Xuebing Yang Wensheng Zhang

A novel order evaluation model with nested probabilistic-numerical linguistic information applied to traditional order grabbing mode.

Zijing Ge Xinxin Wang Zeshui Xu

An improved multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on multi-scale weighted focus measure.

Zhanhui Hu Wei Liang Derui Ding Guoliang Wei

Bottom-up multi-agent reinforcement learning by reward shaping for cooperative-competitive tasks.

Takumi Aotani Taisuke Kobayashi Kenji Sugimoto

Improved direction-of-arrival estimation method based on LSTM neural networks with robustness to array imperfections.

Houhong Xiang Baixiao Chen Minglei Yang Saiqin Xu Zhengjie Li

Aspect-gated graph convolutional networks for aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Qiang Lu Zhenfang Zhu Guangyuan Zhang Shiyong Kang Peiyu Liu

Ranking influential nodes in complex networks based on local and global structures.

Liqing Qiu Jianyi Zhang Xiangbo Tian

Spatial-temporal attention network for multistep-ahead forecasting of chlorophyll.

Xiaoyu He Suixiang Shi Xiulin Geng Lingyu Xu Xiaolin Zhang

Image super-resolution reconstruction based on feature map attention mechanism.

Yuantao Chen Linwu Liu Volachith Phonevilay Ke Gu Runlong Xia Jingbo Xie Qian Zhang Kai Yang

DcaNAS: efficient convolutional network Design for Desktop CPU platforms.

Dong Chen Hao Shen Yuchen Shen

A hybrid greedy indicator- and Pareto-based many-objective evolutionary algorithm.

Matheus Carvalho de Oliveira Myriam Regattieri Delgado André Britto

Deep bi-directional interaction network for sentence matching.

Mingtong Liu Yujie Zhang Jinan Xu Yufeng Chen

Memory network with hierarchical multi-head attention for aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Yuzhong Chen Tianhao Zhuang Kun Guo

Averaged tree-augmented one-dependence estimators.

He Kong Xiaohu Shi Limin Wang Yang Liu Musa Mammadov Gaojie Wang

Modified non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm III with fine final level selection.

Qinghua Gu Rui Wang Haiyan Xie Xuexian Li Song Jiang Naixue Xiong

A unified approach for detection of Clickbait videos on YouTube using cognitive evidences.

Deepika Varshney Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma

A-DBNF: adaptive deep belief network framework for regression and classification tasks.

Bunyodbek Ibrokhimov Cheonghwan Hur Hyunseok Kim Sanggil Kang

A new SEAIRD pandemic prediction model with clinical and epidemiological data analysis on COVID-19 outbreak.

Xian-Xian Liu Simon James Fong Nilanjan Dey Rubén González Crespo Enrique Herrera-Viedma

A multi objective volleyball premier league algorithm for green scheduling identical parallel machines with splitting jobs.

Khodakaram Salimifard Jingpeng Li Davood Mohammadi Reza Moghdani

A novel mathematical formulation for solving the dynamic and discrete berth allocation problem by using the Bee Colony Optimisation algorithm.

Luigi Pio Prencipe Mario Marinelli

Volume 51, Number 6, June 2021
Research on improved wavelet convolutional wavelet neural networks.

Jing-Wei Liu Fang-Ling Zuo Ying-Xiao Guo Tian-Yue Li Jia-Ming Chen

Unsupervised medical images denoising via graph attention dual adversarial network.

Tianxu Lv Xiang Pan Yazhou Zhu Lihua Li

A deep learning system that generates quantitative CT reports for diagnosing pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Xukun Li Yukun Zhou Peng Du Guanjing Lang Min Xu Wei Wu

Solving feature selection problems by combining mutation and crossover operations with the monarch butterfly optimization algorithm.

Mohammed Alweshah

Cyber intrusion detection through association rule mining on multi-source logs.

Ping Lou Guantong Lu Xuemei Jiang Zheng Xiao Jiwei Hu Junwei Yan

Deep learning based multimodal complex human activity recognition using wearable devices.

Ling Chen Xiaoze Liu Liangying Peng Menghan Wu

Matrix factorization of large scale data using multistage matrix factorization.

Prasad Bhavana Vineet Padmanabhan

More efficient stochastic local search for satisfiability.

Huimin Fu Guanfeng Wu Jun Liu Yang Xu

Community detection in social recommender systems: a survey.

Fabio Gasparetti Giuseppe Sansonetti Alessandro Micarelli

A Two-phase evolutionary algorithm framework for multi-objective optimization.

Siyu Jiang Zefeng Chen

An imperialist competition algorithm using a global search strategy for physical examination scheduling.

Hui Yu Junqing Li Lijing Zhang Peng Duan

A rule-based heuristic algorithm for joint order batching and delivery planning of online retailers with multiple order pickers.

Fahimeh Hosseinnia Shavaki Fariborz Jolai

Feature selection with multi-objective genetic algorithm based on a hybrid filter and the symmetrical complementary coefficient.

Rui Zhang Zuoquan Zhang Di Wang Marui Du

IOSUDA: an unsupervised domain adaptation with input and output space alignment for joint optic disc and cup segmentation.

Chonglin Chen Gang Wang

Core-guided method for constraint-based multi-objective combinatorial optimization.

Naiyu Tian Dantong Ouyang Yiyuan Wang Yimou Hou Liming Zhang

Cross-covariance based affinity for graphs.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav Abhishek Shekhar Verma S. Venkatesan

Supervised learning model for identifying illegal activities in Bitcoin.

Pranav Nerurkar Sunil Bhirud Dhiren R. Patel Romaric Ludinard Yann Busnel Saru Kumari

Adaptively weighted decomposition based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm.

Suraj S. Meghwani Manoj Thakur